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Bitcoin runs as a form of currency that stands independent of traditional banks. It’s a newer form of digital currency, and it uses encryption for security and maintaining production of Bitcoin units. At first this might sound confusing, but it’s rather similar to other forms of money. The primary differences include the fact that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is decentralized, leading to all sorts of benefits for both merchants and buyers. That makes Bitcoin an interesting niche to look into.

For example, since Bitcoin has no affiliation with a bank, the rates remain low, if not non-existent, and pretty much anyone can perform transactions regardless of where they’re located (a regular bank might not be willing to allow a purchase from a high-risk or depressed nation or region).

Along with impressive security, the hiding of personal information and locked-down purchases that almost eliminate online fraud (e.g. all sales are final, so no chargebacks) the Bitcoin revolution, although confusing, is just getting started. So if you’re interested in learning how to earn Bitcoins with blogging on your WordPress website, this is the guide for you.

Strategies for monetizing your blog with Bitcoin

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The prudent blogger chooses a niche topic, honing in on the industries that have both interested readers and hoards of advertisers or affiliates. Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general is an interesting niche for bloggers, although it does seem to be gaining lots of competition.

After that, it may be a good idea to create a network of blogs to test out which ones work the best. It’s also not a bad idea to post consistently so your readers can expect when to hear from you. As for the best strategies for making Bitcoins with your blogging, here are your choices:

Bitcoin advertising networks

Going with an ad network like Google AdSense works fine to monetize blogs, but if you’re trying to build your Bitcoin reserves instead, other suitable ad networks are necessary.

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For instance the Bitmedia advertising network provides a snippet of code for placing on your WordPress blog. When someone clicks through one of those ads you get some Bitcoins. In fact, the majority of the ad networks discussed here work in the same manner, allowing for you to quickly insert some code in a page, post, or widget and watch as relevant ads are served up to the users.

Anonymous Ads
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The network has a rapid signup process for people who would like to start making money on their blogs within seconds. Not only can you almost instantly get Bitcoin-making ads on your site, but the initial signup doesn’t require you to punch in any of your personal information, similar to Bitcoin itself. This ad network is especially suitable if you care about anonymity while placing ads. also has incredibly lightweight ads that aren’t going to clutter or weigh down your website. This will come in handy when you start placing more ads on your site and you don’t want to bother your visitors. Finally, the Bitcoins you earn from the advertisements are automatically withdrawn on a schedule for you to access whenever you want.

Paywalls / selling premium content

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Paywalls have been utilized all over the internet. They are rather popular in the online newspaper industry, where media companies give away a certain number of free articles before the customer has to start paying. For example, a reader might stop by your site, read ten articles then see a paywall, or blocking module, that restricts the person from reading any more articles.

You might also consider only putting up the paywall for premium content. Blogs utilize this method when they want to give away all of their blog posts for free. However, they might also require a membership or some sort of payment for premium videos, forums, or eBooks. Regardless of your approach, a Bitcoin paywall tool is required for implementing this system on your WordPress site.

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Bitwall provides the proper features you’ll need for your Bitcoin paywall. Bitwall is giving you options for receiving micropayments from your users, especially if you’d like to configure memberships or certain payment plans for premium content on your WordPress website.

Bitcoin is obviously one of these payment options for users. However, some other interesting payment options include Tweets and regular currencies. For example, you might ask people to tweet about your blog before they proceed to your content. You also have the opportunity to post ads on your site through Bitwall, offering all sorts of solutions for earning Bitcoins through your site.

Get Bitcoins paid for answering questions
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EARN has been working on a wide range of solutions for Bitcoin, one of which allows bloggers to answer questions and make Bitcoins through that process. No, it’s not technically blogging, but it does allow you to practice your writing and make Bitcoins for your efforts.

Promote popular Bitcoin affiliate programs to make money

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Bitcoin affiliate programs are popping up left and right, and it all has to do with the rapidly expanding Bitcoin community. As I stated before in this article, you could go with the Bitcoin blogging niche. In this case you’ll literally be promoting Bitcoin. However, you’ll also be able to find several affiliate companies from other industries that pay out in Bitcoins.

WordPress plugins to earn Bitcoin money with WordPress blogs

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As you can see, there’s a wealth of opportunities for bloggers trying to make money with Bitcoin. Not only can you promote affiliate programs, but for example filling out survey questions can help you get the ball rolling. Seeing as how one of the primary advantages of going with WordPress is the plugin selection, there must be some options for earning money through Bitcoin. Guess what? That’s absolutely the case. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Bitcoin Faucet – This plugin installs relevant advertisements on your blog, rewarding you with fractions of Bitcoins as users click through to see what the ads are all about. Keep in mind that you will have to get a Bitcoin wallet to store your digital money (in fact most of the tools on this page require a wallet to send and receive Bitcoins).
  • Easy Bitcoin Donation Widget – If you’re more interested in asking for donations, this plugin presents a module for users to stop by and send over some Bitcoins.
  • Block Ads to Bitcoin – Here’s an interesting one. Since so many people use ad blockers these days, the plugin circumvents that technology to present a Bitcoin donation module. This way, the ad blockers can’t affect them.

Conclusion: Ready to start earning Bitcoins with blogging?

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As you move along on your blogging journey, keep thinking about the different types of niches you can focus on. Test out the ones that work and scrap the ones that don’t. Bitcoin opens up several opportunities in the blogging world, and you have all the tools needed to track the Bitcoins you earn and keep them safe. If you have any further questions or thoughts on earning Bitcoins through WordPress blogging, leave us a comment below.

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