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What if the mobile layout does not look like the theme demo

In case you have purchased a premium WordPress theme by MH Themes, your WordPress theme will be fully responsive out of the box. That means the layout of the theme will automatically adapt to the screen size of the device your visitors are using. This will improve usability and ensure that your vistors are always having an awesome experience on your website whether they are using smartphones, tablets, notebooks or desktop computers.

What if the mobile layout looks different than the theme demo?

On a regular basis we receive support requests from users who are confused because the responsive / mobile layout of their theme does not look like in the theme demo. As mentioned before, the responsive layout of our WordPress themes works out of the box and you won’t need to do anything to make this work. If the mobile layout of your WordPress theme is not working as expected on your site, you are probably using a plugin that overrides the responsive layout of the theme with a different mobile layout that is provided by the plugin.

Jetpack Mobile Theme

In most cases users are using the Jetpack plugin which adds an army of additional stuff to your site and it’s not always easy to keep track of the plugin features you have enabled. But in case you see only a simple blue layout on mobile devices instead of the regular theme layout, you are probably using Jetpack and have enabled the mobile theme of the plugin which overrides the theme layout.

Jetpack Mobile Theme
Screenshot Jetpack Mobile Theme (Source: Jetpack.me)

So actually the only thing you’ll need to do is to disable Jetpack completely or disable the mobile theme feature of the Jetpack plugin. As soon as you have done that, the responsive layout of your theme will be displayed instead of the mobile theme of the plugin and everything will work as expected.

Alternative plugins

Of course it’s always possible that you’ll have the same issue when you are not using the Jetpack plugin. In that case you are just using a different plugin that is overriding the responsive layout of the WordPress theme. In case you are unsure about which plugin is overriding the mobile layout of your theme, you could disable your plugins one by one and check your site after you have disabled each plugin to find out which plugin is causing the issue.

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