The Moderated Media

It took me about two weeks to get things figured out. That being said, the primary reason it took that long is that I didn't search for help. Do that right away! So many great tools and tutorials to build your site the way you want it! My traffic is growing daily and I am having a blast! – Dean Kowalski (

Il Tabloid

Our web magazine was born in 2009 with a different CMS. In 2014 we have chosen WordPress because it is easier to use, but the hardest thing was to find a suitable WordPress theme. After several attempts we finally found MH Magazine and we are excited in many ways and our visitors love it as well. Great work MH Themes! – Emanuele Bompadre (

Practical Politicking

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We are very pleased with the MH Magazine theme and how it gives our site a polished and professional look. The theme has proven itself repeatedly to be easy to work with to achieve our desired effects. We highly recommend MH Themes to anybody looking for well-designed and properly coded WordPress themes backed by first-class support. – Tom Dougherty (

Daily Athens

We were looking for a nice theme for our news site Daily Athens and after some research we found MH Newsdesk. Beside the fact that you guys provide beautiful themes, you have an amazing support. Your forum support is professional, quick and responsible. We highly recommend MH Themes to anyone who wants a user friendly and professional WordPress site. - Daily Athens (


As a news site that deals with political news about the European Union we needed a WordPress theme that both looks and feels professional. MH Magazine is easy to configure and maintain. The popularity of our site got a quick boost and the bounce rate went down instantly. We are very happy with the MH Magazine theme! – Trond Trosdahl (

Hafteh Magazine

Hafteh is a news magazine in Persian language and the MH Magazine theme allowed me to align my posts entirely according to my needs for the first time since I'm using WordPress and offered me the freedoms that I was desperately looking for in other themes. – Hafteh Magazin (


I am a longtime journalist and was looking for WordPress themes that would meet my goals. After just a month of work with the MH Magazine theme, I'm happy with the look and the number of readers is growing. I would also like to praise the technical support of MH Themes, which responds promptly and professionally to inquiries. – Rajko Milic (

Dr. Oliver Hartwich

As I was looking for a WordPress theme for my personal website, I came across MH Magazine. I found it not only good looking and perfectly designed. It is also easy to set up and maintain. I could not be happier with MH Magazine and highly recommend it. - Dr. Oliver Hartwich (


We bought MH Magazine and we find it GREAT! It is a beautiful WordPress theme which has many layout options. We can adjust the site layout without changing the template. We had some questions and the support was great as well. There are no compatibility problems between the template and plugins. We recommend MH Themes. Thanks for your great work and support! – José Ribeiro (


The MH Newsdesk theme has been amazingly simple to work with. We are constantly getting compliments on how professional our site is and how easy it is to navigate. I wish I could take credit for it but it is really the phenomenal development work the MH Themes folks put into this theme that makes it so fantastic. Thank you! - Will Snyder (


I'm very happy with the MH Magazine theme, it's really great! I'm not a technician but I managed to do everything by myself, thanks to the intuitiveness and excellent guides of the MH Themes. Besides being very well done technically, the theme also offers a highly customizable layout, suitable for every kind of site! Very good job! - Admin (

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