Figuring out how to build a church website can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier when you think of it in terms of the features this type of website needs. This mainly boils down to determining what types of information churches need to advertise on their websites.

Build a church website
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Churches are physical locations, so you need to take that into account when you build a church website. Physical locations rely on what’s known as local business marketing when it comes to their websites. The primary objective here is to attract local visitors to a physical location, a church in this case. Let’s talk about the features you need to consider when you build a church website.

How to build a church website

The features and properties you add to a church website are dependent on the type of information the church needs to advertise in order to get visitors off of their website and into church. This means the homepage should accurately showcase the services and activities the church offers as well as the days and times they’re held on. It’s important to make it clear what your community has to offer.

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Another section to consider when you build a church website is a Google Maps graphic showcasing the exact address of the church so newcomers don’t need to worry about finding it. You should also include the church’s contact information in case they have any questions before they attend.

In addition, you need to come up with a few different ways to keep current members up to date on everything going on at the church. Blogs and newsletters are your best bet, so make sure your homepage showcases your latest posts and a call to action encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This way your community will be up to date about latest activities, sermons or else.

Luckily, with the right tools church websites can be created in no time. Now that we’ve touched base on the features you should consider adding to a church website, let’s switch gears and talk about a collection of WordPress themes you can use to actually build a church website from scratch.

Best Church WordPress Themes

Real Church

WordPress Church Theme
Real Church is a slightly advanced church theme with a simple layout, and a wonderful option when you need to build a church website. It comes with more than enough features for you to showcase your church's most important information, including online sermons, a display for upcoming events you can use to let your community know what you've got going on as well as a simple blogroll you can use to showcase your latest announcements.


Church WordPress Theme
Bethlehem is a dedicated church WordPress theme and a great choice if you want to build a church website. It comes with three demos, each of which use a different layout, but they all more or less allow you to showcase the same information. This includes schedules for services and classes, a donation widget, a blogroll of your latest updates, and more.

Church Suite

Flexible Church Template
If you need to build a church website, you should definitely consider checking out Church Suite. This is a well-designed yet highly-customizable church and events theme, making it ideal for churches with busy schedules. It has multiple homepage demos you can use for quick and easy web building. It also has several different ways to showcase events, online sermons, and the causes your church and community are involved in.


Community Church Template
Mission is a simple church WordPress theme that comes with multiple homepage demos where each demo features the same layout with a different color scheme. It still has everything you need to build a church website despite its simplicity. This includes a widget that allows you to display the progress your community is making toward a financial goal for a cause, a blogroll for your latest updates and sermons, a place to showcase upcoming events, and more.

House of Worship

Unique WordPress Theme
House of Worship is another simple church theme, but it still has everything you need to build an effective church website. This includes an events calendar you can use to let visitors know about your upcoming sermons, classes and events as well as a donation system to fund the church's projects, a Google Maps widget to showcase your church's location, and more.


Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Faith is another simple church theme, but it's still a fantastic option if you need to build a church website. It comes with a management system you can use to manage your online sermons and upcoming events. It also comes with an advanced page builder you can use to customize your design without needing to know how to code. This church template also comes with a blogroll you can use to showcase your church's latest news and announcements.


Modern Church Theme
Belief is yet another simple church WordPress theme, but it packs a lot of features into a simple design. It comes with simple management systems you can use to showcase online sermons and upcoming events. It also comes with special widgets you can use to display success stories and testimonials. You can also use the blogroll to showcase your latest updates.


Charity WordPress Theme
Heal is a powerful church theme that features a highly-optimized design enhanced with smooth animations. It features a row you can use to showcase your services as well as a pricing table connected to a donation system so you can fund the church's projects. It also comes with a sermon manager you can use to organize and showcase your latest sermons.


Creative WordPress Theme
Dunamis is an advanced church theme that uses a modern design and advanced features. It's advanced enough to be at the top of your list of theme options when you need to build a church website. It features a drag-and-drop page builder you can use to customize the look of your site, but it also comes with features important to church sites. This includes a donation system, a sermon manager, an events manager and more.


Fine Church WP Theme
ChurcHope is a multipurpose church theme, and a great option when you need multiple ways to build a church website. It comes with numerous homepage demos that either allow you to build a typical church website or a WooCommerce site. This can be great when you need to auction items or make sales for charity. It also has all of the other important features we've mentioned in this post, including a sermons manager, an events manager, ways to showcase speakers and guests, and more.


Modern Church Template
Incarnation is the simplest church theme on this list, but it's still worth considering when you need to build a church website. It's highly customizable, allowing you to create a design that's unique to your church, but it's missing key features your church may need, such as a donation system. It does, however, come with an events calendar as well as a way to manage and showcase sermons.

Conclusion: Professional church themes for WordPress

In our collection of modern church WordPress themes you’ve found some inspiration if you want to launch WordPress websites for churches, prayer groups, charity, fundraisers or else. These WordPress templates come with suitable features like online sermons, event manager, donation buttons and many more. Do you have any experience with these listed and featured church themes? Please let us know in the comments below. You can also find more WordPress themes here:

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