Way Of Ninja

  • Website: wayofninja.com
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With the goal of featuring several attributes of being a modern ninja that could be quickly deployed, we needed a WordPress theme that was versatile and easy-to-customise. Therefore, instead of dealing with complicated theme customisations (as done in previous years), we opted to use the MH Magazine theme. Highly recommended to increase homepage retention rate! – Logen Lanka (wayofninja.com)

First Appearance

At First Appearance we cover comic books and video games in a wide variety of mediums through news, reviews, and more. MH Magazine gives us an incredible theme that we were able to customize and make unique for our site. We absolutely love the home page widget positions which allow us to sort all of our various categories with ease. - Daniel Hickey (facomics.com)

The Voice of E

I've been using the MH Magazine theme for over a year now and I couldn't be happier. There is so much customization available, and they keep improving the theme over time to make it even better. Whenever I've needed help, they've been there for me or I found the answers in their excellent tutorials. I truly consider it money well spent. - Elliott Miller (voiceofe.com)


  • Website: springcalle.se
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Now my site is up and running and I am both extremely happy with MH Themes as a theme provider for the quality and the support services. The theme encouraged me to blog way more frequent than before, I want to fill my "magazine" with smashing content every day! – Carl Carnebro (springcalle.se)


  • Website: motoridacorsa.it
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Giving birth to a new site and changing to a brand new system is always hard, especially after 10 years of e107 CMS. After the final decision to switch to WordPress and a long evaluation of which WordPress theme would be used, the MH Magazine theme was the chosen one. Great decision, as anyone can see! – Marco Rabatelli (motoridacorsa.it)

North Country Vitals

  • Website: northcountryvitals.com
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Before we found MH Themes, we were struggling to get the sleek, professional look we wanted. As soon as we signed up for MH Magazine, our website began to look better. It has been incredibly easy to work with, and we are constantly finding new ways to customize our site. Thank you! – Elijah Anderson (northcountryvitals.com)

Secret Saiyan

I have tried many WordPress themes, but MH Magazine is the only one that managed to impress me. This WordPress theme makes my website look professional and it's great that it gives you the flexibility to customize your website with widgets. I like how this magazine WordPress theme features my posts and other website content nicely. – Mike Sandoval (secretsaiyan.com)

The Roobtube

I've been working on my movie review website Roobtube for a few years now and haven't been satisfied with any of the layouts, until I found MH Magazine. I wanted something more professional looking and I'm really happy with my website now. I've only just recently changed over and have definitely noticed an increase in audience. – Brent J. Rubin (roobtube.com)

Forbes Brasil

Forbes is an American family-controlled business magazine with more than 100 years of history. Forbes Brasil was launched in August 2012 and follows the same editorial standards that the brand is known for. The site is using the popular MH Magazine WordPress theme to showcase its high-quality content from a variety of different categories and content genres. - Forbes Brasil (forbes.com.br)

The Moderated Media

It took me about two weeks to get things figured out. That being said, the primary reason it took that long is that I didn't search for help. Do that right away! So many great tools and tutorials to build your site the way you want it! My traffic is growing daily and I am having a blast! – Dean Kowalski (themoderatedmedia.com)


We were looking for a WordPress theme that is not only suitable for professionals, but also for WordPress newbies. We’ve been told that the MH Magazine is user friendly, logical and well thought out, so we finally decided to purchase the theme and haven't regretted if for a second! We are very satisfied and receive lots of positive feedback. – Petra Pecenka (gesundmag.de)

Seitenstopper Magazin

I have been searching for a suitable WordPress theme for a long time. The basic integration of social media should be part of the theme, as well as the possibility to change colors in a flexible way. Great customer support and steady, on-going development of the MH Magazine theme finally got me convinced. - Frank Baudy (seitenstopper.de)

Chris Travel Blog

  • Website: christravelblog.com
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I needed a WordPress theme that would look nice more like a news site. MH Magazine is easy to adjust with the many widget areas. Now, my blog is more easy to read and looks very professional. Best of all, my visitors per month increased just by changing the theme! I highly recommend MH Themes. – Hasse (Chris) Wiersma (christravelblog.com)

Universo Do Rock

After 10 years I finally decided to change my site from ASP to WordPress. I was looking for a good WordPress theme in magazine style and I found MH Magazine. I am delighted with this wonderful theme that has great features and the layout I wanted. I highly recommend MH Magazine. Thanks MH Themes! - Paulo Cássio (universodorock.com)

Blog PaperCraft’s Hobby

  • Website: blog.papercraft.nl
Being a small retailer we experimented with a standard blog. Nice to do, but not very succesfully. This changed after we discovered MH Themes for WordPress. The impressive possibilities combined with the usability make our blog now more professional. Visitors are staying longer at our blog and are revisiting us more often. - PaperCraft's Hobby (blog.papercraft.nl)

Montreal Rampage

As a WordPress newbie, I spent ages trying to pick out a theme that would suit Montreal Rampage and with every compliment the site gets, I know I made the right choice. Thanks to MH Themes, the site has a professional look and displays great on desktops and mobile devices. - Rachel Levine (montrealrampage.com)

FC St. Pauli Boxen

  • Website: st-pauli-boxen.de
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FC St. Pauli Boxen is the website of the boxing division of FC St. Pauli. The club with its football, boxing and fan culture is known far beyond the borders of Hamburg (Germany). With the MH Magazine WordPress theme they show that a club website can also achieve editorially very good results. - FC St. Pauli Boxen (st-pauli-boxen.de)


  • Website: gunnersglobe.com
  • Topic(s):
Having some experience with a number of magazine-styled themes, I selected the MH Magazine theme for a number of reasons: it is simpler than others to understand and use, it provides the desired flexibility to customize a site, it offers an intuitive design and provides some excellent preinstalled widgets to enhance the creative process. – Michael Griffin (gunnersglobe.com)


I spent a lot of time looking for the right WordPress theme for my site before stumbling upon MH Magazine. This magazine theme has proven to be an excellent choice for me - it's easy to use, it's not bloated with unnecessary code. The support was fantastic and very quick as well. Highly recommended! – Ian Briggs (goodthingimpretty.com)

Il Tabloid

Our web magazine was born in 2009 with a different CMS. In 2014 we have chosen WordPress because it is easier to use, but the hardest thing was to find a suitable WordPress theme. After several attempts we finally found MH Magazine and we are excited in many ways and our visitors love it as well. Great work MH Themes! – Emanuele Bompadre (iltabloid.it)


