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How to create individual color schemes for your WordPress website with MH Magazine

Create Color Scheme WordPressSource: Robert_C / Pixabay.com
Image Source: Robert_C – Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain

The MH Magazine WordPress theme makes it easy for you to completely customize its color scheme directly from within your WordPress dashboard. By using WordPress’ built-in Customizer feature, you’re able to select from a wide-range of colors by taking advantage of a series of colorpickers. You can thus create your very own individual color scheme. These colorpickers allow you to create an almost endless range of custom color schemes with ease, no coding or additional software required.

MH Magazine Custom Colors

MH Magazine Variations

The MH Magazine WordPress theme comes equipped with several colorpickers that you can use to completely customize the color scheme to suit your needs. To do so, simply navigate to Appearance => Customize => Colors from within your WordPress dashboard to get going.

Color Options MH Magazine
Screenshot of available color options with default colors of MH Magazine to create individual color schemes.

Each colorpicker is clearly labelled to indicate which elements each colorpicker controls. Browsing through the colorpickers you’re able to quickly customize header text color, a variety of background colors, colors of textual elements, and hyperlinks. There is also a trio of Theme Color colorpickers that you can use to change the color of the primary elements of the theme.

  • Theme Color 1 changes all dark elements that by default are colored a shade of black. Modify this color to any other color to maintain the themes’ contrast between its elements.
  • Theme Color 2 allows you to change the theme highlight color, which by default is an attractive shade of red and is applied on certain elements of this WordPress template.
  • Theme Color 3 controls the majority of the shaded elements within the MH Magazine WordPress theme. This allows you to keep a nice contrast with the other Theme Colors.
Colorpickers MH Magazine
Screenshot of colorpickers with example colors. You can choose any color you like by using the colorpickers of MH Magazine.

You can take advantage of these three colorpickers to be able to create a wide-range of beautiful and intriguing color schemes within seconds. To find suitable colors that go well together, there are lots of free online tools and resources at your fingertips that you can use to get started right away!

Online Color Scheme Tools

Create stunning color schemes that you can implement into MH Magazine with ease by using the following inspirational tools that allow you to create a wide range of palettes suitable for everyone.


Image Source: Screenshot – Colord.com

Colrd (formerly ColorJack) is a great resource to help you discover beautiful handpicked color schemes taken from inspirational images shared by its community. Along with image-based color palettes, the Colrd community has also created a wide-range of pattern and gradient based palettes for you to browse at your leisure, via its clean and simple interface.


Image Source: Screenshot – Paletton.com

Palleton enables you to create a varied range of color palettes using the powerful and very flexible wheel-based color selector. A handy palette randomizer function is also available allowing you to quickly find color schemes you can use for MH Magazine. You can also view website examples using your chosen color palette allowing you to quickly visualize how your color scheme could look.

Material Palette

Material Palette
Image Source: Screenshot – MaterialPalette.com

Material Palette offers you a quick and intuitive way of creating a wide variety of color schemes for your WordPress website – simply by selecting any two colors. A handy live preview showing your chosen color scheme allows you to quickly view any color scheme in action. Colors of your chosen palette can be copied individually or downloaded in no fewer than 7 formats including CSS, SASS, LESS, SVG, XML, PNG, and Polymer for your convenience.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color
Image Source: Screenshot – Color.Adobe.com

Next is a stunning free tool from Adobe Color (formerly Kuler). This great tool allows you to create beautiful color schemes using the most comprehensive color selection tool I have ever come across. Using the Create From Image option, you’re also able to quickly upload any image and the intuitive selection tool will create a variety of automatically generated color schemes. Adobe members can also save, export, share and view color schemes from the creative community.


Image Source: Screenshot – Coolors.co

Coolors is an awesome free tool that allows you to generate beautiful color schemes with ease. Simply click Generate to begin generating color schemes, using the Spacebar to generate new and exciting color schemes on-the-fly. You can save your favourite color schemes and share with others, and likewise you’re able to browse a wide range of color schemes that have been handpicked by thousands of other users. That way you can find some inspiring color schemes suitable for your site.


Image Source: Screenshot – Web.Colorotate.org

Using the awesome Colorotate online tool, you can view your color schemes in three-dimensions. You may browse a wide-range of color palettes or create your own using the incredible 3D color palette creator. Easily mix and blend any number of color schemes using the intuitive tool options, saving your favourites for others to browse and being inspired by the color schemes you’ve created.

Conclusion: Free tools to create individual color schemes

The versatility of the MH Magazine WordPress theme allows you to express your creativity without having to delve into code, use plugins or create child themes. Using the free tools outlined above, along with the range of colorpickers that come bundled with this theme, you’re given the ability to customize the themes’ color scheme to suit your taste, directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Accompanied with an attractive background and stylish post images, you can quickly create any number of stunning variations in no time at all. For more inspiration on all kinds of color schemes, please also check out the range of theme demos of MH Magazine and examples of user sites that are running MH Magazine WordPress theme to see for yourself.

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