• Website: springcalle.se
  • Topic(s):
Now my site is up and running and I am both extremely happy with MH Themes as a theme provider for the quality and the support services. The theme encouraged me to blog way more frequent than before, I want to fill my "magazine" with smashing content every day! – Carl Carnebro (springcalle.se)

Way Of Ninja

  • Website: wayofninja.com
  • Topic(s):
With the goal of featuring several attributes of being a modern ninja that could be quickly deployed, we needed a WordPress theme that was versatile and easy-to-customise. Therefore, instead of dealing with complicated theme customisations (as done in previous years), we opted to use the MH Magazine theme. Highly recommended to increase homepage retention rate! – Logen Lanka (wayofninja.com)


  • Website: motoridacorsa.it
  • Topic(s):
Giving birth to a new site and changing to a brand new system is always hard, especially after 10 years of e107 CMS. After the final decision to switch to WordPress and a long evaluation of which WordPress theme would be used, the MH Magazine theme was the chosen one. Great decision, as anyone can see! – Marco Rabatelli (motoridacorsa.it)

FC St. Pauli Boxen

  • Website: st-pauli-boxen.de
  • Topic(s):
FC St. Pauli Boxen is the website of the boxing division of FC St. Pauli. The club with its football, boxing and fan culture is known far beyond the borders of Hamburg (Germany). With the MH Magazine WordPress theme they show that a club website can also achieve editorially very good results. - FC St. Pauli Boxen (st-pauli-boxen.de)


  • Website: gunnersglobe.com
  • Topic(s):
Having some experience with a number of magazine-styled themes, I selected the MH Magazine theme for a number of reasons: it is simpler than others to understand and use, it provides the desired flexibility to customize a site, it offers an intuitive design and provides some excellent preinstalled widgets to enhance the creative process. – Michael Griffin (gunnersglobe.com)

Westport Covey Wheelers

  • Website: www.westportcc.ie
  • Topic(s):
The MH Magazine theme is the most hassle free and well equipped theme I have ever used. It simply does what it says on the tin and does not include any strange shortcodes or complicated control panels. It's been a long time since I have downloaded a theme that has provided as much value as this one. - John Lenehan (www.westportcc.ie)

Wake, Wind & Surf News

  • Website: wakewindandsurf.com
  • Topic(s):
During our search, we came across MH Magazine WordPress Theme. We loved the look and found it very easy to customize with a variety of options. Equally as excellent is the outstanding support provided! We recommend the magazine theme to anyone looking for quality! – Anna Parker (wakewindandsurf.com)

Cracked Racquets

  • Website: crackedracquets.com
  • Topic(s):
Having never used WordPress before, my team and I were very cautious about choosing a theme to be the foundation of our site. We've been very pleased with the MH Magazine theme throughout our first few months in business. The theme is easy to customize, simple to navigate, and the support we've received has been great! – Daniel Westhoff (crackedracquets.com)

Combat Docket

  • Website: combatdocket.com
  • Topic(s):
After 4 days of research, I found the MH Magazine theme which has good reviews and a long list of features I needed. The documentation is extensive and the support also has been very responsive and patient. If you're looking for a modern responsive news / magazine type WordPress theme, this really is the perfect choice. – Shawn Suther (combatdocket.com)

Fitz – Get Moving

We have been looking for a simple, straightforward and yet beautiful WordPress theme for our website, and MH Magazine delivers just that! MH Magazine is nicely coded for integration with 3rd party plugins, that really saved us a lot of time. Lastly, we especially want to thank the MH team for their fantastic support, really stunning work you guys are doing there! - Eric (fitz.hk)

FC Driebergen

  • Website: fcdriebergen.nl
  • Topic(s):
For the website of our football club we were looking for a WordPress theme which was easy to implement. We tested several themes but found MH Magazine as the best WordPress theme to achieve our goals. Now we have an up to date site, with up to date standings, fixtures, etc. Have a look! – Remco van Ginkel (fcdriebergen.nl)


  • Website: europasport.ro
  • Topic(s):
I'm very pleased with the MH Magazine theme I am using. It looks great on magazine websites and there are many widgets available. The tutorial for the theme is very useful and the theme looks professional, appears great on mobile devices and it is very easy to work with, even for unexperienced WordPress users. – Andrei Badea (europasport.ro)

