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How to enable the author box including author bio?

Most of our Premium WordPress Themes have included a built-in author box to feature your authors and contributors on your website, online magazine or blog. The author box usually can display a photo / avatar of the author, biographical information, number of published posts and contact information like links to the website or social profiles of the author.

How to enable the Author Box?

The built-in author box will be displayed automatically on your site when the author has filled in his biographical information under “Users => Your Profile => Biographical Info” in the WordPress dashboard. We have decided to not display the author box in general so that the author can decide whether he wants to enable the author box or not.

How to disable the Author Box?

When authors have added their biographical information, the author box will always display on your site. But what if you decide to not display author boxes on your site anymore? At least in case of MH Magazine WordPress Theme you can navigate to “Appearance => Customize => Layout Options” in your WordPress dashboard. There you will find an option to disable the author box.

Display Contact Information in the Author Box

MH Magazine WordPress Theme also will display the contact information of your authors out of the box. The authors just need to enter the contact information like Website, Google+, Twitter or Facebook Profile under “Users => Your Profile” in the WordPress dashboard.

How to display the Author Avatar?

Our Premium WordPress Themes will support Gravatar out of the box (default in WordPress). Your authors can register for free at Gravatar.com, upload their photo and assign the photo to their email address. Now you just need to make sure that the email address matches the email address that is used in the author information on your site and the authors avatar will be displayed automatically. Please be aware that it might take a few minutes until the avatar will be display on your site.

How to replace the built-in author box with another?

In case you don’t like the built-in author box of your WordPress theme, you can just disable the author box and replace it with an author box of your choice, for example by using a 3rd party WordPress plugin like “Fancier Author Box”. In case you are looking for recommended plugins that are tested to work fine with your WordPress theme, you can check this resource: List of Recommended Plugins.

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