Forbes Brasil

Forbes is an American family-controlled business magazine with more than 100 years of history. Forbes Brasil was launched in August 2012 and follows the same editorial standards that the brand is known for. The site is using the popular MH Magazine WordPress theme to showcase its high-quality content from a variety of different categories and content genres. - Forbes Brasil (

The Moderated Media

It took me about two weeks to get things figured out. That being said, the primary reason it took that long is that I didn't search for help. Do that right away! So many great tools and tutorials to build your site the way you want it! My traffic is growing daily and I am having a blast! – Dean Kowalski (

Il Tabloid

Our web magazine was born in 2009 with a different CMS. In 2014 we have chosen WordPress because it is easier to use, but the hardest thing was to find a suitable WordPress theme. After several attempts we finally found MH Magazine and we are excited in many ways and our visitors love it as well. Great work MH Themes! – Emanuele Bompadre (


I was looking for a WordPress theme that was easy to customize, that had no major SEO bugs like our old one and that was offering good documentation and support. I am especially impressed with the high level of SEO that MH Magazine is offering and the support is answering within minutes. Highly recommended WordPress theme for any magazine/blog! – Udo Raaf (

Practical Politicking

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We are very pleased with the MH Magazine theme and how it gives our site a polished and professional look. The theme has proven itself repeatedly to be easy to work with to achieve our desired effects. We highly recommend MH Themes to anybody looking for well-designed and properly coded WordPress themes backed by first-class support. – Tom Dougherty (


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NYPD News is the official news magazine of the New York City Police Department. The site informs about crime in New York City, provides tips and information to prevent crime and highlights special achievements of police officers. NYPD News is powered by the MH Newsdesk WordPress theme and serves as a great source of information for the people of New York City. - NYPD (

NewsWatch Network

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MH Magazine was the perfect out-of-the-box solution with enough variables to create a uniquely designed website on the WordPress platform. As a bonus, MH Themes offers customizations at reasonable rates. We took advantage of that professional service and ordered a customization that took our website to the next level. – Steve Mac (


Looking for a good WordPress theme that I can use for my online magazine, I came across MH Magazine. A website recommended this appealing theme to me and I was thrilled, so excited that I did not try the demo - I started right through. For me, MH Magazine is the best WordPress theme ever. – Florian Dausel (

Daily Athens

We were looking for a nice theme for our news site Daily Athens and after some research we found MH Newsdesk. Beside the fact that you guys provide beautiful themes, you have an amazing support. Your forum support is professional, quick and responsible. We highly recommend MH Themes to anyone who wants a user friendly and professional WordPress site. - Daily Athens (

Indy Midtown Magazine

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We recently launched a website using the MH Magazine theme to complement the print edition of our independent neighborhood advocacy news magazine. I shared the site with several friends and colleagues and the response was very encouraging. I'm very glad we purchased the MH Themes package and would highly recommend it. - Thomas Healy (

Hong Kong Maritime Hub

Having struggled with a previous WordPress theme, I found the MH Magazine theme immediately provided what I needed. Its logical, user-friendly widgetized front page meant it was a breeze to configure for a relative WP novice. It enabled me to convert a site that was a disaster when I initially came on board, into a slick and professional-looking site in one day. – Andy Alcock (

Marília Global

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I started my online newspaper in 2011 and at the beginning it ran on a different CMS/theme. After three years, I decided it was time to change the CMS and theme, so I moved to WordPress and opted for MH Themes. I couldn't be happier with my decision! - Beto Cavallari (

The Bimblers

I needed a magazine style theme which was easy to use, adaptable and modern - MH Magazine fit the brief perfectly. The price I paid for a theme with this amount of intuitive flexibility is fantastic. I can't think of any reason to look elsewhere if you need a magazine style theme. - Rob (

The Science Recorder

We researched many different magazine/news WordPress themes as we were looking for a theme that had a clean cut professional appearance, easy to customize and was mobile responsive. MH Magazine was the perfect choice and we have received many compliments on how well the site turned out. We highly recommend this theme! - Joe Crimi (

Rochak Khabar

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In my opinion the MH Magazine theme is the best WordPress theme for news magazine websites. The theme is very easy to install and customize, mobile friendly, responsive and it performs very well to speed up websites. There also are many features and options available to easily customize the website layout. – Basudev (

Republic 3.0

I have used both MH Magazine and MH Purity and am a huge fan of both themes. MH Themes' support desk is also first rate - helpful, rapid and thorough. MH Themes is my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a powerful online digital publishing platform. - Anne Kim (

Digital Art Loft

MH Themes continues to produce what we feel are the best designed WordPress themes available today. MH Newsdesk combines flexibility in a well designed package that can be easily modified with the built-in theme editor to create a website that suits our every requirement. - Hal Jesso (

Emertainment Monthly

MH Magazine WordPress Theme is the best and most suitable theme for Emertainment Monthly, a magazine dedicated to everything entertainment. The slick, clean design is perfect for our audience, while the simplicity of this WordPress theme is perfect for our staff. - Shannon O'Connor (


As a news site that deals with political news about the European Union we needed a WordPress theme that both looks and feels professional. MH Magazine is easy to configure and maintain. The popularity of our site got a quick boost and the bounce rate went down instantly. We are very happy with the MH Magazine theme! – Trond Trosdahl (


MH Magazine was simply perfect for our needs. It gave the professional look we deserved, joint to the ease of use necessary to people who are more journalists than technicians. Although its solutions are so intuitive, it seems other themes don't got the right intuitions yet. - Massimiliano Maccaus (

