WordPress is the most popular content management system for webmasters and bloggers from all over the world and can be used with almost any language you might need. That is, you can also use WordPress with the arabic language or any other language written in arabic script (e.g. persian or urdu). Apart from proper hosting and a WordPress installation – what you need to run a WordPress website in arabic is simple: a WordPress theme for arabic language.

Arabic Language
Image Source: misbahhammoud – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

MH Magazine WordPress Theme – Optimized for Arabic Language as well

If you have WordPress installed and now want to create a website in arabic language you will need a WordPress theme which is suitable for that purpose. A WordPress theme for arabic script has to come with proper RTL (Right-To-Left) support. The popular MH Magazine WordPress theme was developed to run smoothly with the arabic language, offers RTL support and is perfect to create unique online magazines, news websites or modern blogs in arabic language.

MH Magazine WordPress Theme

When running a website in arabic language and using the MH Magazine WordPress theme, the arabic language script and layout will look accordingly and neat. And thanks to its responsive layout, MH Magazine will display well-organized on all kinds of screen size resolutions. Meaning that the overall layout, comments, buttons and relevant site elements are mirror inverted in order for your website in arabic language to look great.

Running a WordPress Website in Arabic: Select proper Font

In order for your articles, excerpts or headlines to display accordingly, you can simply use a suitable font for arabic language that will work well with the arabic character set. For the MH Magazine WordPress theme we have implemented a collection of the most popular Google Webfonts, so you may select a fitting arabic font which pleases you. Here are some examples of Google Webfonts for WordPress websites in arabic language that you could try: Amiri, Lateef, Scheherazade.

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