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Quick translate or replace single words

In general our plugin is ready to be translated in your language. Additionally you can edit certain text strings (e.g. sale ribbon or button text) easily via plugin settings.

Anyway there might be some situation where you don’t want to make use of our prepared translations or only want to replace single words.

Therefore we prepared a filter which can be used to quickly replace single terms.

In this example we’re going to update the text “Reviews” to “Amazon Reviews”.

Making use of our filter

The filter looks as follows:

add_filter( 'aawp_replace_translations', function( $translations ) {

    $translations['%s Reviews'] = '%s Amazon Reviews';

    return $translations;


After adding our little PHP snippet the output looks as follows:

Frequently asked text replacements

Here you can find more examples of frequently asked text replacements which can be done by using the filter above:

Description String to be replaced
“Reviews” label %s Reviews

We will to update this collection continuously.

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