GIS Geography

We're happy we chose the MH Magazine theme. Easy setup, a clean design, continual updates and most importantly - a solid, personalized theme. We were able to customize our website exactly how we wanted it to be. But what stood out most was the amazing customer support. Without a doubt, we'd recommend MH Themes. - GISGeography (

Halifax Journal

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MH Newsdesk offers us the flexibility to create what we believe is an amazing local news website that rivals our professional competitors for design quality and performance. We are very pleased with all of MH Themes products and can highly recommend MH Themes to anyone that requires a professional WordPress design. - Hal Jesso (


I am a longtime journalist and was looking for WordPress themes that would meet my goals. After just a month of work with the MH Magazine theme, I'm happy with the look and the number of readers is growing. I would also like to praise the technical support of MH Themes, which responds promptly and professionally to inquiries. – Rajko Milic (

Hafteh Magazine

Hafteh is a news magazine in Persian language and the MH Magazine theme allowed me to align my posts entirely according to my needs for the first time since I'm using WordPress and offered me the freedoms that I was desperately looking for in other themes. – Hafteh Magazin (

The Kuringai Examiner

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At The Kuringai Examiner, we wanted a WordPress theme that was well-tested, reliable and easy to maintain. The MH Magazine theme is simple to install, quick to get up and running and bullet proof in use. We have been using it now for almost two years and it is clean, professional and so reliable. - Michael Coles (

Lean Knowledge Base

To launch our knowledge and information platform in the context of lean management, we were looking for a magazine / news WordPress theme. The MH Magazine theme was perfect for our needs and the many compliments from our readers confirm our choice. Therefore, thanks to MH Themes for the great theme and outstanding support! – Angela Fuhr (


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MH Magazine was the clean design we were looking for our business and finance oriented news stories. The responsive design works well and looks great on mobile devices. Support from MH Themes is swift and logical, I would certainly recommend MH Themes to anyone looking for a crisp, clean and responsive website layout. - Justin Blake (


I searched the internet for a WordPress theme that was just right for my online magazine. I was looking for good support, proper coding, and fast load times. I found it all with MH Magazine and I couldn't be happier. Not only does the site look great, but the functionality is wonderful and everything is optimized as well. – Dustin Taylor (


Not only has MH Themes surpassed all expectations, but the customer service is unbelievable. MH Themes will usually let you know exactly "what" to do and "how" to do it! We here at highly recommend anyone to purchase if they are looking to bring their ideas to the next level. - Ray Serrano (


I'm very happy to have found the MH Magazine theme. I have used other services before and love your theme's look, functionality and ability to render the template to my liking. I look forward to building more online magazines for my clients using MH Themes! – Dana Salzarulo (


After looking through many templates, we decided on the MH Magazine template and are very glad that we did. Not only does it look fantastic, but the customer service is great as well. We are constantly getting compliments on how great the site looks and we are extremely proud of that. Thank you MH Themes! – Karen (


We bought MH Magazine and we find it GREAT! It is a beautiful WordPress theme which has many layout options. We can adjust the site layout without changing the template. We had some questions and the support was great as well. There are no compatibility problems between the template and plugins. We recommend MH Themes. Thanks for your great work and support! – José Ribeiro (

Pfarrei St. Margareta Wadersloh

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For our parish we needed a completely new website. With WordPress and the MH Magazine theme we have the flexiblity in managing our content just like we were looking for. The static front page in particular has become a real eye-catcher to inform about community members, community news, the diocese and more. – Benedikt Brueggenthies (

Dr. Oliver Hartwich

As I was looking for a WordPress theme for my personal website, I came across MH Magazine. I found it not only good looking and perfectly designed. It is also easy to set up and maintain. I could not be happier with MH Magazine and highly recommend it. - Dr. Oliver Hartwich (

Transaction Bourse

I have been looking for a professional magazine WordPress theme to suit my investing / stocks website for a long time. MH Magazine was perfect for that purpose, it's clear, SEO friendly, and responsive for mobile users. This magazine WordPress theme is quite easy to set up and all the widgets are available out of the box. – Barthélémy Dumortier (


The MH Newsdesk theme has been amazingly simple to work with. We are constantly getting compliments on how professional our site is and how easy it is to navigate. I wish I could take credit for it but it is really the phenomenal development work the MH Themes folks put into this theme that makes it so fantastic. Thank you! - Will Snyder (

The hack times

I'm very satisfied with the MH Magazine theme, as it's very modular and allows me to build my site how I want. The hack times is an idea that I wanted to realize and after a long time of searching for a proper magazine design, I came across MH Themes and have chosen them. - Stefan Ceva (


I'm very happy with the MH Magazine theme, it's really great! I'm not a technician but I managed to do everything by myself, thanks to the intuitiveness and excellent guides of the MH Themes. Besides being very well done technically, the theme also offers a highly customizable layout, suitable for every kind of site! Very good job! - Admin (

Animus Sustainability Portal

As we were new to WordPress, we wanted a WordPress theme that was easier to customise yet nice and appealing. While browsing we got onto MH Magazine and it just appealed to us. The full version just amazed us. Our news stories are well placed and easily navigable. For anyone looking for a news theme, MH Magazine is the one to have. – Ronald Chawatama (

Armenian Weekly

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I've been looking for a professional-grade responsive news/magazine theme for a long time and the MH Magazine has been the perfect solution. The website looks great on mobile devices, bakes in a number of functions that I was using external plugins for, and has had amazing customer service. – Webmaster (

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