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The MH Posts Stacked widget which is part of MH Magazine has been developed and designed to display 5 stacked posts including thumbnail, title and meta data. This fancy custom widget puts your images in spotlight and displays your content in a modern and appealing way.


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In this support article including video tutorial you will learn how to use the MH Posts Stacked widget correctly to manage the content within this widget and to display your posts nicely on your website by filtering the content based on categories and/or tags as you like.

Widget Options – Control the widgets contents

You can place the MH Posts Stacked widget into your preferred widget area and the layout of the widget will automatically adapt. In general the MH Posts Stacked widget is most suitable for 2/3 width and full-width widget areas, but can be used within 1/3 width widget areas as well. You can enter a custom widget title (optional) and even link the widget title to a specific location if needed. In order to display posts within this widget, you can make use of the included widget options to query content based on your requirements via categories and/or tags.

To display posts from certain categories, you can select your preferred category from the drop-down menu. In case you would like to display articles from more than one category, you can enter additional category IDs into the provided field. Multiple category IDs can be separated by commas (e.g. 5, 67, 19). In case you don't know how to find the ID of the particular category in WordPress, please see this tutorial: How to find the WordPress category ID.

You may also use tags to filter posts by entering the specific tags into the available field. Besides, you can make use of additional options to skip a certain number of posts before the widget content is being displayed or to adjust the post order to show latest, popular or random posts. If you like you can further display or hide the category name for the posts within the MH Posts Stacked widget. This option especially comes handy if you are displaying posts from several different categories.

See the video tutorial: Widget Options – Control the widgets contents

Widget Examples – Using the widget options to create layouts

In the video tutorial you'll see some examples of the MH Posts Stacked widget within different widget areas. In the 1st example we've placed the MH Posts Stacked widget into a full-width widget area, which is a prominent location spreading across the site nicely. In the 2nd and 3rd examples we put the widget into 2/3 and 1/3 width widget areas to show you how the widget behaves when it is being placed into widget areas with different widths. For more information please have a look at the video tutorial and feel free to replicate the examples on your own website.

See the video tutorial: Widget Examples – Using the widget options to create layouts

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