Are you planning to launch a tech blog or news website with WordPress? If you like to review the latest gadgets, be the first to announce the latest technology news and trends, and give your readers a chance to be at the forefront of science and technology, then have a look at our MH Magazine theme for WordPress which provides the perfect base to build your new awesome tech blog on.

Tech Blog with MH Magazine
Launch a dynamic tech blog with MH Magazine WordPress theme

As we’ve seen in recent blog posts, our MH Magazine WordPress theme is ideally suited to many different website niches, from sport to food and news or anything else. Given the versatile nature of this popular WordPress theme, MH Magazine is as comfortable being used to build a tech blog as it is with any of these other niches. This flexible theme has many outstanding and useful built-in features that ensure your technology website is perfectly simple to build, launch, and nurture.

We’ve listed below some favorite features of this flexible magazine WordPress theme, like fully responsive layout, video post format implementation, plenty of custom menu slots, advertising options for monetization and many more, ensuring your tech blog stands head and shoulders above your competitors. Let’s have a look at some of these great features in detail.

Social media sharing

Social Media Feeds
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Those who are interested in technology tend to be the same people who are most active on social media and most in-tune with their online voice. For that reason alone it’s critical your articles can be widely shared across many social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. MH Magazine is social ready as standard, with built-in social sharing buttons across your blog articles, allowing your tech savvy readers to share your content and expose your blog to new audiences.

Fully responsive magazine WordPress theme

An audience who read a tech blog or modern news websites and crave the latest product reviews are bound to be at the forefront of modern internet tech, so it comes as no surprise that most of your readers will probably be reading on mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets.

MH Magazine Demo 3

With more people than ever using a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, and an even larger percentage of visitors than average using a mobile device to read, watch or listen to tech blogs, ensuring your website is responsive is vital to your success. MH Magazine was built to cater for all modern devices and screen sizes as standard, offering you and your readers a website that can cater for even the most technology savvy users, allowing them to read your blog anywhere, anytime.

Custom menus and several menu slots

With all the many types of technology to talk about on your blog, from the latest science and gadgets to product reviews and industry interviews, you’re likely to have a wide ranging website. While we’re certain you’ll have a few readers who are interested in all of your discussion topics, it’s likely each reader will have a particular interest in just one or two areas. A well structured custom menu is crucial in order to organise your blog and help readers get to the areas they care about the most.

Custom Menus WordPress
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With MH Magazine, the built-in custom menus give you the freedom you need to build excellent structure and user experience into your website. And thanks to the several available menu slots across the template, you can create and display different menus in various locations on your site.

jQuery News Ticker

Technology is a fast moving world and with news always flooding in about the latest hardware release or gossip, our built-in jQuery News Ticker allows you to easily display all the latest information without using valuable retail space across your home page. The news ticker, a scrolling set of text with the latest headlines, is bundled as standard with MH Magazine and will become your readers’ first port of call whenever they’re looking for the latest technology news.

Monetization on your tech blog made easy

Website Monetization
Build a steady revenue stream on your website / Image: Markgraf-Ave – – CC0 Public Domain

Most websites need a steady stream of income and tech blogs usually are no different. Using the built-in widget areas you can easily display advertisements. MH Magazine makes it perfectly simple to liaise with advertisers and position adverts without impacting or distracting from the excellent content you deliver to your readers. We’ve thought carefully about where adverts will be best placed throughout MH Magazine, leaving you to focus on building the income your new tech blog deserves.

Including videos in your blog posts

With technology enthusiasts always craving the next big thing, it’s little surprise most tech blogs or news websites offer part of their content in video format, rather than plain text articles. If you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors, you’ll want to follow suit.

WordPress Video Plugins
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WordPress is able to handle videos with ease, allowing you to display videos by pasting the video URL from your favourite hosted service such as YouTube or Vimeo straight into your blog post. It’s as easy as that. And by taking advantage of the video post format feature which is supported in MH Magazine, you can prominently mark posts with embedded videos.

Give MH Magazine a boost with additional plugins

The beauty of WordPress is not only its easy of use, but you can also further extend your website with plugins to add functionality based on your personal needs and requirements. For example product reviews are often a key component of tech blogs. Your ability to gather new gadgets, hardware and software to review is now vital in a world where customers rely so heavily on the experiences of past users in order to make a decision to purchase new gadgets.

Plugins for WordPress
Image Source: Sean MacEntee – – CC BY 2.0

Of course, with a little bit of coding, you could add review functionality to your WordPress website quite easily by yourself. But most people, especially WordPress users without coding experience, usually prefer to use one of the many review plugins in the official WordPress Plugin Directory that can become very useful in order to extend your tech blog with additional review functionality.

Wrapping up: MH Magazine for tech blogs and modern news websites

MH Magazine Variations

The MH Magazine WordPress theme is an excellent way to immediately get started with your blogging activities. Technology is a difficult market to crack, but with our support and the recommendations from this article, we’re confident you can build a great tech blog to report on latest gadgets and news from the tech world, that even the biggest geeks crave to read.

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