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FAQs on Media Library

Can I create folders within my media library?

Creating folders in the WordPress Media Library is only possible by using a suitable plugin, there are a bunch of plugins available in the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

How do I remove images?

You can remove / delete unused images from the “Media Library” in your WordPress dashboard at “Media”. Just use the search function there and if you have found the images, then you can click on “Delete Permanently”.

Images uploaded to my media library are the wrong size?

When you insert images into a post through the “Media Library”, there are some settings on the right side of the page. Please have a look at “Attachment Display Settings”, there you will find an option “Size” where you can select the size for the inserted image. Default in WordPress is “Thumbnail – 150 x 150”, “Medium – 300 x 225” and “Full Size – … x …”. You can just select “Full Size” and the image will be added in original size to your post.

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