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How to solve issues with MH Carousel widget

Why doesn’t it show my most viewed posts?

The “most popular” filter is based on the number of comments, not views. So the more comments an article has, the more popular it is.

How to place Carousel before my footer?

Please navigate to “Appearance => Widgets” in your WordPress dashboard and drag & drop the “MH Carousel” widget into the “Home 11” widget area.

Carousel doesn’t span entire site width using the 2-sidebar layout

There is no widget area that goes across the full width of the wide layout with two sidebars.

Carousel images are varied sizes

Regenerate your thumbnails, that will usually solve your issue. If you still have images with inconsistent size in the “MH Carousel” widget after regenerating the thumbnails, then the uploaded images are just too small. In that case you’ll need to upload larger images and you won’t have an issue anymore.


Carousel not displaying after upgrading theme

We recommend that you check your plugins as this is usually caused by a Javascript confliction.

How to show multiple categories?

The “MH Carousel” widget has an option to filter categories by IDs. Simply go to “Appearance => Widgets” in your WordPress dashboard. Place the “MH Carousel” widget in a widget area and within the widget you will find an option called “Multiple Categories Filter by ID”.

So if you want to display for example only category IDs 1,2,3 you have to insert 1,2,3. To exclude categories – for example catgories 5 and 6, simply insert -5,-6. To find the ID of a category you want to exclude, please see the following article: How to find WordPress category ID.



How to change the background color of the Layout 1 Carousel?

Use a child theme and add this to the style.css file:

.carousel-layout1 { background: #2a2a2a; }

How to change font size and color of the Layout 2 Carousel?

Use a child theme and add this to the style.css file:

.carousel-layout2 .carousel-item-title { font-size: 16px; color: #000; }

Can I place more than 1 carousel on my frontpage?

You can place as many independent “MH Carousel” widgets on your front page as you like.

How to remove category text from the Layout 2 Carousel?

Use a child theme and add this to the style.css file:

.carousel-layout2 .caption { display: none; }

Can I change the size of image used in the carousel?

You can change the image sizes using the functions.php file of your child theme by modifying the dimensions defined like so:

(add_image_size(‘carousel’, 178, 100, true))

Always regenerate your thumbnails afterwards.


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