I was looking for a WordPress theme that was easy to customize, that had no major SEO bugs like our old one and that was offering good documentation and support. I am especially impressed with the high level of SEO that MH Magazine is offering and the support is answering within minutes. Highly recommended WordPress theme for any magazine/blog! – Udo Raaf (netselektor.de)

Exoskeleton Report

When I started blogging about exoskeletons, I looked around for themes and I thought that MH Magazine was my best bet as an organized clutter-free news magazine and boy, was I right. The theme is responsive, regularly updated, and ranks very highly on all speed tests I have performed. This purchase was money well spent! - Bobby Marinov (exoskeletonreport.com)

MikuStar – Global Vocaloid Fan Site

  • Website: mikustar.net
MH Magazine really took my site to the next level. The support forum is constantly monitored and posts are replied to in a prompt and courteous manner. MH Magazine WordPress Theme is an excellent choice for anyone who requires a WP template that is highly functional, versatile, professional and fully-supported. – Scott Fairbairn (MikuStar.net)

Wake, Wind & Surf News

  • Website: wakewindandsurf.com
  • Topic(s):
During our search, we came across MH Magazine WordPress Theme. We loved the look and found it very easy to customize with a variety of options. Equally as excellent is the outstanding support provided! We recommend the magazine theme to anyone looking for quality! – Anna Parker (wakewindandsurf.com)

Imgur Blog

Imgur is a very popular community powered entertainment destination which started in 2009. The site is full of funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. The Imgur blog is powered by the MH Cicero WordPress theme in order to highlight the greatest and most popular content on a regular basis. – Imgur Blog (blog.imgur.com)

Practical Politicking

  • Website: practicalpoliticking.com
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We are very pleased with the MH Magazine theme and how it gives our site a polished and professional look. The theme has proven itself repeatedly to be easy to work with to achieve our desired effects. We highly recommend MH Themes to anybody looking for well-designed and properly coded WordPress themes backed by first-class support. – Tom Dougherty (practicalpoliticking.com)

Noriko Oseko

I am super happy with MH Magazine! Although I don't know much about WordPress, this user-friendly theme made my website so cool! Moreover, I couldn't be happier with their amazing service! People who work for MH Themes are very kind and very professional. This is really more than I expected. Thank you very much this wonderful WordPress theme! – Noriko Oseko (osekonoriko.com)

Trebuchet Magazine

MH Magazine was what Trebuchet was looking for to showcase several new articles each day and to keep new and old readers on site by suggesting relevant further reading. Of course, no WordPress theme is perfect out of the box, but MH Magazine was easy to configure and the support excellent. Recommended. – Kailas Elmer (trebuchet-magazine.com)


  • Website: nypdnews.com
  • Topic(s):
NYPD News is the official news magazine of the New York City Police Department. The site informs about crime in New York City, provides tips and information to prevent crime and highlights special achievements of police officers. NYPD News is powered by the MH Newsdesk WordPress theme and serves as a great source of information for the people of New York City. - NYPD (nypdnews.com)

Westport Covey Wheelers

  • Website: www.westportcc.ie
  • Topic(s):
The MH Magazine theme is the most hassle free and well equipped theme I have ever used. It simply does what it says on the tin and does not include any strange shortcodes or complicated control panels. It's been a long time since I have downloaded a theme that has provided as much value as this one. - John Lenehan (www.westportcc.ie)


  • Website: familjensreseguide.se
  • Topic(s):
We have been looking for a simple, but responsive WordPress theme able to show our most beautiful parts of the world. As a travel magazine, always on the road, we need to update on the go. For these purposes MH Magazine theme is awesome. - Niklas Kämpargård (familjensreseguide.se)


I was searching for a modern responsive and SEO optimized WordPress template which I could easily customize. I am very picky because for 8 years I have been programming web and other seven years I have led digital teams, but then I discovered MH Newsdesk WordPress Theme. I love it <3 - Marimar Ruiz (xunilzita.es)


  • Website: saporitaweb.com
  • Topic(s):
In the beginning of my experience with MH Themes, I had a problem with the excerpts because of my mother language, japanese. So I contacted the support and after some troubleshooting, I could resolve this problem. I can recommend MH Themes to all who use oriental languages. - Masakatsu Ikeda (saporitaweb.com)


Cinemania delivers news, information, reviews, interviews and other resources to creators and movie lovers in Georgia. We were looking for a WordPress theme to make our website user friendly, responsive and easy manageable. MH Magazine was easy to configure with excellent support. Therefore this theme is highly recommended by the Cinemania team. Thank You! – Giorgi Davitashvili (cinemania.ge)

Cracked Racquets

  • Website: crackedracquets.com
  • Topic(s):
Having never used WordPress before, my team and I were very cautious about choosing a theme to be the foundation of our site. We've been very pleased with the MH Magazine theme throughout our first few months in business. The theme is easy to customize, simple to navigate, and the support we've received has been great! – Daniel Westhoff (crackedracquets.com)

Combat Docket

  • Website: combatdocket.com
  • Topic(s):
After 4 days of research, I found the MH Magazine theme which has good reviews and a long list of features I needed. The documentation is extensive and the support also has been very responsive and patient. If you're looking for a modern responsive news / magazine type WordPress theme, this really is the perfect choice. – Shawn Suther (combatdocket.com)


  • Website: welovebarcelona.de
  • Topic(s):
After I had other premium themes in use for several years, I almost completely switched to MH Magazine last year. The reason is simple, I've not seen other german themes that are so well-thought-out and adaptable. Useful features are already on board, so I could save at least five WordPress plugins. Thumbs up! – Johannes Breunig (welovebarcelona.de)

She Brisbane

I'm not the most tech-savvy user, so discovering MH Magazine was fantastic. This beautiful theme brought the design in my imagination to life! It is logical, the support team is fantastic and there are many ways to make it uniquely your own. - Helen Goltz (shebrisbane.com.au)

Paris vs. New York

  • Website: parisvsnewyork.com
  • Topic(s):
I'm not a professional but I wanted to find a WordPress theme that looks professional and I finally found the MH Magazine theme: a lot of possibilities, widgets, color options and a clean design. And above all: the customer support and the forums are amazing! I always received an answer very quickly. – May Gransart (parisvsnewyork.com)


