MH Corporate WordPress Theme
MH Corporate Responsive WordPress Theme
MH Corporate Responsive WordPress Theme

MH Corporate is a clean, modern and fully responsive WordPress theme for corporate and business websites. The theme can also be used as a classic blog WordPress theme or by using the included and fully widgetized homepage template you will also be able to run a modern and stylish online magazine. Here you can view the changelog regarding updates for MH Corporate WordPress Theme.

v2.3.4 20-02-2021

  • Fix: "jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated" error latest WordPress jQuery migrate changes
  • WordPress v5.6.1 compatibility

v2.3.3 04-05-2020

  • Fix: Changed child theme template tag
  • WordPress v5.4.1 compatibility

v2.3.2 20-03-2020

  • Tweak: Removed Google+ from author profile on backend
  • Fix: Breadcrumb markup was missing the "position" meta property

v2.3.1 31-01-2020

  • Tweak: Breadcrumb now uses "" instead of the deprecated ""
  • WordPress v5.3.2 compatibility

v2.3.0 22-05-2019

  • Added theme updater

v2.2.2 18-05-2018

  • Added support for GDPR features in WP 4.9.6
  • Updated translation files

v2.2.1 04-06-2017

  • Added CSS to support new core widgets in WordPress 4.8
  • Updated Facebook JavaScript-SDK to v2.9
  • Updated theme related links in WordPress dashboard to HTTPS

v2.2.0 04-04-2016

  • Overall code maintenance
  • Fixed issue with WordPress comments appearing on BuddyPress pages
  • Fixed font color of widget headings in WordPress dashboard
  • Added conditional IDs / CSS classes to widgets for flexible styling
  • Added missing escaping to links in WP dashboard
  • Added CSS class to image placeholders
  • Added selective refresh support for widgets (introduced in WP 4.5)
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable autoplay
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display video title / information
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display player controls
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable recommended videos
  • Modified iframe of MH YouTube Video widget to allow fullscreen mode
  • Added theme support for title tags (introduced in WP 4.1)
  • Added support for HTML in image caption of featured image
  • Added support for HTML in description of author box
  • Added option to MH Custom Slider widget to open links in new browser window / tab
  • Added option to filter multiple categories by ID to MH Spotlight widget
  • Added separate panel for theme options in customizer (introduced in WP 4.0.0)
  • Added Google Webfonts character subsets for arabic, hebrew and vietnamese language
  • Added several new Google Webfonts to fonts collection in customizer
  • Improved implementation of Google Webfonts
  • Improved sanitization of options in customizer
  • Improved sanitization of data in custom widgets
  • Removed option to add favicon in favor of Site Icon feature (introduced in WP 4.3)
  • Removed option to disable comments on pages (disabled by default since WP 4.3)
  • Removed redundant custom controls for WP customizer
  • Removed redundant file author.php
  • Removed redundant MH Affiliate widget (text widget can be used instead)
  • Updated theme screenshot
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v2.1.1 09-08-2015

  • Replaced default logo with new version
  • Updated theme screenshot
  • Updated child theme with new theme screenshot
  • Updated constructor method for WP_Widget to fully support WordPress 4.3.0
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v2.1.0 21-04-2015

  • Fixed small syntax error in mh_head_misc();
  • Improved handling of responsive embeds
  • Included css3-mediaqueries.js because Google Code will cease operations
  • Added proper copyright attribution to readme.txt
  • Added theme info page to WordPress dashboard
  • Added MH YouTube widget to easily display responsive YouTube videos
  • Added MH Facebook page widget (replaced MH Facebook likebox widget)
  • Removed MH Facebook likebox widget (deprecated from June 23rd 2015)
  • Removed theme dashboard widget (replaced by theme info page)
  • Updated Facebook SDK
  • Updated child theme to load stylesheet with wp_enqueue_scripts() instead of @import
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v2.0.3 20-12-2014

  • Improved handling of options for customizer in WP 4.1

v2.0.2 18-12-2014

  • Improved handling of FlexSlider
  • Replaced theme screenshot
  • Replaced ads for MH Affiliate widget
  • Moved child theme to add-ons folder
  • Added dutch translation - thanks to Aart Schmitz

v2.0.1 12-09-2014

  • Minor CSS adjustments
  • Improved validation for custom excerpt length and custom font size (added fallback)
  • Fixed issue with content width on full-width page template
  • Fixed issue with responsive layout on smartphones and tablets
  • Changed prefix of theme options to match text domain

v2.0.0 07-09-2014

  • Recoded and simplified theme to provide better solution for business users
  • Several code improvements and CSS adjustments
  • Reorganized file structure
  • Reorganized and unburdened options panel
  • Reduced and rearranged widget areas on homepage template
  • Fixed issue with incorrect page title on posts page
  • Fixed issue with repeating featured image on paginated posts
  • Fixed issue with margins in header
  • Removed unnecessary and bloating functions
  • Removed integration of prettyPhoto lightbox (plugin recommended)
  • Stopped duplicate loading of jQuery migrate
  • Improved implementation of Google Webfonts
  • Improved custom header functionality
  • Improved layout of not found / 404 page
  • Improved responsive layout for mobile devices
  • Updated text in theme support dashboard widget
  • Theme support dashboard widget will now only be displayed for admins
  • Added option to disable Google Webfonts
  • Added option to choose character sets (subsets) for Google Webfonts
  • Added option to modify imported font styles of Google Webfonts
  • Added 404 template for improved handling of 404 errors
  • Added prefix to important CSS classes to improve plugin compatibility
  • Added better solution for mobile navigation
  • Added nofollow-tag to footer credit link
  • Updated stylesheet for RTL languages (rtl.css)
  • Updated color options for improved usability
  • Updated Modernizr script to latest version (v2.8.3)
  • Updated FlexSlider to latest version (v2.2.2)
  • Updated readme.txt with licenses of bundled resources
  • Replaced theme screenshot to meet WordPress requirements
  • i18n improvements for better translations
  • Added .pot file for easier translations
  • Updated translation strings
  • Updated german translation

