MH Magazine lite
Thank you very much for downloading MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme. This documentation will help you to perform the theme installation and basic configuration of MH Magazine lite. We hope you enjoy MH Magazine lite and we are always happy to read your feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact us. In case you need excellent theme support in german or english language, you can upgrade to the premium version of MH Magazine WordPress Theme.

What if you need Theme Support?

Please notice that priority theme support is only provided to customers who have purchased the premium version of MH Magazine. In case you are using the free version of the theme and have a question which is beyond this documentation, you might find an answer in the support center or ask your questions in the support forum on We usually monitor that forum on a regular basis. When you don’t want to miss any news, announcements or theme updates, you can also follow us on social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

MH Magazine lite

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

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Video Tutorial: MH Magazine WordPress Theme

This video tutorial for MH Magazine WordPress Theme will cover the theme installation and the necessary steps to configure your website properly. As this video is mainly for the premium version of MH Magazine, you won’t have all the mentioned features and options, but the video still is very helpful as the basic setup is the same.

As MH Magazine lite has much less widget areas in comparison to the premium version, the widget positions on the “Homepage” template are different and you will need a different widget map. Here you can see an overview of the widget locations on the “Homepage” template of MH Magazine lite: Widget Map.

Featured Images

Images in MH Magazine lite

MH Magazine lite is using featured images to display thumbnails for archives, custom widgets or else. In case you haven’t used featured images before and have not set featured images for your posts and pages, you might only see blank image placeholders. You can upload featured images very easily and the thumbnails will appear. You can read more in this tutorial: How to use featured images in WordPress.

If your new WordPress theme requires other image dimensions compared to your previous theme, you might notice some issues with images on your website, for example white spaces, jumping sliders or images that are not consistent in size. In case you have problems with your image sizes, you can fix this by regenerating your thumbnails.

When you have regenerated your thumbnails and if you still are noticing issues with images on your website, please check if your images meet the minimum requirements. In case your images are just too small, regenerating thumbnails won’t help.

Widgets and Widget Locations

MH Magazine lite WordPress theme has in total 12 widget locations to place standard WordPress widgets, custom widgets or ads. To assign widgets to the several widget locations, please navigate to “Appearance => Widgets” and place custom widgets like “MH Slider (lite)” or “MH Custom Posts (lite)” in the specific widget locations. On the screenshot below you can see an overview of the widget locations on the “Homepage” template of MH Magazine lite. In case you need more widget locations, custom widgets or more features and options to customize your website, you can upgrade to the premium version of MH Magazine WordPress Theme.

Widgets on Homepage Template