Our website is read by telecoms professionals worldwide and MH Newsdesk proved an excellent choice for our upgrade. Its responsive layout looks good on every device, our visitors are full of praise, and the quality of the code exceeded expectations, encouraging us to add many new features. - Eric Priezkalns (commsrisk.com)

Grounded & Surrounded

  • Website: groundedandsurrounded.com
  • Topic(s):
We have had a great experience with the MH Purity Theme. We love the professional look and functionality. Thank you MH Themes for helping us to create a website that we are proud of. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to stand apart from the competition. - Sarah and Sammi (groundedandsurrounded.com)

Pavlov Pinball

I am very happy with MH Magazine: it is easy to use, but also very powerful - allowing me to customise my site exactly how I want. The level of support offered is quite exceptional - whenever I have been unsure how to do something I have had a response from the support staff within about five minutes. - Paul Rubens (pavlovpinball.com)

The Modern Con

MH Magazine is a beautiful, flexible custom theme that captures readers immediately with its glossy banners and perfect picture to text ratios. It is easy to configure, offers relevant web updates and requires minimal pre-knowledge on how to build a beautiful website. - Sabrina D'Cruz & Scott Viney (themoderncon.com)


Looking for a good WordPress theme that I can use for my online magazine, I came across MH Magazine. A website recommended this appealing theme to me and I was thrilled, so excited that I did not try the demo - I started right through. For me, MH Magazine is the best WordPress theme ever. – Florian Dausel (falltimer.de)


While I was looking for a suitable WordPress theme, I came across MH Magazine. We immediately fell in love with the layout and so we decided to purchase this theme. The combination of widgets and widget areas allows us to configure the website based on our personal needs and requirements. Also the support is fast, efficient and friendly. – Stephan Budke (blengaone.de)


  • Website: excitehype.com
  • Topic(s):
I always had my eyes on the MH Cicero theme because it felt more like my style and polished. And was I right! It's perfect for news posts, media and worked with all my plugins. I definitely recommend the layout for someone looking for something close to your standard blog layout but a lot more professional looking. - Charles Molden Jr. (excitehype.com)

Daily Athens

We were looking for a nice theme for our news site Daily Athens and after some research we found MH Newsdesk. Beside the fact that you guys provide beautiful themes, you have an amazing support. Your forum support is professional, quick and responsible. We highly recommend MH Themes to anyone who wants a user friendly and professional WordPress site. - Daily Athens (dailyathens.gr)

Punky Moms

We searched for a WordPress theme to bring our site a fresh new look. We are so pleased with what we were able to achieve using the MH Magazine theme. Our website has a clear and concise look now. I know we have only scratched the surface of what we can do. - Paula (punkymoms.com)

NewsWatch Network

  • Website: newswatchnetwork.com
  • Topic(s):
MH Magazine was the perfect out-of-the-box solution with enough variables to create a uniquely designed website on the WordPress platform. As a bonus, MH Themes offers customizations at reasonable rates. We took advantage of that professional service and ordered a customization that took our website to the next level. – Steve Mac (newswatchnetwork.com)

Last Year’s Girl

  • Website: lastyearsgirl.pixlet.net
I've been searching for the perfect easy-to-use magazine-style theme for a multiple topic blog for a long time now, and I honestly believe this one is as good as it gets. It's flexible, easy to customise so your site looks unique and comes with so many built-in features. - Lisa-Marie Ferla (lastyearsgirl.pixlet.net)


Our previous WordPress theme was not responsive. This wasn't acceptable in a time when most people browse the Internet with mobile devices. With MH Magazine the layout of our site now looks great on all devices, it is easy to customize, the code is clean and fast, and there is a wide array of useful widgets. – Ryan Cooper (geekalerts.com)


For months, I worked at making my site look nice with a default WordPress theme. But I just wasn't happy with it. I decided to try the MH Magazine Theme and purchased a license for it. I was absolutely shocked at how easy it was to setup and tailor for my gaming publishing website. Great WordPress theme! Great deal! – Jeremy Weston (gamersbyte.com)

Hong Kong Maritime Hub

Having struggled with a previous WordPress theme, I found the MH Magazine theme immediately provided what I needed. Its logical, user-friendly widgetized front page meant it was a breeze to configure for a relative WP novice. It enabled me to convert a site that was a disaster when I initially came on board, into a slick and professional-looking site in one day. – Andy Alcock (hongkongmaritimehub.com)

FC Driebergen

  • Website: fcdriebergen.nl
  • Topic(s):
For the website of our football club we were looking for a WordPress theme which was easy to implement. We tested several themes but found MH Magazine as the best WordPress theme to achieve our goals. Now we have an up to date site, with up to date standings, fixtures, etc. Have a look! – Remco van Ginkel (fcdriebergen.nl)

Indy Midtown Magazine

  • Website: indymidtownmagazine.com
  • Topic(s):
We recently launched a website using the MH Magazine theme to complement the print edition of our independent neighborhood advocacy news magazine. I shared the site with several friends and colleagues and the response was very encouraging. I'm very glad we purchased the MH Themes package and would highly recommend it. - Thomas Healy (indymidtownmagazine.com)

Fitz – Get Moving

We have been looking for a simple, straightforward and yet beautiful WordPress theme for our website, and MH Magazine delivers just that! MH Magazine is nicely coded for integration with 3rd party plugins, that really saved us a lot of time. Lastly, we especially want to thank the MH team for their fantastic support, really stunning work you guys are doing there! - Eric (fitz.hk)

Mini Exchange

We were after a fully responsive, easy to use, mummy friendly layout where users could navigate the pages easily and see all the great content. MH Themes delivered just this. A highly customisable layout, excellent tutorials and great customer support. A great company and a great product, we'd highly recommend. - Sarah Appleton (miniexchange.com)

Hier find ich was …

Since more than one year we rely on the MH Magazine theme for our food-blog and we still are really happy about the well-designed functionality and coding as well as the versatility it provides. Even for semi-pros like me it's really easy to find everything that needs to be customized. - Frank Meyer (hierfindichwas.de)

Marília Global

  • Website: mariliaglobal.com
  • Topic(s):
I started my online newspaper in 2011 and at the beginning it ran on a different CMS/theme. After three years, I decided it was time to change the CMS and theme, so I moved to WordPress and opted for MH Themes. I couldn't be happier with my decision! - Beto Cavallari (mariliaglobal.com)


