Forbes Brasil

Forbes is an American family-controlled business magazine with more than 100 years of history. Forbes Brasil was launched in August 2012 and follows the same editorial standards that the brand is known for. The site is using the popular MH Magazine WordPress theme to showcase its high-quality content from a variety of different categories and content genres. - Forbes Brasil (


We were looking for a WordPress theme that is not only suitable for professionals, but also for WordPress newbies. We’ve been told that the MH Magazine is user friendly, logical and well thought out, so we finally decided to purchase the theme and haven't regretted if for a second! We are very satisfied and receive lots of positive feedback. – Petra Pecenka (


I spent a lot of time looking for the right WordPress theme for my site before stumbling upon MH Magazine. This magazine theme has proven to be an excellent choice for me - it's easy to use, it's not bloated with unnecessary code. The support was fantastic and very quick as well. Highly recommended! – Ian Briggs (

Noriko Oseko

I am super happy with MH Magazine! Although I don't know much about WordPress, this user-friendly theme made my website so cool! Moreover, I couldn't be happier with their amazing service! People who work for MH Themes are very kind and very professional. This is really more than I expected. Thank you very much this wonderful WordPress theme! – Noriko Oseko (

Grounded & Surrounded

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We have had a great experience with the MH Purity Theme. We love the professional look and functionality. Thank you MH Themes for helping us to create a website that we are proud of. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to stand apart from the competition. - Sarah and Sammi (

She Brisbane

I'm not the most tech-savvy user, so discovering MH Magazine was fantastic. This beautiful theme brought the design in my imagination to life! It is logical, the support team is fantastic and there are many ways to make it uniquely your own. - Helen Goltz (

Paris vs. New York

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I'm not a professional but I wanted to find a WordPress theme that looks professional and I finally found the MH Magazine theme: a lot of possibilities, widgets, color options and a clean design. And above all: the customer support and the forums are amazing! I always received an answer very quickly. – May Gransart (

The Modern Con

MH Magazine is a beautiful, flexible custom theme that captures readers immediately with its glossy banners and perfect picture to text ratios. It is easy to configure, offers relevant web updates and requires minimal pre-knowledge on how to build a beautiful website. - Sabrina D'Cruz & Scott Viney (

Punky Moms

We searched for a WordPress theme to bring our site a fresh new look. We are so pleased with what we were able to achieve using the MH Magazine theme. Our website has a clear and concise look now. I know we have only scratched the surface of what we can do. - Paula (


Looking for a good WordPress theme that I can use for my online magazine, I came across MH Magazine. A website recommended this appealing theme to me and I was thrilled, so excited that I did not try the demo - I started right through. For me, MH Magazine is the best WordPress theme ever. – Florian Dausel (

Hier find ich was …

Since more than one year we rely on the MH Magazine theme for our food-blog and we still are really happy about the well-designed functionality and coding as well as the versatility it provides. Even for semi-pros like me it's really easy to find everything that needs to be customized. - Frank Meyer (


Our previous WordPress theme was not responsive. This wasn't acceptable in a time when most people browse the Internet with mobile devices. With MH Magazine the layout of our site now looks great on all devices, it is easy to customize, the code is clean and fast, and there is a wide array of useful widgets. – Ryan Cooper (

Fitz – Get Moving

We have been looking for a simple, straightforward and yet beautiful WordPress theme for our website, and MH Magazine delivers just that! MH Magazine is nicely coded for integration with 3rd party plugins, that really saved us a lot of time. Lastly, we especially want to thank the MH team for their fantastic support, really stunning work you guys are doing there! - Eric (

Mini Exchange

We were after a fully responsive, easy to use, mummy friendly layout where users could navigate the pages easily and see all the great content. MH Themes delivered just this. A highly customisable layout, excellent tutorials and great customer support. A great company and a great product, we'd highly recommend. - Sarah Appleton (

What’s My Scene

The MH Magazine template is perfect for what we needed. It was very easy to install and configure. This is one of the most well thought out and configured templates we've used. Since launching the site we've had so many compliments on the layout. We're very pleased with it. - Mandy Hall (

Homem no Espelho

I was looking for a template that could allow me to show as much content as possible on the homepage in order to capture the viewer's interest. MH Magazine was the perfect choice for me. It's possible to place a great variety of widgets all over the homepage with much elegance. - Wilson Weigl (

Guy Counseling

I had tried so many different WordPress themes. None of them can hold a candle to MH Magazine. Simple to use and intuitive, I'm able to spend more time writing content and less time dealing with technical issues. If I've ever needed help, the support staff is just an email away. – John Moore (


