Whether you’re living it up in a luxury beach resort, trekking through the deepest backwaters, or road tripping across a country, the opportunities and lessons that travelling provides you are often some of the most valuable. For most of us, however, travelling for 12 months a year isn’t as viable as we might like. For those times we’re not travelling, reading travel blogs, resort reviews, and watching videos of the world’s most exciting adventures is as close to the real thing as many of us can get.

Travel Website with WordPress

It’s no surprise then there are thousands of WordPress travel websites all eagerly hoping to grab the attention of travel addicts looking for inspiration for their next journey. If you want to be the next travel writer, we can help! The MH Magazine theme for WordPress provides an excellent foundation from which to build an inspirational, informative and profitable WordPress travel website or blog.

Below, we have listed some of our favourite features of the MH Magazine WordPress theme, as well as a recommendation of a WordPress plugin to further enhance your travel website, helping your website become an authority in this very challenging market.

Fully responsive to support mobile devices

The very nature of those who love travel means that they are likely to be on the move with just a smartphone or tablet available. Whether they’re travelling at the moment, or working hard to save for their next adventure, it’s likely at least half of your website visitors will be using a mobile device.

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With the above at the forefront of our minds, ensuring our MH Magazine theme is responsive is more important than ever. That’s why we built this theme to cater for all devices and screen sizes as standard, ensuring your travel website can be easily accessed from any device, anywhere, any time.

Build an income with your travel website

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Whether you’re starting your travel website to fund your own next adventure, or to provide a reliable full-time income, the MH Magazine theme can support you. We purposefully built our theme to ensure there are sufficient available widget areas where you can place banner advertising without imposing upon the crucial user experience. We’ve thought carefully about where adverts will be best placed throughout your website, leaving you to focus your attention on attracting new advertisers.

Compelling video

With the decrease in size and increase in quality of recording technology in recent years, including the increased accessibility of GoPro cameras to even the most budget strapped traveller, it’s no surprise that good quality video is rapidly becoming the favoured way to showcase our travels.

WordPress Video Plugins
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WordPress is able to handle videos with ease, making it easy to display your video by pasting the video URL from your favourite hosted service such as YouTube straight into your blog post. Of course, MH Magazine has been built to ensure your videos display perfectly across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Above that, this magazine theme offers a YouTube video widget which you can place in any available widget area on your site, be it on your front page or in sidears.

Customizable design

In a large ocean full of travel advice, reviews, and commentary, it’s important that your travel website stands out from the crowd. It’s vital that you find your own voice and draw in an engaged audience who eagerly anticipate your next article. The MH Magazine theme allows you to customize the design to ensure your website is truly unique. You can build a unique front page layout with widgets, easily amend the logo with any custom image or display the title and tagline instead.

Colorpickers MH Magazine
With MH Magazine you can easily change the color scheme on your website

MH Magazine allows you to select unlimited theme colors and set up custom menus, with several theme menu slots to direct your readers exactly where you want them. Plus, our home page widgets allow you to organize your shop window however you like, allowing you to really make the most of your beautiful travel photography to ensure your readers are drawn in, while ensuring that your advertisers are given prime slots within your content.

SEO optimized WordPress theme

The internet is full of websites discussing all aspects of travel, which means launching a new
website in this arena is often a long and difficult road to walk until you’ve managed to build a solid and reliable audience. When using MH Magazine, we help you find the very best audiences by ensuring our popular magazine theme is search engine optimized as standard.

Content Production
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Search engine optimization is a broad field including several aspects of managing websites like content creation, elaborate linkage or social media activity. Regarding technical knowledge, this is taken care of by MH Magazine and you usually don’t need a professional search engine optimization company for the technical aspect of your website. We allow you to focus on writing the quality content your readers are craving, and our search engine optimized theme will ensure it’s given the best possible chance of good rankings across all the major search engines.

Give MH Magazine a boost with the TravelPayouts plugin

While some of your website readers will be purely dreaming of their next destination, the vast majority of your audience will have a destination in mind and will be looking for advice and recommendations before they book. It makes sense then to offer those people a chance to search for travel services through your own website, an entity they trust and have an invested relationship in, instead of sending them elsewhere. This also helps to reduce your bounce rate.

Image Source: Screenshot – WordPress.org

With this in mind, extending MH Magazine and your WordPress installation with plugins that have been especially built for travel websites can be highly beneficial. For example TravelPayouts will give you everything you need to successfully offer flight and hotel searching right within your own website, while also earning you extra income by taking an affiliate fee for every sale you make. On average, each affiliate earns $7 from each sold air ticket and $20 from each sold hotel booking.

Travelpayouts Calendar
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This excellent plugin with over 3,000 active installs and regular updates, allows your website visitors to search for hotels across booking.com, happyrooms, hotel.com and many more, as well as air fairs across Expedia and many other popular websites for booking flights and accommodation.

Wrapping up: MH Magazine for travel websites and travel blogs

MH Magazine Variations

The MH Magazine WordPress theme is flexible enough to help you succeed in any industry, and is particularly well suited to helping you build a beautiful travel website or a cool and unique travel blog. With our help and advice above, and your passion and drive for travel, we’re certain your travel website will be the next big player in an ever expanding and increasingly exciting market.

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