  • Website: europasport.ro
  • Topic(s):
I'm very pleased with the MH Magazine theme I am using. It looks great on magazine websites and there are many widgets available. The tutorial for the theme is very useful and the theme looks professional, appears great on mobile devices and it is very easy to work with, even for unexperienced WordPress users. – Andrei Badea (europasport.ro)

Guy Counseling

I had tried so many different WordPress themes. None of them can hold a candle to MH Magazine. Simple to use and intuitive, I'm able to spend more time writing content and less time dealing with technical issues. If I've ever needed help, the support staff is just an email away. – John Moore (guycounseling.com)


For my music blog I was looking for a visually attractive, at the same time variable and easy to use magazine WordPress theme. Reliable support was another important aspect for me. By chance I came across MH Themes and the MH Magazine theme and now one year later I am still very happy with my choice. – Gerald Langer (music-on-net.de)

Truck Camper Adventure

  • Website: truckcamperadventure.com
  • Topic(s):
For months I had been looking for a robust and dynamic WordPress theme to use for my online magazine. When I first came across MH Magazine, last summer, immediately I knew it was the right theme for me. It's easy to use and very professional looking and at only $49 it leaves the competition in the dust. - Michael S. Smith (truckcamperadventure.com)

What’s My Scene

The MH Magazine template is perfect for what we needed. It was very easy to install and configure. This is one of the most well thought out and configured templates we've used. Since launching the site we've had so many compliments on the layout. We're very pleased with it. - Mandy Hall (whatsmyscene.com)

The Science Recorder

We researched many different magazine/news WordPress themes as we were looking for a theme that had a clean cut professional appearance, easy to customize and was mobile responsive. MH Magazine was the perfect choice and we have received many compliments on how well the site turned out. We highly recommend this theme! - Joe Crimi (sciencerecorder.com)

The Bimblers

I needed a magazine style theme which was easy to use, adaptable and modern - MH Magazine fit the brief perfectly. The price I paid for a theme with this amount of intuitive flexibility is fantastic. I can't think of any reason to look elsewhere if you need a magazine style theme. - Rob (thebimblers.com)

Homem no Espelho

I was looking for a template that could allow me to show as much content as possible on the homepage in order to capture the viewer's interest. MH Magazine was the perfect choice for me. It's possible to place a great variety of widgets all over the homepage with much elegance. - Wilson Weigl (homemnoespelho.com.br)

GL Consulting

  • Website: blog.glconsulting.com
  • Topic(s):
We were looking for a simple, modern and original theme to give birth to our special company blog. With the MH Magazine theme we finally found the perfect match: now our articles have an interactive and smart frame and both our team and our readers love it! - GL Consulting, Como, Italy (blog.glconsulting.com)


We've been looking for a clean and responsive magazine theme for our gadget blog, with an easy-to-use and structured layout. MH Magazine gives us the simplest and most intuitive solution to create a pro website which is full of features and options. And that without any knowledge of how to code... - Bartosz Jung (stuffblog.de)

Missbartoz – Plus Size Blog

  • Website: missbartoz.de
  • Topic(s):
I highly recommend MH Themes for any kind of web projects and sites. You can do whatever you want with this theme. I’m happy every day when I change some little things, giving advertisers a high quality background or blogging some new stuff. Thanks MH Themes! – Ulrike Bartos (missbartoz.de)

Comixity: Podcast & Comic Reviews

MH Magazine is gorgeous, flexible, customizable and feature-packed, yet really simple to configure and use. The theme is working like a charm and we got really good reviews among our readership. Really glad I found this magazine theme. After dozens of tests with other themes, I found my grail. – Florent Degletagne (comixity.fr)


WavePC is online for about 2 years now. From the very beginning, we were looking for a simple but powerful WordPress theme for our site. Finally, we found the MH Magazine theme and since then, WavePC is constantly working under the control of MH Magazine and it works great. We highly recommend MH Themes! – Kacper Borawski (wavepc.pl)

Outer Rim News

MH Themes has given us the administrative simplicity of a very professional looking site. With a few clicks we were up and running quickly. We're using the theme since our inception and have had no issues. I highly recommend MH Magazine for a professional looking site, that is easy to navigate and very user friendly. – Ashley Wilbanks (outerrimnews.com)

Rochak Khabar

  • Website: rochakkhabar.com
  • Topic(s):
In my opinion the MH Magazine theme is the best WordPress theme for news magazine websites. The theme is very easy to install and customize, mobile friendly, responsive and it performs very well to speed up websites. There also are many features and options available to easily customize the website layout. – Basudev (rochakkhabar.com)

Online Business Tools

  • Website: onlinebusinesstools.de
  • Topic(s):
I'm using the MH Magazine theme for my blog and am very satisfied. It was important for me to have a well structured WordPress theme, with clean code and good performance. The structure of the theme is simple and logical with good usability. Conclusion: Great theme and great support! – Jessica Ebert (onlinebusinesstools.de)

Built Report

  • Website: builtreport.com
  • Topic(s):
I needed a WordPress theme to make my website responsive, professional looking and manageable. That WordPress theme would also have to be highly rated by a large number of people. Not only that, the theme had to have great documentation and technical support as well. I chose MH Themes and they did not let me down. - Steven (builtreport.com)

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club

  • Website: chesapeakegolf.com
  • Topic(s):
Chesapeake Bay Golf Club is thrilled to use MH Magazine theme to showcase our two golf facilities! We wanted a slick magazine theme to promote the many facets of our business – Golf, FootGolf, Dining and our Wedding & Events business. We're more than just golf - and MH Themes has helped us tell our story beautifully. - Allison Barbin (chesapeakegolf.com)

This is Creative Enterprise

We have found MH Magazine a simple and sophisticated theme that works perfectly for our target audience and the nature of our work. It is easy to formulate, clean and functional which works well for our organisation. A great team behind it too who are very responsive and happy to help if support is needed. - Jen (thisiscreativeenterprise.com)

SLO Cyclist

  • Website: slocyclist.com
  • Topic(s):
I'd been trying various themes that would bring a legitimate look to my site, and allow me to fully integrate my branding without having to mess with coding or adding a server-burdening load of plugins. MH Magazine was the perfect answer. All around an amazing theme and fantastic support. - Bek Maples (slocyclist.com)

