MH Cicero WordPress Theme
MH Cicero WordPress Theme
MH Cicero – Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

MH Cicero Blog WordPress Theme is perfect for blogging websites and comes with a flat styled design. Start a modern and creative WordPress blog for personal or business purposes and benefit from nice & useful integrated features.

v1.3.1 04-05-2020

  • Fix: Changed child theme template tag
  • WordPress v4.5.1 compatibility

v1.3.0 22-05-2019

  • Added theme updater

v1.2.2 18-05-2018

  • Added support for GDPR features in WP 4.9.6
  • Updated translation files

v1.2.1 04-06-2017

  • Added CSS to support new core widgets in WordPress 4.8
  • Updated Facebook JavaScript-SDK to v2.9
  • Updated theme related links in WordPress dashboard to HTTPS

v1.2.0 04-04-2016

  • Overall code maintenance
  • Fixed issue with WordPress comments appearing on BuddyPress pages
  • Fixed font color of widget headings in WordPress dashboard
  • Added theme support for title tags (introduced in WP 4.1)
  • Added conditional IDs / CSS classes to widgets for flexible styling
  • Added support for HTML in image caption of featured image
  • Added support for HTML in author box and MH Author Bio widget
  • Added CSS class to image placeholders
  • Added selective refresh support for widgets (introduced in WP 4.5)
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable autoplay
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display video title / information
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display player controls
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable recommended videos
  • Modified iframe of MH YouTube Video widget to allow fullscreen mode
  • Added missing escaping to links in WP dashboard
  • Added Google Webfonts character subsets for arabic, hebrew and vietnamese language
  • Added several new Google Webfonts to fonts collection in customizer
  • Improved implementation of Google Webfonts
  • Improved sanitization of options in customizer
  • Improved sanitization of data in custom widgets
  • Removed option to disable comments on pages (disabled by default since WP 4.3)
  • Removed option to add favicon in favor of Site Icon feature (introduced in WP 4.3)
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to v4.5.0
  • Updated theme screenshot
  • Added swedish translation - thanks to Jenni Pulli
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v1.1.1 09-08-2015

  • Updated constructor method for WP_Widget to fully support WordPress 4.3.0

v1.1.0 22-06-2015

  • Fixed small syntax error in header.php
  • Fixed issue with large horizontal scroll bar in RTL layout
  • Fixed issue where pingbacks/trackbacks did not appear
  • Improved handling of responsive embeds
  • Included css3-mediaqueries.js because Google Code will cease operations
  • Added proper copyright attribution to readme.txt
  • Added MH YouTube widget to easily display responsive YouTube videos
  • Added MH Facebook page widget (replaced MH Facebook likebox widget)
  • Removed MH Facebook likebox widget (deprecated from June 23rd 2015)
  • Updated Facebook SDK
  • Updated child theme to load stylesheet with wp_enqueue_scripts() instead of @import
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v1.0.2 23-02-2015

  • Several minor CSS adjustments
  • Improved markup on pages
  • Added function to define $content_width for full-width page template
  • Added conditional to display featured content front end notice only for admins
  • Removed conditional for navigation to avoid the need of manual setup
  • Minor CSS fixes for RTL layout (right-to-left languages)
  • Updated translation files

v1.0.1 28-12-2014

  • Some minor CSS adjustments
  • Improved color options
  • Added text property (post title) to tweet button

v1.0.0 22-12-2014

  • Initial release