MH Elegance
MH Elegance Responsive WordPress Theme
MH Elegance Responsive WordPress Theme

MH Elegance is an elegant, modern and fully responsive WordPress theme for corporate, business and portfolio websites or high-class blogs. This WordPress theme includes many awesome features, custom widgets and advanced theme options to customize your website as you like. Here you can view the changelog of theme updates for MH Elegance WordPress Theme.

v1.4.1 04-05-2020

  • Fix: Changed child theme template tag
  • WordPress v4.5.1 compatibility

v1.4.0 22-05-2019

  • Added theme updater

v1.3.2 18-05-2018

  • Added support for GDPR features in WP 4.9.6
  • Updated translation files

v1.3.1 04-06-2017

  • Added CSS to support new core widgets in WordPress 4.8
  • Updated Facebook JavaScript-SDK to v2.9
  • Updated theme related links in WordPress dashboard to HTTPS

v1.3.0 04-04-2016

  • Overall code maintenance
  • Fixed issue with WordPress comments appearing on BuddyPress pages
  • Fixed issue where read more text in MH News widget did not reflect customizer changes
  • Fixed font color of widget headings in WordPress dashboard
  • Added conditional IDs / CSS classes to widgets for flexible styling
  • Added theme support for title tags (introduced in WP 4.1)
  • Added missing escaping to links in WP dashboard
  • Added support for HTML in image caption of featured image
  • Added CSS class to image placeholders
  • Added selective refresh support for widgets (introduced in WP 4.5)
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable autoplay
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display video title / information
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display player controls
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable recommended videos
  • Modified iframe of MH YouTube Video widget to allow fullscreen mode
  • Added new file mh-custom-colors.php to handle color options
  • Added Google Webfonts character subsets for arabic, hebrew and vietnamese language
  • Added several new Google Webfonts to fonts collection in customizer
  • Improved implementation of Google Webfonts
  • Improved sanitization of options in customizer
  • Improved sanitization of data in custom widgets
  • Removed option to add favicon in favor of Site Icon feature (introduced in WP 4.3)
  • Removed option to disable comments on pages (disabled by default since WP 4.3)
  • Removed redundant file comments-pages.php
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to v4.5.0
  • Updated theme screenshot
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v1.2.1 09-08-2015

  • Updated constructor method for WP_Widget to fully support WordPress 4.3.0

v1.2.0 22-06-2015

  • Fixed small syntax error in header.php
  • Fixed issue with large horizontal scroll bar in RTL layout
  • Improved handling of responsive embeds
  • Included css3-mediaqueries.js because Google Code will cease operations
  • Added proper copyright attribution to readme.txt
  • Added MH YouTube widget to easily display responsive YouTube videos
  • Added MH Facebook page widget (replaced MH Facebook likebox widget)
  • Removed MH Facebook likebox widget (deprecated from June 23rd 2015)
  • Updated Facebook SDK
  • Updated child theme to load stylesheet with wp_enqueue_scripts() instead of @import
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v1.1.0 02-03-2015

  • Some minor CSS adjustments
  • Fixed issue with default background color
  • Added function to define $content_width for full-width page template
  • Added fallback for custom header in case no custom background is set
  • Added theme info page to WordPress dashboard
  • Added social share buttons below post content
  • Added author box below post content
  • Added option to enable/disable social share buttons
  • Added option to enable/disable author box
  • Added new color option for footer widget area
  • Added 3 new footer widget areas
  • Removed conditional for navigation to avoid the need of manual setup
  • Removed theme dashboard widget (replaced by theme info page)
  • Improved styling of lists on sitemap template and default WordPress widgets
  • Improved sanitization of data in custom widgets
  • Improved handling of options in MH Facebook Likebox widget
  • Improved function for prev/next post links to prevent unnecessary markup
  • Improved styling of prev/next post links
  • Improved layout on archives when no featured image is set
  • Updated and improved color options
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v1.0.2 20-12-2014

  • Improved handling of options for customizer in WP 4.1
  • Fixed markup of post / image navigation

v1.0.1 09-11-2014

  • Some minor CSS improvements

v1.0.0 08-11-2014

  • Initial release