Missbartoz – Plus Size Blog

The awesome website you can see on the screenshot has been built with the MH Magazine WordPress Theme.

I spent some days searching for a theme without any bugs, with magazine-style, clear, simple and customizable in many ways. I’m a professional blogger and writer, but not a technic fan. So I needed furthermore a good support, for some special questions. With MH Themes I got the best support ever. I’m not joking! The best thing was, that the support I got was in my mother language, german. I highly recommend MH Themes for many kind of web projects and sites. You can do whatever you need with this theme. If you need a pure website, it is one click and the slider is away, or use one brand picture instead of the moves. Just an idea to show you how flexible the MH Magazine theme is. I’m happy every day when I change some little things, giving advertisers a high quality background or blogging some new stuff. Thanks MH Themes! – Ulrike Bartos (missbartoz.de)