Create online news magazines with WordPress
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Are you planning to create vibrant and modern magazine or news websites? Maybe an up-to-date online newspaper, a brilliant online magazine, a professional blog or any other editorial website? To create an awesome news website, going self-hosted with WordPress is a good choice to go with.

If you want to launch a professional online news magazine, all you need is valuable and up-to-date content and a flexible, highly customizable and dynamic news WordPress theme. There are thousands of news WordPress themes available on the market. As a result, it’s very important that you know exactly what you want and most of all pick the right WordPress theme eventually.

Essentials of news / magazine WordPress themes

MH Magazine for online newspapers

News websites and online magazines are lively and highly dynamic online presences which mainly focus on great up-to-date content. Magazine and news WordPress themes should be flexible and easy to handle in terms of publishing articles, doing minor customizations and maintenance. Brandnew topics and important headlines are best to be placed prominently and in spotlight.

WordPress themes for news sites usually come with a featured slider or other elements to feature content on your website. Besides, for editors, journalists and seo experts it’s usually especially important to display ads for monetization, newsworthy videos and present fresh content in an appealing manner. Furthermore, mobile accessibility is essential. Because your users should be able to access and navigate your website from smartphones and tablets in a well-organized way.

As a premium WordPress theme provider, we’ve specialized in professional WordPress themes for online magazines and dynamic news websites. We understand that you want to focus on publishing high-quality content that is being displayed well-organized and efficient in order to run your online newspaper business. Therefore we want to show you two newspaper wordpress themes for editorial websites. These WordPress themes are especially ideal for running online news magazines.

MH Magazine – Perfect for news magazines and online newspapers

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Magazine is a highly popular and trending magazine theme to run online magazines, dynamic news websites and online newspapers. You can use this flexible and modern news template for all kinds of magazine websites or professional blogs. Therefore you can cover content genres and topics like politics, business, lifestyle, hobby, beauty, fashion, entertainment, gossip or anything else.

The MH Magazine WordPress theme is a very flexible template with a front page based on widgets. That means you can basically move widgets around to arrange the preferred layout for your news site. We’ve created various theme demos to show you how flexible this popular magazine theme is. We have demos with inspiration to create lifestyle, food, travel, sports magazines and much more.

MH Newsdesk – Dynamic news WordPress theme

MH Newsdesk - Dynamic News WordPress Theme

MH Newsdesk is a trending newspaper WordPress theme for dynamic news websites. Therefore, this WordPress theme is highly news orientated in order to create online newspapers for bloggers and journalists. As a result, you can use this news WordPress theme to launch fresh news websites of any kind with various topics like politics, economy, business, culture or anything else. You’ll benefit from a responsive flat design which adapts perfectly to any kind of screen size resolution.

With MH Newsdesk you will have a dynamic news WordPress theme which comes with all necessary features, options and custom widgets to create a vibrant and vivid news website. Its crisp and attractive design lays the focus on your great content and gives you the opportunity to publish articles in a convenient way. Due to the several built-in widget areas, you can create a purely news related website and display ads in various places of your dynamic news website.

Conclusion: Pick the right WordPress theme for your online newspaper

If you want to create a professional news website, it’s crucial to pick a newspaper WordPress theme which has especially been created for that purpose. Therefore, news and magazine WordPress themes are ideal to create online magazines and dynamic news websites with high-quality content to establish your publishing business. Are you running a professional online newspaper? Or do you have any questions about running a news website? Please let us know in the comments.

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