Republic 3.0

I have used both MH Magazine and MH Purity and am a huge fan of both themes. MH Themes' support desk is also first rate - helpful, rapid and thorough. MH Themes is my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a powerful online digital publishing platform. - Anne Kim (republic3-0.com)

CLT Party – Charlotte’s Party Source Since 2008

I have used various WordPress themes over the years for both personal and client websites, and I must say the flexibility and potential of the MH Themes set them apart from the rest. I will be utilizing MH Themes for all my clients sites in the near future! – D. Lee (CLTParty.com)


MH Magazine was simply perfect for our needs. It gave the professional look we deserved, joint to the ease of use necessary to people who are more journalists than technicians. Although its solutions are so intuitive, it seems other themes don't got the right intuitions yet. - Massimiliano Maccaus (facciunsalto.it)


When we decided to freshen up our corporate identity after ten years, we at ESCDaily were happy to encounter the MH Magazine theme. This WordPress theme is ideal for a news and in-depth coverage website. It is great that MH Magazine gives us the possibility to filter and narrow down our content the way we like it. – Dennis van Eersel (escdaily.com)


As a news site that deals with political news about the European Union we needed a WordPress theme that both looks and feels professional. MH Magazine is easy to configure and maintain. The popularity of our site got a quick boost and the bounce rate went down instantly. We are very happy with the MH Magazine theme! – Trond Trosdahl (eu-uutiset.fi)

Daycation DC

I am so pleased I took the leap with MH Magazine! This theme design is clean and easy to use. The documentation and examples made it easy to try different layouts and find the one that worked best for my content. It also plays nicely with my additional plugins like my Instagram feed. Wonderful theme, guys! – Kelley Smith (daycationdc.com)


  • Website: fahrradblog.de
  • Topic(s):
I really wanted a WordPress theme which offers me a simple home page, performance in terms of load time, as well as flexibility regarding the design. MH Magazine offers all that with just one purchase. I would buy the theme again at any time and I'm using it on several websites. – Soeren Eisenschmidt (fahrradblog.org)

Der Auto Blogger

I'm an experienced WordPress user and MH Themes convinced me with solid and stable code, innovative design and very unqiue and well working custom widgets. MH Magazine includes "out of the box" almost anything you need and in case of questions, the friendly support team shines with fast and reliable theme support. – Oliver Walther (der-auto-blogger.de)

Culture Chronicle

When we were looking for a WordPress theme for our site, we wanted something clean looking and responsive. We got exactly what we were after with MH Magazine. It's very easy to customise and you soon get a great looking website. Their support team is very helpful and quick to respond to any queries too. Very highly recommended. - James Peel (culturechronicle.com)

Digital Art Loft

MH Themes continues to produce what we feel are the best designed WordPress themes available today. MH Newsdesk combines flexibility in a well designed package that can be easily modified with the built-in theme editor to create a website that suits our every requirement. - Hal Jesso (digitalartloft.com)

Daniel Yeow

  • Website: danielyeow.com
I'd been trying to get my website to look a certain way for ages, and with limited success. I'm a pretty good programmer, but simply don't have the time to do all the necessary fiddling. With MH Magazine, everything is so straightforward and intuitive, I had everything running the way I wanted it in no time. - Daniel Yeow (danielyeow.com)

Emertainment Monthly

MH Magazine WordPress Theme is the best and most suitable theme for Emertainment Monthly, a magazine dedicated to everything entertainment. The slick, clean design is perfect for our audience, while the simplicity of this WordPress theme is perfect for our staff. - Shannon O'Connor (emertainmentmonthly.com)

Deutschland is(s)t vegan

  • Website: deutschlandistvegan.de
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We were looking for a new template that represents the magazine charakter of our website better than the old one. MH Magazine WordPress Theme is just perfect for our needs – it looks great. It offers so many variations, really cool widgets and it has build-in functions that allow you to get rid of some plug-ins. – Patrick Bolk (deutschlandistvegan.de)

DariaLoves.IT – New York Fashion Blog

  • Website: darialoves.it
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Thank you so much for this beautiful magazine theme. There are so many ways to customize it, and I was really surprised that I needed ZERO training to figure out how to manage it – it’s that easy to use. This is absolutely an amazing WordPress magazine theme. – Daria Afanaseva (darialoves.it)

Formula Future

  • Website: formula-future.net
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MH Newsdesk is a hugely powerful theme that offers a clean and bold look, is massively user friendly, and has a variety of powerful widgets and features. After ages spent window shopping through hundreds of different themes, it struck me as being the best to use for our website. - Alexey Underwood (formula-future.net)


I am a longtime journalist and was looking for WordPress themes that would meet my goals. After just a month of work with the MH Magazine theme, I'm happy with the look and the number of readers is growing. I would also like to praise the technical support of MH Themes, which responds promptly and professionally to inquiries. – Rajko Milic (investitor.me)


  • Website: kulinarnyblog.pl
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After a few years we decided to refresh the look of the culinary blog. Our blog should be clean and nicely presented. After a long thought we decided on MH Magazine. Kulinarnyblog now looks very elegant and aesthetic. We can quickly and easily find each recipe on our blog. We recommend MH Magazine. – Grzegorz Przybylowski (kulinarnyblog.pl)

Health and Fitness Corner

I have been using the MH Magazine theme since I started blogging with WordPress. I've never regret it even once. What more, when I renewed my subscription they gave me access to all of their WordPress themes. The MH Magazine demos also can be easily duplicated which makes it easy for beginners to have a website look how they want. – Nestie Villanueva (healthandfitnesscorner.com)


I wanted an up-to-date WordPress theme that looked modern, fresh, and importantly, showcased my content across the home page. My previous WordPress theme only allowed about ten articles on the home page and it meant my posts weren't easily accessible. I love how the new site looks and the supporting documentation, tutorials and customer support was excellent. – Nicola Cassidy (ladynicci.com)

Hafteh Magazine

Hafteh is a news magazine in Persian language and the MH Magazine theme allowed me to align my posts entirely according to my needs for the first time since I'm using WordPress and offered me the freedoms that I was desperately looking for in other themes. – Hafteh Magazin (hafteh.de)

