Hello Bloggers to our Latest WordPress Tutorial About ” How to speed your wordpress Blog” In this guide we have some points to focus on it we will arrange this points in check list and then we going to talk about each point in separated How-to article every week then Last will do Conclusion Roundup of all points at the end of This Series.We are planing for this guide from months now and we are trying to put all our knowledge in this Series so you can benefit from reading it.

Many Bloggers complain about Website speed and how slow its especially with wordpress and they wonder how famous sites Like wordpress.org and Other WordPress Superstars website loading that fast and in few seconds. This what we are going to Explain in the Ultimate Series About “How to speed your wordpress site

Why Site Speed is Important To Us ? First when visitor come cross your website you will have only few seconds to impress him with the content of your site ” We live in World of speed” So Website speed matter a lot in traffic and keep your visitors coming” we don’t forget about the high quality content too “, Recent studies Show that you have a very few seconds to load your site before people leave away, especially if they’ve been linked there from another site that they visit.

Second Google ranking When Google Member write about this you must know its important thing “Google takes loading times into account when ranking websites” to follow these steps for higher ranking in Google and ofcourse this Mean higher traffic and More visitors to capture.

Speed Up WordPress site Check List

1: Monitor Your WordPress Site speed With This Free Tools

before we go in to how to speed your wordpress Website we need to know what is the speed of our site, through this roundup you can find free and premium tools to monitor Your wordpress Site speed and get alerts and notification via E-mail every now and then also give you ability to get notification E-mail when your site get down for more than X time that you specify in setup.

2: WordPress Caching Plugins

3: CDN Solution For wordpress

4: Lazy Load WordPress Plugins

5: Find Plugins That’s slow Down your wordpress Website

6:Optimize Your WordPress Database And Clean Un Wanted Tables

7:Disable hot-linking and leeching of your content

8:Chose The Right WordPress Hosting

9:Test up The results

10: conclusion

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