The awesome website you can see on the screenshot has been built with one of our MH WordPress Themes.

This is how the customer site looks like


Feedback from the site owner

I spent two years building a website using a WYSIWYG software created by a large web hosting company. It was full of bugs and I spent a lot of time trying to devise workaround solutions. What a breath of fresh air it was to discover the MH Magazine WordPress Theme! MH Magazine really took my site to the next level in terms of both appearance and functionality. It also added credibility to the content with its professional presentation. The design is intuitive and easy to follow. The detailed support resource articles make it easy to get up and running quickly and to follow up later with more customization that adds the kind of features you would normally only see in mainstream media publications. The support forum is constantly monitored and posts are replied to in a prompt and courteous manner. The MH Magazine WordPress Theme is an excellent choice for anyone who requires a WP template that is highly functional, versatile, professional and fully-supported. – Scott Fairbairn (

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