The Kuringai Examiner

  • Website: kgex.com.au
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At The Kuringai Examiner, we wanted a WordPress theme that was well-tested, reliable and easy to maintain. The MH Magazine theme is simple to install, quick to get up and running and bullet proof in use. We have been using it now for almost two years and it is clean, professional and so reliable. - Michael Coles (kgex.com.au)

Gardoum Army

As a website about gaming, I was looking for a very flexible theme. At first, I didn't expect that much from MH Magazine but after looking at some other sites, I bought it and now I'm loving it. All the widgets are awesome, especially when you have a lot of subjects to talk about. - Gardoum (gardoum.com)


When I started my blog I realized that in fact my intention was to become an interactive Miami guide for Brazilians! After some research I found the MH Magazine theme and my dream came true! The theme is perfect to have a professional look and to catch my customers attention! - Sandra Prieto (guia-miami.com)

GIS Geography

We're happy we chose the MH Magazine theme. Easy setup, a clean design, continual updates and most importantly - a solid, personalized theme. We were able to customize our website exactly how we wanted it to be. But what stood out most was the amazing customer support. Without a doubt, we'd recommend MH Themes. - GISGeography (gisgeography.com)

Halifax Journal

  • Website: halifaxjournal.com
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MH Newsdesk offers us the flexibility to create what we believe is an amazing local news website that rivals our professional competitors for design quality and performance. We are very pleased with all of MH Themes products and can highly recommend MH Themes to anyone that requires a professional WordPress design. - Hal Jesso (halifaxjournal.com)


I was looking for a good magazine theme for my site and after browsing over hundred different themes, I found MH Magazine. It was just what I was looking for. Clean and professional look, responsive, quick and easy to setup. It suits well for both novice or expert site builders. - Jukka Mykkänen (jokamies.com)


I searched the internet for a WordPress theme that was just right for my online magazine. I was looking for good support, proper coding, and fast load times. I found it all with MH Magazine and I couldn't be happier. Not only does the site look great, but the functionality is wonderful and everything is optimized as well. – Dustin Taylor (moskvaer.com)

Lean Knowledge Base

To launch our knowledge and information platform in the context of lean management, we were looking for a magazine / news WordPress theme. The MH Magazine theme was perfect for our needs and the many compliments from our readers confirm our choice. Therefore, thanks to MH Themes for the great theme and outstanding support! – Angela Fuhr (lean-knowledge-base.de)

Mean Goblin Magazine

I use your theme on my site and just wanted to say: GREAT WORK! I’ve been looking for a theme like this for a long time and MH Magazine WordPress Theme really gave me the freedom to deal with the concept of my site, instead of usual time wasting by searching for plugins and tweaking. – Marko Jezernik (meangoblin.com)

Mera Motorsport

  • Website: meramotorsport.se
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The MH Magazine WordPress Theme has a fresh and modern look. I got the magazine feeling I was looking for. I had no previous experience in building sites what so ever, but I still could manage to get my site going. If you get stuck or have a question, MH Themes is always there to help. – Joel Sannemalm (meramotorsport.se)

Mumabytes: All Things Motherhood

  • Website: mumabytes.com
I highly recommend MH Themes. From the very second I installed the theme I was given kind, personal support, even for simple things like setting up the homepage and doing updates. I am thrilled with the result of my blog and owe it all to MH Themes – absolutely brilliant. – Katie Oliveira da Silveira (mumabytes.com)


  • Website: lezerzzz.nl
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What are fun things to do on your free time? Find all the inspiration and information you need to plan the perfect trip. Readers, after all, do not expect superficial articles, they want actual substance. Lezerzzz want to create a platform to deliver information, reviews and interviews. The MH Magazine theme is easy to use, an excellent choice. Fantastic support! – Richard Helwig (lezerzzz.nl)


The MH Magazine theme definitely is one of the top themes available for WordPress. Even I as a WordPress beginner have managed the installation and configuration without problems. It's all very well thought out and logical, and in case of any questions, there is fast and helpful support. – Milos Willing (luxuslupe.de)

Leaving Holland

  • Website: leavingholland.com
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I needed a well coded theme that is fully responsive, SEO optimised, fast and reliable. MH Magazine comes with a great variety of options and it is very easy to build a professional website using this theme. The website has excellent performance and is easy to navigate for visitors. - JC from Holland (leavingholland.com)

Lovin Truckin

  • Website: lovintruckin.com
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I searched for several months to find a theme that was easy to use on an Android phone, simple to update on-the-run and looked fantastic. Something I would be proud to tell my friends, family and associates about. MH Magazine came out the winner. Head and shoulders above anything I found. - Andrea & Jai Steward (lovintruckin.com)

Luxury Travelers Guide

As we are in the luxury segment, the sophisticated look of MH Magazine combined with our high quality photos is worldwide appreciated. Now with over 80 000 monthly readers and over 650 000 pageviews every month the theme is still working perfectly well and fits the most famous contributors and high society readers. - Olivier Templar-James (luxurytravelersguide.com)

Music Junkie Press

  • Website: musicjunkiepress.com
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I was searching for a theme that had many options for change and customization and especially easy to use. I discovered the MH Magazine Theme and instantly fell in love with it and its versatility. We have received so many compliments on our new site and we love it! - Mari Richardson (musicjunkiepress.com)


  • Website: biznews.com
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MH Magazine was the clean design we were looking for our business and finance oriented news stories. The responsive design works well and looks great on mobile devices. Support from MH Themes is swift and logical, I would certainly recommend MH Themes to anyone looking for a crisp, clean and responsive website layout. - Justin Blake (biznews.com)


After searching for a premium theme that fit our needs, we finally came across MH Themes. Their MH Magazine theme not only had the stylistic appeal we were going for but also the functionality. I would highly recommend MH Themes, as we couldn't be happier with our choice! - Corey Harrington (blackchiropractic.org)

RockRevolt Magazine

  • Website: rockrevoltmagazine.com
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MH Magazine is working out fabulously for us. I just move stuff around and I can't screw it up too terribly. It's officially the only "blonde proof" theme on the market. Thank you for being so awesome! – Valerie (rockrevoltmagazine.com)

Rebecca Horgan Makeup Artist

I have been running a beauty and fashion blog for over 7 years and decided I wanted to set up a more comprehensive site. I was searching for the perfect theme to represent my blog and then I found MH Magazine. It’s easy to install and use. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments about it. – Rebecca Horgan (rebeccahorgan.com)

