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How to use the built-in Shortcodes

Shortcodes are a very effective way to add styled content to your site with little effort. To use shortcodes in WordPress, just put your content between the tags of the specific shortcode, that you want to use. In this tutorial we will show you how to use the built-in shortcodes in WordPress Themes by MH Themes. The shortcodes on this page work in the following WordPress themes:

You can use the following shortcodes in our WordPress themes:

Display a letter as dropcode, example:


Highlight text with every color you like, example:

[highlight color='#???']Text...[/highlight]

Add a responsive video to your content (works only with iframes), example:

[flexvid]embed code[/flexvid]

Add a label “Advertising” to your ads, example:


Display content in a message box, example:

[box type='' toggle='' height='']Your Content...[/box]

Types for message boxes are:

  • normal = gray color box
  • alert = red color box
  • success = green color box
  • infobox = yellow color box
  • event = blue color box

If you enter


there will be a small X in the upper right corner to hide the box. You can also set a minimum height for the box, e.g.


Column Shortcodes

With the column shortcodes you can divide your content very easy in columns. You should always start with a new


of columns. For example, in case you want to add two half columns to your content, just add these shortcodes:


You can do the same with:











Testimonial Shortcode

[testimonial author='name']Text...[/testimonial]

Slider Shortcode

If you want to display more than one testimonial or several images and let them rotate on your website, you can use e.g. this slider shortcode:

Slider with testimonials, example:

[slider type='testimonials']
[slide type='testimonial' author='name']Text 1....[/slide]
[slide type='testimonial' author='name']Text 2....[/slide]
[slide type='testimonial' author='name']Text 3....[/slide]

Slider with images, example:


You can use each testimonial or image slider once per page. If you use more than one slider per page, it won’t work.

The downside of built-in Shortcodes

Keep in mind that all these shortcodes are built-in with your WordPress theme. So in case you change your WordPress theme to another theme, the shortcodes won’t work any longer and you might have to modify your content to get rid of the shortcode tags. In the future we might release a plugin to make the shortcodes portable within themes. Until then, you might want to consider using 3rd party plugins for portable shortcodes instead, for example: Shortcodes Ultimate.

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