Divi Theme Review

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme by Elegant Themes. It's become the developer's premier theme, which is thanks in part to the Divi Builder, the page builder plugin Elegant Themes developed to power the Divi theme. This is what makes Divi the most versatile multipurpose theme in existence as it allows you to build a custom website from the ground up, even if you don't know how to code.

Divi Builder Overview

The Divi Builder
The old Divi Builder in the backend / Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

The Divi Builder is the primary function of the Divi theme, whether you're building your website from scratch or importing a pre-made layout that comes with Divi. So let's go over the Divi Builder before we go over the rest of the features the flexible Divi theme has to offer.

The way the Divi Builder works is simple. You drag and drop various content elements to build your own page layout and customize the elements to fine tune your design. You can use custom code if you want and have the experience to do so, but it isn't necessary. Everything works through simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop maneuvers.

Divi Builder Frontend
The new Divi Builder with frontend editing / Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

For the longest time, the Divi Builder worked with a drag-and-drop interface on the backend of the WordPress post or page editor. When Divi 3.0 dropped toward the end of 2016, it brought frontend editing to Divi, which is shown in the image above. Now, you can see your changes happen in real time. Let's have a look at some other great features in this Divi theme review:

45+ Content Modules

Divi Builder Content Modules
Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

When you start building with Divi, or any page builder for that matter, you'll begin by creating sections, columns and rows. These will form the basic layout for your page, and you'll drop your content elements into them to create your design. The Divi Builder comes with over 45 content modules to build your layout and arrange content on your site.

These elements are designed to give you the ability to use a variety of different types of content on your site without needing to hardcode them yourself. They also give you more control over the design of your site instead of having to live within the limits of WordPress your theme.

You can customize every aspect of an element, from its fonts, colors, size (height and width) and spacing (margin and padding). Every content element also comes with a tab you can use to add custom CSS. This is great if you're familiar with coding and want to customize things a little bit more.

20+ Pre-Made Layouts

Website design and layout
Image Source: Pexels – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

Divi comes with over 20 pre-made layouts you can import if you don't want to go through the trouble of creating your own design for pages. Keep in mind that layouts are not the same as demos, which Divi does come with, but we'll get to those later. Layouts are pre-made page structures that come with no content or dummy content.

The Divi Library

Divi Library
Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

The Divi Library is a major component of the Divi Builder, and it's something that separates this page builder from others of its kind. That's because the Divi Library gives you the ability to save content modules you've designed or even entire layouts you've built for later use. That means if you create a landing page design for a product launch and wish to use the same layout for another launch, all you need to do is save it to the Divi Library and import it when you need it.

Global Items

Global items in Divi
Image Source: insspirito – Pixabay.com / License: Public Domain CC0

This is another feature that sets the Divi Builder apart from others. When you create a new content element, you'll be given the option to make it “global”. This means you can reuse the same element on different pages and be able to customize it one time if it needs changing. There's no need to go to each individual page to customize it.

You'll also be given the ability to turn on an option called “selective sync”, which means these global elements will have the same styles but different content. This gives you the ability to promote different products on different pages of your site and switch up the styles once whenever you need to. You only need to go to each individual page if you need to change the content.

The Divi Demos

Divi Demos
Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

If you're really pressed for time or don't know where to start when it comes to creating your own layout, you can import a Divi demo. These are complete website designs that make it as easy as possible for you to build a website. All you need to do is import the demo you're interested in and use the Divi Builder to change the content.

Divi Customizer
Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

The Divi Builder is a powerful feature, but Divi comes with a lot of additional features and options that are a little more “theme-like”. That includes hundreds of options available in the live theme customizer. For example, you can change text styles for an entire page with a few simple clicks.

Divi Headers
Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

The Divi theme also comes with a number of different header and footer options you can use to create your own custom header and footer. This includes headers with different transparency settings and even sidebar navigation menus.

Divi Theme Options Panel
Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

Another thing that's exclusive to the Divi theme is its theme options panel, which allows you to set different branding settings for your site, customize your navigation and basic layout, take care of a few SEO settings, and even handle theme updates.

Divi Leads

Divi Leads
Image Source: Screenshot – Elegant Themes

Divi Leads is another powerful feature you'll enjoy with the Divi theme. It's a built-in split testing powerhouse that allows you to optimize the marketing and sales aspects of your designs by allowing you to see which designs convert better than others.

The way it works is simple. You create two different versions of a content element or page. Divi will display one version or the other to visitors at random. You'll be able to look over the data after a bit of time has passed to see which design is converting better and captures more leads.

Final Thoughts: Divi Theme Review

The Divi theme is one of the most powerful themes available for WordPress, and it's most definitely one of the most powerful themes Elegant Themes offers. It's a great theme to use if you want more control over the design of your site but have no technical knowledge. It can be great for developers as it allows you to build custom designs in a much quicker manner. It allows you to lock certain modules and elements so your client can't touch them as well as export your entire Divi Library.


Elegant Themes is a theme club, so you're required to buy a subscription to access the Divi theme. You have two options, an annual subscription or a lifetime subscription. Either way, you'll have access to all of Elegant Themes’ themes, including Extra, another Divi Builder-powered theme, as well as all of its plugins, including the Divi Builder on its own, Bloom, Elegant Themes’ email marketing plugin, and Monarch, a social sharing plugin.

We hope that you like this Divi theme review. Have you used Divi before and what was your experience? If you would like to leave any feedback about this flexible multi-purpose WordPress theme or in case you have any questions about Divi, please let us know in the comments below.