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Documentation: MH Purity WordPress Theme

MH Purity
MH Purity – Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Purity WordPress Theme is a modern and stylish theme for online magazines, news websites or professional blogs. After you have installed the theme to WordPress, you’ll need to follow these two simple steps to complete the theme setup:

  1. Create a static front page and select the “Homepage” template
  2. Place the widgets on the “Homepage” template

In case you are new to WordPress and have no previous experience in creating websites with WordPress, we recommend that you have a look at some basic WordPress tutorials first. A good place to start is the WordPress Codex: Getting Started with WordPress.

Step 1: Create a Static Front Page

MH Purity has included a fully widgetized “Homepage” template to help you create an amazing magazine like front page by just placing widgets via drag&drop. But before you can place the widgets on the front page, you will need to create a static front page in WordPress and select the “Homepage” template for your static front page.

Select Page Template
Select the “Homepage” template for your static front page
Set Static Front Page
Set your page as static front page

If you need more help with creating a static front page in WordPress, then please read and follow this tutorial: How to set a Static Front Page in WordPress.

Step 2: Place the Widgets on the “Homepage” template

When you have completed the setup of your static front page, you can easily drag&drop widgets in the “Home 1 until Home 4 widget locations of the widgetized “Homepage” template and the widgets will be displayed on your front page.

— Available Widget Locations of MH Purity

MH Purity WordPress Theme has in total 13 locations where you can place WordPress widgets, custom widgets or add any HTML code you like.

  • Sidebar: widget area located in your sidebar on posts and pages (not front page)
  • Home 1 – Home 4: widget areas on “Homepage” template
  • Posts 1: widget area above content on posts
  • Posts 2: widget area below content on posts
  • Pages 1: widget area above content on pages
  • Pages 2: widget area below content on pages
  • Footer 1 – Footer 3: widget areas located in the footer
  • Contact: widget area on contact page template

— How to place the Widgets as in the Theme Demo

If you want to reproduce the same layout as used in the theme demo, please follow this list and place the widgets as stated here:

  • Home 1: MH Slider Widget & MH Featured Widget
  • Home 2: 2 x MH Custom Posts Widget
  • Home 3: MH Custom Posts Widget
  • Footer 1: Text Widget
  • Footer 2: Custom Menu Widget
  • Footer 3: Custom Menu Widget

— Map of Widget Locations on the “Homepage” Template

Here you can see the locations of the widget areas on the fully widgetized “Homepage” template of MH Purity WordPress Theme:

MH Purity Widget Locations
Widget Locations on the “Homepage” Template of MH Purity WordPress Theme

Images and MH Purity WordPress Theme

Usually WordPress themes have defined their own image dimensions and thumbnails. These thumbnails are automatically generated by WordPress when you upload an image. When you change your WordPress theme, it can happen that the thumbnail requirements of your new theme do not match the sizes of the available thumbnails in your media folder.

If that’s the case, your thumbnails won’t look consistent in size and there might also be ugly white spaces or similar issues. Here is some information how you can fix this:

— Regenerate your Thumbnails

You can regenerate your thumbnails very easily. If you don’t know how to do this, please read and follow this: How to regenerate thumbnails after a theme change.

— Overview of Image Dimensions for MH Purity

When you are using MH Purity WordPress Theme and upload an image, the theme will automatically generate several thumbnails for use on archives, custom widgets and other locations. These are the thumbnail sizes which will be generated automatically by the theme when you upload new images via the media uploader in WordPress:

  • 990 x 422px (MH Slider Widget)
  • 650 x 276px (Featured Image on Posts)
  • 310 x 174px (Archives and some Widgets)
  • 80 x 60px (MH Custom Posts Widget)

The largest thumbnail which is used by the theme has a dimension of 990 x 422px. If you upload images with at least that size, all other thumbnails will be generated automatically and your images will always be displayed consistent in size on your website or blog. If you have uploaded images to your site and if they don’t appear as thumbnails, please read this: How to use featured images in WordPress.

Enable additional Features as you like

If you have followed the first two steps of this documenation, then you have completed the basic theme setup of MH Purity WordPress Theme. Now you can start creating amazing content or have a look at the other available theme options and enable additional theme features as you like.

You can access the theme options panel through your WordPress dashboard at “Appearance => Customize”. If you want to learn more about MH Purity WordPress Theme and read additional tutorials, please visit the support center.

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