POST Wrestling

  • Website: postwrestling.com
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I knew next to nothing about creating a website prior to building POSTwrestling.com. I found a number of WordPress themes that relied too heavily on splash pages and not enough on functionality. MH Magazine provided a good balance between a website with a professional look and one with a simple layout that was also easy to customize. – Wai Ting (postwrestling.com)


  • Website: recipesnow.com
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After over a decade running 8000+ pages on a Perl script, I finally moved RecipesNow.com to a WordPress format. I wanted it to be unique but familiar and have achieved this with the MH Magazine WordPress theme. It accepted the multitude of differing content with ease. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a professional look. – Chris Sadler (recipesnow.com)


I'm very happy to have found the MH Magazine theme. I have used other services before and love your theme's look, functionality and ability to render the template to my liking. I look forward to building more online magazines for my clients using MH Themes! – Dana Salzarulo (psinvestor.com)


After looking through many templates, we decided on the MH Magazine template and are very glad that we did. Not only does it look fantastic, but the customer service is great as well. We are constantly getting compliments on how great the site looks and we are extremely proud of that. Thank you MH Themes! – Karen (popucrime.com)


We bought MH Magazine and we find it GREAT! It is a beautiful WordPress theme which has many layout options. We can adjust the site layout without changing the template. We had some questions and the support was great as well. There are no compatibility problems between the template and plugins. We recommend MH Themes. Thanks for your great work and support! – José Ribeiro (redator.pt)

Pfarrei St. Margareta Wadersloh

  • Website: margareta-wadersloh.de
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For our parish we needed a completely new website. With WordPress and the MH Magazine theme we have the flexiblity in managing our content just like we were looking for. The static front page in particular has become a real eye-catcher to inform about community members, community news, the diocese and more. – Benedikt Brueggenthies (margareta-wadersloh.de)


An outdoor magazine should be as mobile as its readers. With MH Magazine I have found a WordPress theme that looks really good, not only on PC, but also on tablets and smartphones. The layout is clear, appealing and immediately draws attention on the content. The included custom widgets have convinced me as well. – Hartmut Landgraf (sandsteinblogger.de)


  • Website: reflections.no
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I invested some time to find a solution for my site. I wanted a flexible and content rich WordPress theme. I am writing small stories together with photographs and the MH Newsdesk theme matched my needs. It was important to have advanced blog functionality and a theme that looks good on both tablets and phones. - Lars Witberg (reflections.no)


Not only has MH Themes surpassed all expectations, but the customer service is unbelievable. MH Themes will usually let you know exactly "what" to do and "how" to do it! We here at NewsAsylum.com highly recommend anyone to purchase if they are looking to bring their ideas to the next level. - Ray Serrano (newsasylum.com)

Dr. Oliver Hartwich

As I was looking for a WordPress theme for my personal website, I came across MH Magazine. I found it not only good looking and perfectly designed. It is also easy to set up and maintain. I could not be happier with MH Magazine and highly recommend it. - Dr. Oliver Hartwich (oliverhartwich.com)

Transaction Bourse

I have been looking for a professional magazine WordPress theme to suit my investing / stocks website for a long time. MH Magazine was perfect for that purpose, it's clear, SEO friendly, and responsive for mobile users. This magazine WordPress theme is quite easy to set up and all the widgets are available out of the box. – Barthélémy Dumortier (transactionbourse.com)

The Spoilist

With outstanding customisation options and elegant layouts, MH Magazine was perfect in meeting our needs both now and for the future. We were able to keep our colour scheme and create a layout that would be familiar to our existing audiences, while refreshing the whole feel of the site. To top it all, the support is helpful, friendly and prompt. – Andrew Moir (thespoilist.com)

Viajando por aí

  • Website: viajandoporai.com.br
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MH Magazine theme is very complete and easy to use, even for someone who is not an IT expert. It has everything I need to make my travel blog look more professional. I used the support once and it was very helpful. I would really recommend it for bloggers who are looking for an uncomplicated and beautiful theme! - Márcia Oliveira (viajandoporai.com.br)


The MH Newsdesk theme has been amazingly simple to work with. We are constantly getting compliments on how professional our site is and how easy it is to navigate. I wish I could take credit for it but it is really the phenomenal development work the MH Themes folks put into this theme that makes it so fantastic. Thank you! - Will Snyder (weediabuzz.com)

The hack times

I'm very satisfied with the MH Magazine theme, as it's very modular and allows me to build my site how I want. The hack times is an idea that I wanted to realize and after a long time of searching for a proper magazine design, I came across MH Themes and have chosen them. - Stefan Ceva (thehacktimes.com)

Twisted Squirrel

We highly recommend MH Magazine theme, not only is the template easy to work with but very responsive over multiple platforms. The support offered by MH Themes is top of the line with great guides to help you along your way. Regular updates to the theme are a welcome addition too. - Mark Tull (twistedsquirrel.net)

Mieke Roth

I was looking for a clean and professional theme that was complementary to my scientific illustrations. The MH Purity Theme fitted that requirement perfectly. It is a versatile and easy to use WordPress theme that I love working with. - Mieke Roth (miekeroth.com)


I wanted a sleek, fully responsive theme for my website's new layout - and MH Themes delivered in spades! A great widget selection, highly customisable layout, excellent tutorials and customer service support. After flushing money away on layouts from other companies, MH Themes' Newsdesk Theme saved the day! Best $50 ever spent! - Anthony Hogg (vamped.org)

Xbox Players

  • Website: xboxplayers.com
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We purchased the MH Magazine theme a while back and have been testing it, we have found the theme to be top notch and great to work with. The theme is easy to work with and has great documentation. A highly recommended theme! - www.xboxplayers.com

The Gavel – Student Voice of Boston College

  • Website: bcgavel.com
I recommend MH Themes to anyone looking to set up an interactive and beautiful website. I had no previous experience in website design but the widgetized homepage of MH Magazine WordPress Theme was easy to navigate and fun to play around with. Our website has taken on new life thanks to MH Themes. – Emily Akin (bcgavel.com)


  • Website: styleme.gr
  • Topic(s):
We have been looking for the right theme for weeks… One day we found the website of MH Themes and we were thrilled! MH Magazine Theme is one of the most full themes we have ever seen! It has many built-in features and keeps your site fast & responsive! Fully recommended! – Ioannis Sykomanis (styleme.gr)

