The awesome website you can see on the screenshot has been built with one of our MH WordPress Themes.

This is how the customer site looks like

Abyssal Chronicles

Feedback from the site owner

After literally 6 years of tolerating the horrid design my site had before, I finally upgraded it from its flimsy, outdated PHP-run CMS to WordPress. Though I already had a design planned out and coded, it was so difficult to find a theme that could accommodate what I had in mind – until I stumbled into MH Magazine. MH Magazine offered so much flexibility and features that pretty much everything I wanted in the website, I managed to obtain with MH Magazine. We had a few quirks at first, but it was nothing the excellent support couldn’t manage – and support is great, too, since they tolerate my complete lack of knowledge on how WordPress works. Thanks for that. – Abigail Yao (

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