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How to use the MH Affiliate Widget

With the Creative Market Affiliate Program and our new “MH Affiliate Widget” you can earn money by promoting our Premium WordPress Themes, like our popular MH Magazine WordPress Theme, on your own website or blog. With the “MH Affiliate Widget” it is very easy to display banners in different sizes and link them with your personal affiliate / referral url to our WordPress theme shop at Creative Market. You can start right away and earn money while promoting WordPress themes.

Register at Creative Market

In case you are not a Creative Market partner yet and want to promote our Premium WordPress Themes or any other item from Creative Market on your website or blog, you can register for free and start promoting immediately.

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How to use the “MH Affiliate Widget” for promotion

You can use the “MH Affiliate Widget”, which is included for example in the MH Magazine WordPress Theme, to promote our Premium WordPress Themes very easily on your website or blog. Just enter your Creative Market username in the widget, select the size of banner you want to display and place the widget on your website in any widget location you want.

MH Affiliate Widget
MH Affiliate Widget

If you have add your Creative Market username to the “MH Affiliate Widget”, the widget will automatically link the banner which you have chosen to display on your website or blog to our WordPress theme shop at Creative Market.

If a visitor on your website clicks on the banner, he will be referred to our shop on Creative Market and you will automatically earn commission if this user purchases one of our Premium WordPress Themes or any other item on Creative Market.

The best thing is, you will not only earn commission on this single referred purchase, but also on any purchases of this customer for an entire year! That means by referring more and more clients, you can build your own empire and benefit from a passive income on Creative Market.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any additional questions regarding the “MH Affiliate Widget” or in case you are looking for more ways to promote MH Themes and earn money on your website.

Partner urls for the Creative Market Affiliate Program do always have the same structure. So it is actually very easy to figure out what your personal affiliate link is, it is always:

Creative Market URL + ?u= + your Creative Market username

So if you e.g. have signed up as “MHthemes” on Creative Market and want to link to our WordPress theme shop at Creative Market, your personal affiliate link for promotion would be:


If you have signed up for the Creative Market Affiliate Program, you can also generate your custom Partner link very easily from the Creative Market website. You can use your personal affiliate link to create custom textlinks, link images or just post it on social networks.

How much money can you make as affiliate?

When users start promoting our WordPress Themes they often ask us how much money they can earn. This question is very hard to answer because it always depends on how much traffic you have on your website, blog or social profile, how much clicks you generate and of course if your visitors are interested in purchasing Premium WordPress Themes. In general we can say, the more traffic you have, the more commission you can usually earn. These are your benefits as Creative Market partner:

  • Earn commission for every new customer you refer
  • Commission on every purchase of your referred customer for an entire year
  • Commission on all products on Creative Market (Graphics, Icons, Fonts, Themes, etc.)
  • You can build your own empire and earn money while you sleep

Commission for Creative Market partners is currently 10% on referred sales. So if you refer a customer who purchases e.g. a WordPress theme for 55$, you have earned a commission of 5.50$. Through your Creative Market account you have access to your personal stats where you always can see how many clients you have referred already and view your commission based and what these clients have purchased.

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