Over the course of many weeks, we’ve been able to show you the wide variety of websites our MH Magazine WordPress theme can be used for, including technology and travel websites, sports websites with league tables, and food websites with enough flexibility to allow your website to stand out in a crowd. Today, using the built-in features available to you when using the MH Magazine theme, we show you how to launch your very own feminine WordPress website.

Feminine Blog with MH Magazine

Whether you wish to talk about fashion and beauty, the joys of being a full time Mom, or everything feminine between these topics, our MH Magazine WordPress theme is flexible enough to give you and your readers an outstanding blog from which to grow and become an expert in your field.

Why is MH Magazine perfect for a feminine blog?

The MH Magazine theme boasts a number of built in features that make it simple & easy to create a feminine blog that attracts the very best readers. With your blog, conversation is the key to success, and the key to creating conversation is to attract ladies who are looking to engage, who have lots to share and give, and who can contribute alongside your excellent and authoritative advice.

Fashion Magazine
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Below, we have listed some of the most useful built-in features available to you when you install MH Magazine to start your own feminine blog or website about any kind of topic you might have in mind.

Built-in flexibility

The built-in flexibility that MH Magazine brings to the table allows your feminine blog to truly move in any direction you wish. As the interests of you and your readers change over time, so can your WordPress website, ensuring you’re able to adapt to the ever changing trends among your audience.

MH Themes Showcase

With many different ways to display content, from sliders to news tickers to static content blocks powered by flexible custom widgets, your website doesn’t have to look the same as other blogs, and allows you to display the content in a way that you and your own readers love, rather than conforming to one static template layout that can’t be changed like so many other templates.

Social media sharing

Most people online in this age are social media savvy, and the thought provoking articles of a feminine blog often lend themselves to vivid online discussions and welcomed social sharing.

Social Sharing Feminine Blog

Of course, our MH Magazine WordPress theme is social ready right out of the box. We make it simple for your audience to share your latest articles beyond your own blog, across Twitter, Facebook and more social networks, using a simple set of share buttons on all your articles.

Customizable design

Ladies, we know how important it is to look fabulous, and your valuable blog should be no different. With the MH Magazine WordPress theme, you’re able to amend the site logo or upload any (full-width) header image instead of the regular site title and tagline. You may enable a transparent header as well in case you want your custom background to shine through nicely.

Colorpickers MH Magazine

You can also create unique color schemes for your feminine website and set up custom menus, with several theme menu slots to ensure your readers always find their way around your website. With the available options we give you to customize your website, we’re confident your readers will love the look and feel of your blog just as much as they love reading your content.

Monetization made easy

Without making money from your blog, it would be difficult to continue committing the time it requires to become successful. That’s why MH Magazine comes, as standard, with several widget areas across the template to display advertisements in various ways on your WordPress website.

Advertising Types
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No longer will you have to force adverts into the last available white space on your home page. The widget areas of MH Magazine that you can use to display advertisements have been thought through from the outset, ensuring you can earn money while still giving your audience a high quality and enjoyable experience as they read and digest your articles.

Related articles feature

With so many topics to talk about, keeping your readers on your WordPress website might sound easy. But with so much content, and each reader having individual interests, it’s important we guide them in the right direction, offering more interesting content to dive in to.

Related Articles Feminine Blog

With MH Magazine, a Related Articles feature is built-in, allowing you to guide readers towards other interesting articles around your site. By suggesting this at the point of the user reading your article, you already know they’re interested in articles within this topic so you can rest assured you’re not taking your readers down a path that is of little interest to them. By recommending additional articles, we can entice readers into more engagement, conversation, and return for you.

Fully responsive layout

Your feminine blog is likely to attract a whole range of women. From high fliers in the city, young travellers on the move, or full time Moms, you’ll attract them all. But one common trait will bring all these groups together; their busy schedule. They’re a bunch of people always on the move, running from one meeting to another, travelling the globe or looking after a newborn. And all this hard work means reading blogs is often done occasionally via a tablet or smartphone.

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With the above at the forefront of our minds, ensuring our MH Magazine theme is responsive and works flawlessly across all devices is critical. We’ve built the theme to cater for all smartphones and tablets and all screen sizes as standard, ensuring your site can be read from anywhere at any time.

Search engine optimization

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MH Magazine is fully search engine optimized, which means it makes your life easier as you try to find the very best audience for your blog. You don’t need the technical knowledge of a professional search engine optimization company that usually first needs to optimize the code that your website is based on. Instead you can focus on writing your quality content, and our search engine optimized theme will help ensure you rank as high as possible at Google and other search engines.

Wrapping up: Launching feminine WordPress websites with MH Magazine

MH Magazine Variations

MH Magazine’s built-in flexibility will allow you to easily create a beautiful feminine blog about any topic you might have in mind. With its built-in social media sharing buttons and included related posts feature, you’re sure to spark conversation and build an engaged and passionate audience that allows to compete with the very best blogs in your niche, providing your audience with a feminine blog that is well-organized, easy to digest, and a delight to come back to every day.

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