Forbes Brasil

Forbes is an American family-controlled business magazine with more than 100 years of history. Forbes Brasil was launched in August 2012 and follows the same editorial standards that the brand is known for. The site is using the popular MH Magazine WordPress theme to showcase its high-quality content from a variety of different categories and content genres. - Forbes Brasil (

Exoskeleton Report

When I started blogging about exoskeletons, I looked around for themes and I thought that MH Magazine was my best bet as an organized clutter-free news magazine and boy, was I right. The theme is responsive, regularly updated, and ranks very highly on all speed tests I have performed. This purchase was money well spent! - Bobby Marinov (


Our website is read by telecoms professionals worldwide and MH Newsdesk proved an excellent choice for our upgrade. Its responsive layout looks good on every device, our visitors are full of praise, and the quality of the code exceeded expectations, encouraging us to add many new features. - Eric Priezkalns (

Hong Kong Maritime Hub

Having struggled with a previous WordPress theme, I found the MH Magazine theme immediately provided what I needed. Its logical, user-friendly widgetized front page meant it was a breeze to configure for a relative WP novice. It enabled me to convert a site that was a disaster when I initially came on board, into a slick and professional-looking site in one day. – Andy Alcock (

GL Consulting

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We were looking for a simple, modern and original theme to give birth to our special company blog. With the MH Magazine theme we finally found the perfect match: now our articles have an interactive and smart frame and both our team and our readers love it! - GL Consulting, Como, Italy (

Republic 3.0

I have used both MH Magazine and MH Purity and am a huge fan of both themes. MH Themes' support desk is also first rate - helpful, rapid and thorough. MH Themes is my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a powerful online digital publishing platform. - Anne Kim (

This is Creative Enterprise

We have found MH Magazine a simple and sophisticated theme that works perfectly for our target audience and the nature of our work. It is easy to formulate, clean and functional which works well for our organisation. A great team behind it too who are very responsive and happy to help if support is needed. - Jen (

Online Business Tools

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I'm using the MH Magazine theme for my blog and am very satisfied. It was important for me to have a well structured WordPress theme, with clean code and good performance. The structure of the theme is simple and logical with good usability. Conclusion: Great theme and great support! – Jessica Ebert (


I am a longtime journalist and was looking for WordPress themes that would meet my goals. After just a month of work with the MH Magazine theme, I'm happy with the look and the number of readers is growing. I would also like to praise the technical support of MH Themes, which responds promptly and professionally to inquiries. – Rajko Milic (

Lean Knowledge Base

To launch our knowledge and information platform in the context of lean management, we were looking for a magazine / news WordPress theme. The MH Magazine theme was perfect for our needs and the many compliments from our readers confirm our choice. Therefore, thanks to MH Themes for the great theme and outstanding support! – Angela Fuhr (

Dr. Oliver Hartwich

As I was looking for a WordPress theme for my personal website, I came across MH Magazine. I found it not only good looking and perfectly designed. It is also easy to set up and maintain. I could not be happier with MH Magazine and highly recommend it. - Dr. Oliver Hartwich (


I'm very happy to have found the MH Magazine theme. I have used other services before and love your theme's look, functionality and ability to render the template to my liking. I look forward to building more online magazines for my clients using MH Themes! – Dana Salzarulo (

Mieke Roth

I was looking for a clean and professional theme that was complementary to my scientific illustrations. The MH Purity Theme fitted that requirement perfectly. It is a versatile and easy to use WordPress theme that I love working with. - Mieke Roth (

Transaction Bourse

I have been looking for a professional magazine WordPress theme to suit my investing / stocks website for a long time. MH Magazine was perfect for that purpose, it's clear, SEO friendly, and responsive for mobile users. This magazine WordPress theme is quite easy to set up and all the widgets are available out of the box. – Barthélémy Dumortier (


Finding MH Magazine was a key point in the way of creating our website, which is based mostly on visual content. We liked its clean, responsive, intuitive and versatile layout. This WordPress theme offered us exactly what we needed. Therefore, we highly recommend it to anyone who works with a large amount of visual resources. - Valeriu Dragan (

Animus Sustainability Portal

As we were new to WordPress, we wanted a WordPress theme that was easier to customise yet nice and appealing. While browsing we got onto MH Magazine and it just appealed to us. The full version just amazed us. Our news stories are well placed and easily navigable. For anyone looking for a news theme, MH Magazine is the one to have. – Ronald Chawatama (

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