We've been looking for a clean and responsive magazine theme for our gadget blog, with an easy-to-use and structured layout. MH Magazine gives us the simplest and most intuitive solution to create a pro website which is full of features and options. And that without any knowledge of how to code... - Bartosz Jung (

CLT Party – Charlotte’s Party Source Since 2008

I have used various WordPress themes over the years for both personal and client websites, and I must say the flexibility and potential of the MH Themes set them apart from the rest. I will be utilizing MH Themes for all my clients sites in the near future! – D. Lee (


MH Magazine was simply perfect for our needs. It gave the professional look we deserved, joint to the ease of use necessary to people who are more journalists than technicians. Although its solutions are so intuitive, it seems other themes don't got the right intuitions yet. - Massimiliano Maccaus (

Der Auto Blogger

I'm an experienced WordPress user and MH Themes convinced me with solid and stable code, innovative design and very unqiue and well working custom widgets. MH Magazine includes "out of the box" almost anything you need and in case of questions, the friendly support team shines with fast and reliable theme support. – Oliver Walther (


I wanted an up-to-date WordPress theme that looked modern, fresh, and importantly, showcased my content across the home page. My previous WordPress theme only allowed about ten articles on the home page and it meant my posts weren't easily accessible. I love how the new site looks and the supporting documentation, tutorials and customer support was excellent. – Nicola Cassidy (

Health and Fitness Corner

I have been using the MH Magazine theme since I started blogging with WordPress. I've never regret it even once. What more, when I renewed my subscription they gave me access to all of their WordPress themes. The MH Magazine demos also can be easily duplicated which makes it easy for beginners to have a website look how they want. – Nestie Villanueva (


When I started my blog I realized that in fact my intention was to become an interactive Miami guide for Brazilians! After some research I found the MH Magazine theme and my dream came true! The theme is perfect to have a professional look and to catch my customers attention! - Sandra Prieto (


I was looking for a good magazine theme for my site and after browsing over hundred different themes, I found MH Magazine. It was just what I was looking for. Clean and professional look, responsive, quick and easy to setup. It suits well for both novice or expert site builders. - Jukka Mykkänen (


The MH Magazine theme definitely is one of the top themes available for WordPress. Even I as a WordPress beginner have managed the installation and configuration without problems. It's all very well thought out and logical, and in case of any questions, there is fast and helpful support. – Milos Willing (

Luxury Travelers Guide

As we are in the luxury segment, the sophisticated look of MH Magazine combined with our high quality photos is worldwide appreciated. Now with over 80 000 monthly readers and over 650 000 pageviews every month the theme is still working perfectly well and fits the most famous contributors and high society readers. - Olivier Templar-James (


I searched the internet for a WordPress theme that was just right for my online magazine. I was looking for good support, proper coding, and fast load times. I found it all with MH Magazine and I couldn't be happier. Not only does the site look great, but the functionality is wonderful and everything is optimized as well. – Dustin Taylor (


After searching for a premium theme that fit our needs, we finally came across MH Themes. Their MH Magazine theme not only had the stylistic appeal we were going for but also the functionality. I would highly recommend MH Themes, as we couldn't be happier with our choice! - Corey Harrington (

Bien fait pour moi

I have spent many days looking for a professional WordPress theme that would match my needs in terms of layout, features and options. After I've found the MH Magazine theme, I was convinced and purchased it. I am very happy with the theme management and the overall look of my website now. – Webmaster (

Autosalon Neher

MH Magazine provides a clear, appealing layout, lots of widgets and customization options. For Autosalon-Neher, a news magazine and blog about cars and motorsport, it's just the right WordPress theme. Today, after more than 600 published articles and many positive feedback, the functionality, the clear structure and the very good support are still impressive. – Karsten Kiehl (

Atlanta’s Finest

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I love your MH Magazine theme! The instructions provided for making the site look like the example were very easy to follow. I love the clean professional look of the theme and my readers agree that it is a very nice looking and user friendly layout. I highly recommend it. – Danica Ricks (


After a long search we finally found the right design for our site for women. The MH Magazine template has made the website very clear and elegant. We've had very good feedback from our users about the new design. We also recommend MH Magazine because the installation and maintenance of the template is very simple. – Grzegorz Przybylowski (

ayyo: Life, Lift, Eat

ayyo is all things Life, Lift, Eat. We wanted a theme that complimented our content and had a high ease of use. MH Cicero has been an outstanding theme to publish and customize. We have received world class support from MH Themes in regards to all questions and customizing ayyo Life. We highly recommend MH Themes. - ayyo Life (

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