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How to use MH Magazine WordPress Theme?

MH Magazine
MH Magazine – Responsive WordPress Theme

In case you have purchased our popular MH Magazine WordPress Theme and don’t really know how to get started, we want to give you here an overview of the required steps to properly install, configure and use MH Magazine.

Right after your Theme Purchase

As soon as you have completed the purchase of MH Magazine WordPress Theme on our website or a marketplace of your choice, you should have recieved an email with further instructions to install and setup your theme. The most important resource is our support center, where you can find the theme documentation, tutorials and a lot of helpful information.

Install MH Magazine WordPress Theme

You can upload and install MH Magazine WordPress Theme through your WordPress dashboard, like you would do with any other premium WordPress theme on the market. In case you are new to WordPress and have never installed a WordPress theme before, this resource might be helpful, especially the part “Adding New Themes using the Administration Panels”: Using Themes in WordPress. As premium WordPress themes are not available through the WordPress Themes Directory, you’ll need to upload a zipped copy of the MH Magazine theme that you have previously downloaded to your machine.

Configure MH Magazine WordPress Theme

When you have installed the theme properly to your WordPress installation, you can proceed with the theme setup as stated in the theme documentation. In case you want to setup your theme as the theme demo (magazine style), you’ll need to create a static front page, select the “Homepage” template for your static front page and place the widgets in the several available widget locations. Please read and follow the theme documentation for more information.

What if you need Theme Support?

In case you have a question that is beyond the theme documentation of MH Magazine WordPress Theme, you should search the support center (by using the search function) first and see if you can find an answer to your question. As there is a lot of additional information available in the support center, the chances are pretty good, that your question is already answered somewhere. When you don’t find an answer in the support center, you can create a support ticket at our helpdesk and our support staff will answer your question within 24 hours!

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