The Twitter’s management team has seen better days for the company, for sure, as the CEO Dick Costolo has decided to pull the plug for his position at the company. The company has seen a significant growth rate in monthly active users since 2011, with as many as 300 million active users every month today. With a lot of discussion going on as to whether such a growth rate will be enough to sustain the business and all that it can be.

Beste Twitter Plugins
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Marketing experts, bloggers, and entrepreneurs will surely have a different point of view on this, because having access to such a vast number of possible customers in one single place is not something that comes about every day, and frankly, Twitter is one of the only social media networks that provide so much potential for growth and exposure in as concise manner as it does.

To become popular on Twitter, it takes a little bit of work, and some creative thinking, and if you’re an owner of a WordPress site, some of that stuff can be taken care of by installing one of the following WordPress Twitter plugins.

1. Twitter for WordPress

Twitter For WordPress
(Screenshot: Twitter For WordPress – WordPress Plugin Directory)

The plugin Twitter for WordPress optimizes your website for a Twitter audience through easy to use sharing buttons, embedded Tweets, auto-generated markup indexed by Twitter, and Follow buttons to help grow your Twitter audience. All features are deeply integrated with WordPress APIs to make building your webpages and administrative features as easy as possible with the extensibility you expect from WordPress. Twitter released an announcement about this plugin earlier in the year.

2. Twitter Mentions As Comments

Twitter Comments
(Screenshot: Twitter Comments – WordPress Plugin Directory)

Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of the social activity on our sites is based around the number of comments and social shares each particular piece of content has, and this plugin will be a great addition in helping to stabilize those counts for your posts.

This WordPress Twitter plugin does exactly what you’d think it would do, it pulls individual Twitter mentions of your content pages, and lists them as comments; giving your readers more sources of information to relate to, but also to know that your content is actually being seen by others, and is of greater value.

3. Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet
(Screenshot: Click To Tweet – WordPress Plugin Directory)

It’s one of those WordPress Twitter plugins that will make you think about some nifty and insightful quotes to include in your content, something that will definitely get the attention of your readers, and provided that this plugin makes sharing a quote on Twitter a one-click action call, the chances of your readers using this feature are actually quite high. With Click To Tweet you can create custom pullquotes and modify them according to your own style if necessary.

4. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post
(Screenshot: Revive Old Post – WordPress Plugin Directory)

Buffer has created a beautiful infographic answering the question “what’s the amount of stuff you should share on social media networks for the best results?” – and the results were quite interesting, for Twitter, it seems that as many as 3 posts per day is enough for the optimal engagement rate, but what about sites with higher content count, and readership?

Revive Old Post is not just about keeping up with the demand of daily number of tweets to send out, it helps you to keep your older content visible in front of a new audience, perhaps content that you wrote a year or two ago, but it still holds value, as it should. Revive Old Post is an easy to setup plugin which will do pretty well for your overall content visibility. For extended functionality, you could also have a look at the Pro version of the Revive Old Post plugin for WordPress.

5. AccessPress Twitter Feed

Access Twitter Feed
(Screenshot: Access Twitter Feed – WordPress Plugin Directory)

AccessPress Twitter Feed for displaying your Twitter feed is a lightweight plugin that packs a choice of three beautiful designs that will adapt to most themes out there, also those we are offering here at MH Themes. The plugin can be activated as a widget or by using a shortcode. We recommend placing this WordPress twitter plugin on the sidebar below your general widgets, and also above the comment section on your content pages, to really expose your activity on the network.

Staying on Top of Social Media

Twitter is a fairly easy social media network to work with, the functionality is clear and simple, and these days people are more forgiving and accepting at the same time, of websites that operate under a large amount of content, and with WordPress Twitter plugins like the ones we’ve discussed above – it might only be a matter of a few days before you see a significant increase in your Twitter activity – but don’t forget to take care of your website as well.

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