Bien fait pour moi

I have spent many days looking for a professional WordPress theme that would match my needs in terms of layout, features and options. After I've found the MH Magazine theme, I was convinced and purchased it. I am very happy with the theme management and the overall look of my website now. – Webmaster (bienfaitpourmoi.com)

Bekoemmlich Essen

  • Website: bekoemmlich-essen.de
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Since 3 years "bekoemmlich-essen" is running on Joomla. After friends recommended to use WordPress instead, I started testing some WordPress themes. From the beginning I was impressed by the MH Magazine theme. It is easy to use, everything runs smoothly and if there are problems, the competent support team is there to help. – Andreas Geldmacher (bekoemmlich-essen.de)


I'm very happy with the MH Magazine theme, it's really great! I'm not a technician but I managed to do everything by myself, thanks to the intuitiveness and excellent guides of the MH Themes. Besides being very well done technically, the theme also offers a highly customizable layout, suitable for every kind of site! Very good job! - Admin (benewsberlin.com)

Big Shot Movie Club

MH Purity is a wonderful, customizable WordPress theme. The clean design is the perfect blank slate to easily build a personalized site that doesn't look like every other site. While we were setting up the WordPress theme, the MH Support Team was helpful and prompt in their response. - Julia and Sarah (bigshotmovieclub.com)


Many themes look good in showcases, but that smooth look often proves impossible to achieve without professional help on hand. Not so with MH Themes. No less important is the themes friendly support of right-to-left languages. Thanks to the comfortable setup guides, the website was up and running within a few hours. - Nadav M. (azeseret.co.il)


After a long search we finally found the right design for our site for women. The MH Magazine template has made the website very clear and elegant. We've had very good feedback from our users about the new design. We also recommend MH Magazine because the installation and maintenance of the template is very simple. – Grzegorz Przybylowski (babskiporadnik.pl)


  • Website: bakusoku.com
  • Topic(s):
We publish daily fishing data received from users and we wanted a WordPress theme to make our website look like a news site. Thanks to the widgets you can customize the layout freely. I feel MH Magazine is a very easy-to-use theme and I'm happy that we've chosen this WordPress theme for our fishing website. – Nobuo Harada (bakusoku.com)

Apogee Photo Magazine

We run one of the oldest photography websites on the internet. We wanted a great WordPress theme that would compliment our site. That was when we came upon MH Magazine and loved the layout and really attractive design. It was a breeze to implement and to edit. We are delighted with the result! Thank you. – Stephen McBride (apogeephoto.com)

Autosalon Neher

MH Magazine provides a clear, appealing layout, lots of widgets and customization options. For Autosalon-Neher, a news magazine and blog about cars and motorsport, it's just the right WordPress theme. Today, after more than 600 published articles and many positive feedback, the functionality, the clear structure and the very good support are still impressive. – Karsten Kiehl (autosalon-neher.de)

Bee Metal Magazine

I was in need to quickly build a webzine and after several days of research, I was still going back to MH Magazine, which seemed for me the easiest WordPress theme to get the result I was expecting. The site has directly a professional look, and I got only good feedback. MH Magazine was definitely the right choice for me. – Mathieu Mussler (bee-metal-magazine.com)

Animus Sustainability Portal

As we were new to WordPress, we wanted a WordPress theme that was easier to customise yet nice and appealing. While browsing we got onto MH Magazine and it just appealed to us. The full version just amazed us. Our news stories are well placed and easily navigable. For anyone looking for a news theme, MH Magazine is the one to have. – Ronald Chawatama (animus-csr.com)

Atlanta’s Finest

  • Website: atlsfinest.com
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I love your MH Magazine theme! The instructions provided for making the site look like the example were very easy to follow. I love the clean professional look of the theme and my readers agree that it is a very nice looking and user friendly layout. I highly recommend it. – Danica Ricks (atlsfinest.com)


Finding MH Magazine was a key point in the way of creating our website, which is based mostly on visual content. We liked its clean, responsive, intuitive and versatile layout. This WordPress theme offered us exactly what we needed. Therefore, we highly recommend it to anyone who works with a large amount of visual resources. - Valeriu Dragan (artportfolio.ro)

ayyo: Life, Lift, Eat

ayyo is all things Life, Lift, Eat. We wanted a theme that complimented our content and had a high ease of use. MH Cicero has been an outstanding theme to publish and customize. We have received world class support from MH Themes in regards to all questions and customizing ayyo Life. We highly recommend MH Themes. - ayyo Life (ayyolife.com)

Armenian Weekly

  • Website: armenianweekly.com
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I've been looking for a professional-grade responsive news/magazine theme for a long time and the MH Magazine has been the perfect solution. The website looks great on mobile devices, bakes in a number of functions that I was using external plugins for, and has had amazing customer service. – Webmaster (armenianweekly.com)


I was so fascinated by the Amazon rainforest on my travels in South America that I wanted to do something to protect it. At that time there was still GoLive from Adobe. What a hardship that was. Everything has become much easier with WordPress and the MH Magazine theme. Moreover, the service is excellent. – Bernd Kulow (amazonas.de)

Amsterdam Online

After a long search we found the MH Magazine theme for our Amsterdam tourist blog. We are very satisfied with the great clean MH Magazine theme and the excellent fast MH Themes helpdesk. After doing a quick setup, the website is ready to use and perfect for our needs. Keep up the good work, thank you. – Sander Rueck (amsterdam-online.nl)


While we were looking at many different WordPress themes, we kept coming back to MH Magazine. We were in need of a fully responsive, professional-looking WordPress theme to put on our website in order to look good and MH Themes was the answer. I will keep coming back to MH Themes for my design needs. - Chase Meyer (airlinegeeks.com)

Abyssal Chronicles

After literally 6 years of tolerating the horrid design my site had before, I finally upgraded it from its flimsy, outdated PHP-run CMS to WordPress. Though I already had a design planned out and coded, it was so difficult to find a theme that could accommodate what I had in mind - until I stumbled into MH Magazine. – Abigail Yao (abyssalchronicles.com)

A Gringo in Mexico

  • Website: agringoinmexico.com
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I rebuilt my site in a single evening on MH Magazine, and all of my questions were answered on your website. I liked the template so much, I am using it as the basis for a new blog I’m working on with a colleague. Thanks MH Themes! – W. Scott Koenig (AGringoInMexico.com)