MH Joystick WordPress Theme
MH Joystick Responsive WordPress Theme
MH Joystick – Games Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Joystick WordPress Theme is a modern magazine WordPress theme which is suitable for online magazines and dynamic news websites about games, entertainment, technology or any other genre. The theme is fully responsive and looks awesome on desktop and mobile devices.

v1.2.4 20-02-2021

  • Fix: "jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated" error latest WordPress jQuery migrate changes
  • WordPress v5.6.1 compatibility

v1.2.3 04-05-2020

  • Tweak: Optimized gallery alignment CSS styles
  • Fix: Changed child theme template tag
  • WordPress v5.4.1 compatibility

v1.2.2 20-03-2020

  • Tweak: Removed Google+ from social buttons
  • Fix: Breadcrumb markup was missing the "position" meta property

v1.2.1 31-01-2020

  • Tweak: Breadcrumb now uses "" instead of the deprecated ""
  • WordPress v5.3.2 compatibility

v1.2.0 22-05-2019

  • Added theme updater

v1.1.2 18-05-2018

  • Added support for GDPR features in WP 4.9.6
  • Updated translation files

v1.1.1 04-06-2017

  • Added CSS to support new core widgets in WordPress 4.8
  • Updated Facebook JavaScript-SDK to v2.9
  • Updated theme related links in WordPress dashboard to HTTPS

v1.1.0 04-04-2016

  • Overall code maintenance
  • Fixed issue with WordPress comments appearing on BuddyPress pages
  • Fixed issue with widget title color of custom widgets in WP admin
  • Added conditional IDs to widgets for flexible styling
  • Added selective refresh support for widgets (introduced in WP 4.5)
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable autoplay
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display video title / information
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to display player controls
  • Added option to MH YouTube Video widget to enable recommended videos
  • Modified iframe of MH YouTube Video widget to allow fullscreen mode
  • Added Google Webfonts character subsets for arabic, hebrew and vietnamese language
  • Added several new Google Webfonts to fonts collection in customizer
  • Improved implementation of Google Webfonts
  • Removed backwards compatibility of title tag (introduced in WP 4.1)
  • Removed option to add favicon in favor of Site Icon feature (introduced in WP 4.3)
  • Removed option to disable comments on pages (disabled by default since WP 4.3)
  • Removed redundant custom controls for WP customizer
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to v4.5.0
  • Updated theme screenshot
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated german translation

v1.0.0 14-06-2015

  • Initial release