Website translation might be the next logical step for your business and if you’re using one of our MH Themes you’ll be pleased to know that adding multiple languages is simple! Any theme for that matter. 

Adding languages is a great way to reach new markets, increase your website traffic, and for those looking to do business overseas, it’s an essential aspect of talking to your new customers. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of the leading WordPress multilingual plugins, Weglot, and how quickly you can add 1,2, or even 100+ languages to your MH Themes WordPress website.  The best part, there are no technical skills required, anyone can install Weglot and your WordPress website is multilingual and live in just 5 minutes!

Let’s take a look at how Weglot works.

Translate Your Website With MH Magazine Theme and Weglot

How to Install Weglot on Your MH Magazine WordPress Theme

Installing Weglot on your website is super simple and done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Install Weglot

The first step is to download and activate the Weglot plugin in WordPress. To do that you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the ‘Plugins tab’, then click ‘Add New’. Search for Weglot in the search bar. 

Translate your MH Magazine WordPress theme using Weglot - Download plugin
Source: Screenshot

Click ‘Install Now’ and then wait a few seconds, and click ‘Activate’. In your WordPress Dashboard, a Weglot tab has just been added. Click on this to finish setting up your multilingual website. 

Step 2: Add New Languages

Now for the fun part – adding your new languages. First, create a Weglot account. This is where you’ll get your unique API key that you need to add and it’s also where you’ll manage your translations and create specific settings for your multilingual website. 

Translate your MH Magazine WordPress theme using Weglot - Configuration

Paste your API key in the first box, select the original language of your website and then add the language you want to appear on your website. Click ‘Save Changes’ to finalize the process!   

Step 3: Final Twists

Finished! Your WordPress website is now fully multilingual in just 5 minutes! Head to your website and you’ll see a language switcher has been added in the bottom right corner. 

Translate your MH Magazine WordPress theme using Weglot - Language Switcher

Want to edit the look and position of your language switcher? Head back to your Weglot tab in your WordPress Dashboard and choose between the many options to give you a language switcher that matches the design of your website, without any code. 

Translate your MH Magazine WordPress theme using Weglot - Language Switcher Design

You can also add CSS if you want something more custom. And don’t forget to scroll down further to change the position of the language switcher. 

Translate your MH Magazine WordPress theme using Weglot - Language Switcher CSS

How to Manage Your Website Translations

As we just mentioned, your WordPress website is now 100% multilingual. The way Weglot works is by detecting, translating, and then displaying the content of your website. The translation is done by a first layer of machine translation, using the best machine translation providers on the market. 

This means it’s even easier for you to add new content to your website without worrying about manually translating it as Weglot has detected and translated it for you. 

However, not everyone wants to leave machine translation on their website. What is good for one brand, might not be for another. Translation quality is a personal choice. This is exactly why Weglot gives you full control over your translations

Choose to keep machine translation, review the translations manually, make edits, add teammates to help or even order professional translators within the Weglot Dashboard. The choice is yours and in fact, most Weglot users use a combination of all the options mentioned. 

To manage your translations, head over to your Weglot Dashboard and click on the ‘Translations’ tab. This will show all your language pairs you’ve added to your website. 

Translate your MH Magazine WordPress theme using Weglot - Manage Translations

Click on the language pair you want to edit – here we’ve added French so we’ll click into that option. 

The screenshot below shows your translations list. As you can see, the translations are organized side-by-side and split into URLs. Use the search bar to look for a specific translation or the filer option to select by translation quality and translation type. 

Translate your MH Magazine WordPress theme using Weglot - Search

To make a manual edit, simply click into the translated version and make your modifications. 

That’s the first option, the other way you can manage your translations is through Weglot’s visual editor. This takes you to a live preview of your website and allows you to see exactly where each translation is in the context of your site.

Click on the ‘Visual Editor’ tab in your dashboard. 

Translate MH Magazine WordPress theme with Weglot - Editor

Using the option at the top of the visual editor you can switch between languages and the translation quality. To make an edit, click on the blue pencil icon. 

Translate MH Magazine WordPress theme with Weglot - Editor

Once you’ve clicked ‘OK’ the edit will be live on your website. 

How Does Weglot Manage SEO

One of the big benefits of Weglot is that your multilingual SEO is also taken care of. Your translated pages appear under language-specific subdirectories, your SEO metadata is automatically detected and translated and those important hreflang tags have also been implemented. 

This all means your newly translated website will be indexed on search engines in your new languages, giving you visibility and increasing your website traffic. 

Media Translations 

Another area Weglot also allows you to translate are your images or video files. This can sometimes be necessary with a multilingual website as what’s appropriate for one market may not be for another. 

So to have the option to replace images for different languages is important. To make a change, head on back to your translations list and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you’ll see and ‘Add media translation’ button. 

Translate MH Magazine WordPress theme with Weglot - Media Translation

A pop-up will appear where you can add the original image file name and the new file name of the image you want to replace it with. This works the same with video files too.  

Translate MH Magazine WordPress theme with Weglot - Media Translation

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