The process of starting a business comes with a lot of critical decisions to make. One of these decisions is to come up with a company name. The name is one of the biggest parts of your brand. Therefore, it should be catchy, so that customers can easily remember it. Besides, it is the first thing that introduces your clients to your business. Hence, you need to make it authentic and one that resonates with your values.

Although your business name says a lot about the goods and services you provide, it can also be used as a tool to lure investors who would like to help your company experience growth. A good business name brings a lot of benefits, although there hasn’t been a single formula on how to come up with a brand name. However, by having the tips and tricks of creating a company name in mind, you can skip several hurdles and get a name that well-represents your business. Let’s cover the most essential good practices you should follow.

Be Original

To many business startups, maintaining originality can be scary and challenging. One thing you must understand about this is that originality is an essential aspect of a brand name. Your field of business has many companies, all of whom pose competition. An original company name can easily distinguish you from the crowd. You can simply use a word from a different language, or play on a seldom known word like googleplex, as many companies have. For instance, companies like Google, Zappos, and Sony are brands that created their names from foreign words, and appropriated them with some stylistic changes.

As you launch your business, the brand name should compel your target consumers to have it in their memories, rather than looking at it now and forgetting about it shortly after. Therefore, the name should be highly brandable. The aforementioned companies have brand names that bear no relations or connotations as keyword names do. Instead, they create a blank canvas on which you can tell the world about your company.

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Domain Checker Will Help to Find the Perfect Domain-Brand Match

In this technological era, a lot of online businesses rely on social media and even more so on their websites to convey their message to the target audience and to bring in sales.

That pushes people to want to include their business name on their website. Do your homework and find out whether you can still get a .com domain with your name using a free domain checker. With so many businesses operating within each niche, it becomes difficult to find a .com domain name with even a fresh brand name. Good ideas don’t go unused for long, as the adage says. Luckily, there are special tools – domain checkers –  like the one provided by Hostinger that enable you to check the availability and buy domain names with tons of different TLD options, including, .us, .net, and .tv, among many others.

You can consider choosing a domain name based on the country in which you operate, you can still get a country-specific option if you’re looking to target a local market, or if the .com option is taken.

Make it Straightforward

We understand the need to make the brand name stand out from the crowd, but that does not mean that you should deviate too far from what you need to achieve. Create a short business name. Not only will it be easily memorable, but it makes it easy for use on different advertising products, such as business cards. You can easily make up a short, straightforward company name by avoiding special characters that make it difficult for consumers to remember.

One way you can earn an industrial niche through your brand name is by making it reflect your services. If your target consumers have to take time wondering what products you offer by simply reading your company name, then you have gone too far-off-the-wall. With a business name that hints about your services, it becomes easy to create a solid marketing strategy. It also makes it easy for people to share.

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Use Alliteration

The word “alliteration” makes one remember the boring poetry classes during English lessons, but it is a writing style that you can use when naming your business. Alliteration refers to the use of repetition consonants in different words in a phrase. One thing about this branding tactic is that it makes the company name catchy and easy to remember. A creative way of bringing out alliteration in your business identity is by taking the name of your core product and coupling it with an adjective that perfectly positions your brand. For example, Dunkin Donuts, Weight Watchers, and Magic Mayo, and more.

Test Out the Company Name

After you have thought of the ideal name for your new startup, test it out. Testing means pronouncing it verbally to determine the ease of pronunciation. You can also call upon your friends, relatives, and other business partners so that they, too, can offer you their thoughts about the name that you have chosen. Spending time and money on consumer research helps you to understand your clients’ expectations. Others may offer constructive criticism of the name, but you can use their feedback to make improvements.

Wrapping Up

Once you have the brand name in place, perform an online search against trademarks to make sure that no business out there is using the same name. That also entails researching other websites that your target consumers may unintentionally search for when looking for your business online.

Doing this helps because there is nothing as disappointing as sweating over finding a domain name, only to find another company using the same trademark, but that shouldn’t let you down. It’s just a reality of starting a business and only means that you already had a great idea, so you’re definitely on the right track.

As you can see, coming up with a brand name will require time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be incredibly hard, especially when you know what to look out for. We hope this article sets you on the right track, and you’ll be starting your new business soon. Good luck.

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