MH Magazine Layouts

MH Themes is a WordPress theme development company founded by Michael Hebenstreit in 2012. We have specialized in professional magazine and news WordPress themes for editorial websites like online magazines and dynamic news websites with focus on quality instead of quantity. Our flagship is the MH Magazine WordPress theme which is one of the most popular magazine themes for WordPress.

Due to the success of MH Magazine and thanks to the support from our loyal customers, we’ve managed to establish our business over the years to become one of the most popular sources for magazine WordPress themes with thousands of customers in over 110 countries around the world. Some awesome customer websites are listed in our showcase. MH Themes also is a trusted premium theme partner of Automattic, the company of WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

Quality over quantity

While many of our competitors focus on releasing one product after another, where products often are abandoned after some time, our philosophy is “quality over quantity”. At MH Themes, one of the most popular brands for professional magazine WordPress themes, we rather focus our development resources on our flagship product in order to keep it well maintained, reliable and competitive.

We strive for long-term success, rather than short-term financial benefits. This is not only true for our reliable software products, but it’s also the vision and philosophy behind our parent company Array Internet. Our goal is to establish long-term and fair business relationships. We want to help you establish a reliable and financially successful online business and achieve your business goals. Are you ready to start this journey?

The story behind MH in MH Themes

MainhattanYou may wonder what the MH in MH Themes stands for as it’s not an obvious term related to web development or WordPress. There are two stories behind this.

The first one is quite obvious because these simply are the initials of the MH Themes founder and since the company started a few years back as a one-man show, the brand hasn’t changed which also stands for the dedicated support and quality we would continuously like to offer to our customers.

In addition our headquarters are located in Frankfurt am Main which is the 5th largest city in Germany and famous for its unique skyline (see photo on the left). Because of the awesome skyline and the Main river which floats through Frankfurt, the city also is called Mainhattan, inspired by Manhattan (New York). That means as a funny coincidence, MH in MH Themes stands for Mainhattan as well.