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Tutorial: MH Carousel Widget

The MH Carousel widget is included in our popular MH Magazine WordPress theme. This nice custom widget has been developed and designed to display multiple posts in a dynamic carousel layout. The most suitable location for the MH Carousel widget is a full-width widget area on your front page.

In this support article you will learn how the MH Carousel widget works and how you can display the content within the widget according to your liking. We also have published a video tutorial where you can learn how to manage the widget options and see some example layouts.

Widget Options – Control the widgets contents

The MH Carousel widget is most suitable for full-width widget areas on your front page. It’s recommended to display at least 5 posts in the carousel to ensure that the widget is filled with content. After you’ve placed the MH Carousel widget into your preferred widget area, you can select a certain category or enter particular tags to display posts accordingly. To display posts from multiple different categories, you can enter category IDs of several categories, separated by commas.

MH Carousel Widget
MH Carousel widget placed into a full-width widget area showing 5 posts

If you would like to display posts from certain tags, you can enter the particular tags separated by commas and filter your posts accordingly. The MH Carousel widget allows to display up to 50 articles which can be browsed through by clicking the navigation arrows. You can further take advantage of a couple of more options within the widget to skip posts in the query or change the post order.

The MH Carousel widget further offers an option to change the layout of the widget. At the moment, you can choose between two layouts. One layout is more compact and bold offering solid borders around the thumbnails. The second layout comes with a more light-weight appearance and is suitable for websites with a minimalistic design and style.

See the video tutorial: Widget Options – Control the widgets contents

Widget Examples – Using the widget options to create layouts

When the MH Carousel widget is placed in a full-width widget area, usually up to 5 posts will be displayed at once. If you put the widget into a smaller widget area, like 2/3 or 1/3 width, less thumbnails at once will be visible accordingly. Please have a look at our video tutorial and feel free to replicate the examples on your website or place the widget differently as you like.

See the video tutorial: Widget Examples – Using the widget options to create layouts

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