WordPress is perfectly suitable for creating cool, dynamic and modern sports websites. It’s free, highly customizable, and the barrier to learn and manage the platform is very low, allowing everybody at your sports club or involved in your team to contribute to the success of your website.

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Building an editorial sports website with MH Magazine

MH Magazine, our excellent magazine and news WordPress theme, makes it even easier to ensure your sports website is a success with a whole bunch of built in features and recommended additional WordPress plugins. Today, we show you how to take WordPress and our MH Magazine WordPress theme to build an editorial sports website for your club, a news website, an online magazine for your favorite league or sport, or a one-stop shop for sport discussion and gossip.

Sport websites vary greatly in the content they output. For some, a website dedicated to their favorite team may be enough. For others, their interest extends to multiple teams, leagues or even several different sports. The popular MH Magazine WordPress theme is flexible enough to accommodate all these options, ensuring whatever sport, whichever team, your sports website has real potential to succeed and stand tall against the strongest of competitors.

Why should you pick MH Magazine for your sports website?

The MH Magazine WordPress theme comes complete as standard with a whole bunch of useful and great built-in features that make it easy to launch your own sports website or blog. Below, we have listed some of the most useful features available to you when you use MH Magazine.

SEO optimized

The internet has tens of thousands of sports websites. It’s no surprise given the role sport plays in our lives, the sheer volume of teams, leagues, sports and competitions. However, this means that launching a new sports website and building a loyal audience is more difficult than ever, with more websites than ever to compete against.

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With MH Magazine, you’ll get the very best chance of success with a search engine optimized theme straight out of the box as standard. You don’t need the technical knowledge of a professional search engine optimization company, or the expert knowledge of a web designer. You write the headlines and your content, and we’ll ensure it’s placed in a website perfectly suited for indexing in search engines. In combination with a reliable SEO plugin, you’re ready to achieve great results.

Fully responsive layout

Those interested in sport are often fast movers and always on the go. Maybe they’re already at a game and want to check the latest scores for other teams in their league. Or if you’re building a website for your own junior team, you’ll be used to the fast pace of your team members parents running their children to and from practice and games.

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With more people than ever using mobile devices to browse the internet, be it a smartphone or a tablet, ensuring our MH Magazine theme is responsive as standard is crucial to the success of our customers. That’s why MH Magazine has all this covered, offering you and your readers a WordPress theme with a fully responsive layout without any additional work from you. Let your readers catch up on the latest news, fixtures, results, and gossip from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Monetization made easy

Building a great sports website requires dedication and determination to compete with others, but it also needs a stream of funding to ensure you can continue to output excellent, compelling content to your readers. Using various built-in widget areas, you can display advertisements across your site.

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Thanks to the various widget areas in MH Magazine, you no longer have to battle with finding a place for adverts in your WordPress theme. By carefully thinking about where advertisement is placed in most efficient way, you can rest assured your advertizing won’t get in the way, won’t detract from your excellent content, and won’t deter readers from becoming loyal followers of your sports site.

Give MH Magazine a boost with these plugins for sports websites

You can add additional functionality to your sports website like fixture listings, team or league management or else by using suitable WordPress plugins. We have handpicked a few plugins which you might find useful and could use for your purposes. Depending on what exactly you have in mind, there are of course more great, free WordPress plugins related to sports in any way.

SportsPress – Sports Club & League Manager

A great sports WordPress plugin is SportsPress. With this comprehensive WordPress plugin you can transform your website into a flexible team, club, or league website. The plugin comes complete with a suite of tools including fixture listings, result tables, automated standings, players rankings, and individual profiles for clubs, players, and staff. It even has several free extensions for specific sports, including baseball, cricket, soccer and golf.

SportsPress - Sports Club & League Manager
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This sports WordPress plugin is updated on a regular basis, has currently over 10,000 active installs, and has been quickly tested by us alongside MH Magazine to ensure the two work smoothly together. With SportsPress you can boost your sports website with additional functionality.

WP Club Manager

WP Club Manager
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WP Club Manager, again tested and shown to work nicely with MH Magazine, is an all-in-one plugin built specifically to create and manage a sports club website with WordPress. The plugin allows you to manage multiple teams in your club, player profiles and statistics, staff, sponsors, league tables and keep track of your fixtures and results. If you’re a coach or a club secretary, WP Club Manager is the only plugin you need to be able to use WordPress to manage your sports site.

User polls with YOP Poll

Ensuring your visitors are engaged is key in your efforts to build a loyal base of followers, ensuring readers return time and time again. In the world of sport, everybody has their very own opinion. Everybody has a different favourite player, and everybody has their own view on who will finish first this year. You can use these opinions to your advantage by engaging readers through online polls.

YOP Poll
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Our favourite WordPress polling plugin, proven to work in harmony with MH Magazine, is YOP Poll. This excellent plugin is full of features and very simple to use even for the most novice WordPress user, with the ability to show polls inside articles, as a widget in your MH Magazine sidebar, or both.

Wrapping up: MH Magazine for Sports Websites

MH Magazine Variations

The MH Magazine WordPress theme is flexible enough to be the perfect partner when setting up any type of editorial sports website. Whether you’re building a website specifically for your own amateur sports team, or developing a larger website discussing all the latest news and gossip for your favourite sports league or club, MH Magazine and suitable plugins provide the built in features to give you and your readers a sports website fit to rival any of the largest sporting competitors.

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