v1.8.0 09-02-2014

  • Several code improvements and CSS adjustments
  • Added option to set position of share buttons on posts
  • Added new layout option to set number of sidebars
  • Removed depreciated option to enable second sidebar
  • Added new layout option to select responsive or fixed layout
  • Removed depreciated option to disable responsive layout
  • Added custom excerpt support for pages
  • Added option to MH Custom Posts widget to filter posts by multiple categories
  • Added option to link title of MH Custom Posts widget to custom URL
  • Added MH Custom Pages widget to display pages based on page IDs
  • Added MH Custom Slider widget to display custom content in slider
  • Added MH Affiliate widget to promote WordPress themes by MH Themes
  • Fixed issue where disabling the prettyPhoto lightbox produced an error
  • Fixed issue where author name was not displayed properly on author archives
  • Improved slider widgets can now be used multiple times per page
  • Improved options for several custom widgets
  • Improved options to disable post meta like date, author or comments
  • Improved styling of header image / logo fallback
  • Improved excerpts will now display more-link also for manual excerpts
  • Properly hooked wp_link_pages() to fix issue with paginated posts
  • Updated jQuery to v1.10.2
  • Replaced jQuery Migrate v1.2.1 with minified version for better performance
  • Updated text and image of theme support dashboard widget
  • Changed color of widgets in admin dashboard to match design of WP 3.8
  • Added italian translation
  • Updated translation strings

v1.7.0 28-10-2013

  • Several code improvements
  • Added child theme files
  • Improved readability of typography
  • Reorganized file structure to improve performance
  • Fixed issue where shortcodes for content ad on posts did not work
  • Removed option to change position of share buttons
  • Replaced [content_box] with [box] shortcode
  • Improved [box] shortcode / new attributes "toggle" and "height"
  • Highlighted MH widgets with a darker color in WordPress admin
  • Improvements for several widgets
  • Added several new theme options
  • Added some useful theme action hooks
  • Added breadcrumb rich snippet support
  • Added breadcrumb custom post types support
  • Moved CSS for RTL support to separate stylesheet rtl.css
  • Added swedish translation - thanks to Joel Sannemalm
  • Added hebrew translation - thanks to Yosi Avneri
  • Added "Theme Support" dashboard widget to WordPress admin

v1.6.0 13-08-2013

  • Several small CSS adjustments
  • Several code improvements
  • Changed [testimonials] shortcode to multi-purpose [slider] shortcode
  • Added jQuery migrate plugin to restore deprecated and removed functionality
  • Added missing
  • tags to social widget
  • Added filter to output wp_title()
  • Added widget areas above and below content on single posts
  • Added widget areas above and below content on pages
  • Added border around content by default on pages and contact template
  • Added new template: page without border
  • Added navigation with previous/next links to single post and attachment view
  • Added option to enable navigation links on posts and attachments
  • Added fallback in case that no header image is set
  • Added new attribute \'height\' to [content_box] shortcode to set minimum height
  • Improved output of [content_box] shortcode
  • Removed Customizer link in appearance menu because it\'s now default in WP 3.6
  • Renamed responsive [video] shortcode to [flexvid] due to conflicts in WP 3.6
  • Combined breadcrumb options to one single option (enable/disable)
  • Improved output of breadcrumbs
  • Reduced the number of HTTP requests to improve performance
  • Updated translation strings

v1.5.0 24-06-2013

  • Several code improvements
  • Improvements in layout, design and font-size
  • Changed order of related posts from date to random
  • Changed file structure to prepare for implementation of post formats
  • Updated Facebook Likebox code to new version
  • Added options to disable faces, stream, header and border of Facebook Likebox widget
  • Added option to upload a favicon
  • Extended options of custom posts widget to display excerpts for every post
  • Added option to disable post meta of custom posts widget
  • Added option to disable post meta on single posts and archives
  • Fixed rel="prettyPhoto" now will be added automatically
  • Added option to disable prettyPhoto lightbox
  • Added option to social widget to open links in new window / tab
  • Added option to social widget to set links to nofollow
  • Replaced icons of social widget - thanks to G. Pritiranjan Das
  • Added YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Instagram, Myspace to social widget
  • Removed Xing from social widget
  • Added option to enable comments on pages (disabled by default)
  • Comments and pingbacks / trackbacks are now displayed separate
  • Added caption text to featured images on posts
  • Improved output of alt and title of featured images on posts
  • Improved output of image captions
  • Improved support for post attachments
  • index.php is now more generic and has replaced several archive templates
  • Updated translation strings

v1.0.0 13-05-2013

  • Initial release