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Documentation: MH Corporate WordPress Theme

MH Corporate
MH Corporate – Business WordPress Theme

Creating a business website or landing page with the MH Corporate WordPress Theme is very easy and you can do this within a few minutes just by placing some widgets on the fully widgetized homepage template. Here you can find more information about the theme setup of MH Corporate.

Basic Setup of MH Corporate

The basic setup of the theme, like creating a static front page, is identical with the MH Magazine WordPress Theme. You can find instructions regarding the basic setup in the documentation for MH Magazine. In case you are new to WordPress, we recommend that you have a look at some basic WordPress tutorials first. A good place to start is: Getting Started with WordPress.

Available Widget Locations of MH Corporate

MH Corporate WordPress Theme has in total 19 widget locations where you can place WordPress widgets, custom widgets, advertisements or add any HTML code you like. This is an overview of the available widget locations of MH Corporate:

  • Header: widget area above the logo
  • Sidebar: widget area located in your sidebar on posts and pages (not front page)
  • Home 1 – Home 8: widget areas on “Homepage” template
  • Posts 1: widget area above content on posts
  • Posts 2: widget area below content on posts
  • Pages 1: widget area above content on pages
  • Pages 2: widget area below content on pages
  • Footer 1 – Footer 4: widget areas located in the footer
  • Contact: widget area / sidebar on contact page template

Widget Locations on the Homepage Template

When you have completed the basic setup of MH Corporate, you might want to place the widgets on the front page to make your site look like the theme demo. Please check the screenshot below, there you will see an overview of the available widget locations on the “Homepage” template of MH Corporate WordPress Theme:

MH Corporate Widget Locations
Widget Locations on the “Homepage” Template of MH Corporate WordPress Theme

How to place the Widgets as in the Theme Demo

In case you want to create a front page, like you can see in the demo of MH Corporate, you will have to place the following widgets in the specific widget locations:

  • Home 1: MH Slider or MH Custom Slider Widget
  • Home 1: Text Widget with Testimonial Shortcode
  • Home 5 – Home 7: MH Custom Pages Widget
  • Footer 1 – Footer 4: Text Widgets

How to create Custom Pages

With MH Corporate WordPress Theme you can easily create custom landing pages or arrange content as you like by using integrated shortcodes. In the theme demo you can see pages like “Company” or “People”, the layout of these pages has been created by using column shortcodes and a simple separator. Here you can see an overview of the integrated shortcodes: How to use the built-in Shortcodes. For example to divide your content into two colums, you can use the columns shortcode like this:

[half]Content in 1st Column[/half]
[half]Content in 2nd Column[/half]

To add a separator / divider you can simply use the <hr> HTML-tag. So in case you want to divide two blocks of content that has two colums each, you can separate the content like this:

[half]Content in 1st Column[/half]
[half]Content in 2nd Column[/half]


[half]Content in 1st Column[/half]
[half]Content in 2nd Column[/half]

The “People” page in the theme demo has been built with the same approach, but instead of adding two colums, you’ll need to add four columns (one column for each team member).

Disadvantages of integrated Shortcodes

Using built-in shortcodes is great to easily add styled content to your site. But please keep in mind that there also are disadvantages, especially when you want to keep your content portable. Portable content means that you can easily switch themes without having to modify content, for example getting rid of shortcodes that are no longer supported by your new theme. You can easily prevent these kind of issues by using a plugin for shortcodes instead. A plugin that provides for example a lot of shortcodes is “Shortcodes Ultimate”.

You can find more tutorials in the tutorial section and if you have a question or need help, then don’t hesitate to open a support ticket at the helpdesk and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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