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How to create new posts in WordPress

Creating and publishing posts in WordPress is an essential part of managing and maintaining your WordPress website and quite simple once you know how. In this tutorial you’ll learn all necessary steps to create new posts in WordPress, insert text, post title, subheading (if available) and you’ll see how you can assign categories, tags as well as featured images to your posts.

In case you’ve never worked with WordPress before, creating posts in WordPress might seem to be a complicated task in the beginning, but in the end it’s almost as easy as writing an email and publishing new articles can be achieved quickly once you are familiar with the few simple steps that are necessary to create new posts in WordPress:

Creating new Posts with Images, Tags and Categories

You can create new posts and publish articles in WordPress when navigating to Posts => Add New in your WordPress dashboard. You will be taken to the edit post page where you can enter the post title and write and edit content through the WordPress editor. To save your content, press the Save Draft button. The post won’t get published yet, just saved for further modification.

To group articles based on categories, you can assign your post to certain categories. In case you need to add an additional category, you can simply create new categories below the category list on the edit post page. Besides, you can tag your articles with suitable tags. Tagging articles is necessary if you are running a WordPress theme (e.g. MH Magazine) which provides a feature to display related articles based on tags below your post content.

Setting featured images for your posts is highly recommended as these featured images will be used to provide thumbnails for widgets on your front page as well as on archives. You can click on Set featured image to select a suitable image from your WordPress media library or upload new images as you prefer. Make sure you upload images that meet at least the recommended minimum size as stated in the theme documentation of the particular WordPress theme. Besides, it is good SEO practice to enter alt text and image caption with description or image credits.

When you have added all necessary information and content for your posts – title, text, categories, tags, featured image, other embedded images, videos etc. – you can preview your post by clicking on the light grey Preview button in the upper right corner. If you’re happy with your article, you can go ahead and publish the article by clicking the blue Publish button.

See the video tutorial: Creating new Posts with Images, Tags and Categories

Post Subheading – Additional Title Text below Post Title

Our popular MH Magazine WordPress theme includes an option to enter subheadings for your posts for better SEO and in order to provide additional content. Each subheading will be displayed just below the regular post title when viewing the article on your website. You can enter the subheading when you are on the edit post page under Post Options just underneath the WordPress editor. After you’ve saved / updated your article, the subheading will be displayed accordingly.

See the video tutorial: Post Subheading – Additional Title Text below Post Title

Disable Image – Hide Featured Image in Post

In case you would like to hide the featured image on specific posts, this is possible in MH Magazine as well. This feature is useful in case you’ve embedded the same image manually into the post which would result in duplicate images within your post content. Please note, if you hide the featured image on specific posts, it won’t be displayed when viewing the post itself, but the featured image still will be used for thumbnails in widgets and on archives to display your content properly. To hide the featured image, go to Post Options and check the Disable Featured Image for this Post box. After saving your changes, the featured image won’t be displayed anymore for the particular post.

See the video tutorial: Disable Image – Hide Featured Image in Post

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