SLO Cyclist

  • Website: slocyclist.com
  • Topic(s):
I'd been trying various themes that would bring a legitimate look to my site, and allow me to fully integrate my branding without having to mess with coding or adding a server-burdening load of plugins. MH Magazine was the perfect answer. All around an amazing theme and fantastic support. - Bek Maples (slocyclist.com)

Built Report

  • Website: builtreport.com
  • Topic(s):
I needed a WordPress theme to make my website responsive, professional looking and manageable. That WordPress theme would also have to be highly rated by a large number of people. Not only that, the theme had to have great documentation and technical support as well. I chose MH Themes and they did not let me down. - Steven (builtreport.com)

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club

  • Website: chesapeakegolf.com
  • Topic(s):
Chesapeake Bay Golf Club is thrilled to use MH Magazine theme to showcase our two golf facilities! We wanted a slick magazine theme to promote the many facets of our business – Golf, FootGolf, Dining and our Wedding & Events business. We're more than just golf - and MH Themes has helped us tell our story beautifully. - Allison Barbin (chesapeakegolf.com)


  • Website: fahrradblog.de
  • Topic(s):
I really wanted a WordPress theme which offers me a simple home page, performance in terms of load time, as well as flexibility regarding the design. MH Magazine offers all that with just one purchase. I would buy the theme again at any time and I'm using it on several websites. – Soeren Eisenschmidt (fahrradblog.org)

Der Auto Blogger

I'm an experienced WordPress user and MH Themes convinced me with solid and stable code, innovative design and very unqiue and well working custom widgets. MH Magazine includes "out of the box" almost anything you need and in case of questions, the friendly support team shines with fast and reliable theme support. – Oliver Walther (der-auto-blogger.de)

Formula Future

  • Website: formula-future.net
  • Topic(s):
MH Newsdesk is a hugely powerful theme that offers a clean and bold look, is massively user friendly, and has a variety of powerful widgets and features. After ages spent window shopping through hundreds of different themes, it struck me as being the best to use for our website. - Alexey Underwood (formula-future.net)

Mera Motorsport

  • Website: meramotorsport.se
  • Topic(s):
The MH Magazine WordPress Theme has a fresh and modern look. I got the magazine feeling I was looking for. I had no previous experience in building sites what so ever, but I still could manage to get my site going. If you get stuck or have a question, MH Themes is always there to help. – Joel Sannemalm (meramotorsport.se)


An outdoor magazine should be as mobile as its readers. With MH Magazine I have found a WordPress theme that looks really good, not only on PC, but also on tablets and smartphones. The layout is clear, appealing and immediately draws attention on the content. The included custom widgets have convinced me as well. – Hartmut Landgraf (sandsteinblogger.de)

POST Wrestling

  • Website: postwrestling.com
  • Topic(s):
I knew next to nothing about creating a website prior to building POSTwrestling.com. I found a number of WordPress themes that relied too heavily on splash pages and not enough on functionality. MH Magazine provided a good balance between a website with a professional look and one with a simple layout that was also easy to customize. – Wai Ting (postwrestling.com)


  • Website: bakusoku.com
  • Topic(s):
We publish daily fishing data received from users and we wanted a WordPress theme to make our website look like a news site. Thanks to the widgets you can customize the layout freely. I feel MH Magazine is a very easy-to-use theme and I'm happy that we've chosen this WordPress theme for our fishing website. – Nobuo Harada (bakusoku.com)

Autosalon Neher

MH Magazine provides a clear, appealing layout, lots of widgets and customization options. For Autosalon-Neher, a news magazine and blog about cars and motorsport, it's just the right WordPress theme. Today, after more than 600 published articles and many positive feedback, the functionality, the clear structure and the very good support are still impressive. – Karsten Kiehl (autosalon-neher.de)

ayyo: Life, Lift, Eat

ayyo is all things Life, Lift, Eat. We wanted a theme that complimented our content and had a high ease of use. MH Cicero has been an outstanding theme to publish and customize. We have received world class support from MH Themes in regards to all questions and customizing ayyo Life. We highly recommend MH Themes. - ayyo Life (ayyolife.com)

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