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How to restore settings after MH Magazine Update 2.1.0

Yesterday we’ve released a major update for MH Magazine WordPress Theme which includes many improvements and changes, especially regarding the options panel. As you can read in the changelog, we’ve reorganized the options panel in version 2.1.0 of MH Magazine. During this process it was also necessary to rename some options variables to restructure and optimize the codebase. Some users have reported issues that their settings were lost after updating, so we want to give you some information how you can resolve update issues with version 2.1.0 of MH Magazine very easily:

Display / Layout Issues

In case you are experiencing any display or layout issues after updating to version 2.1.0 of MH Magazine, please clear your browser cache and/or reset your caching plugin (in case you are using a caching plugin). This will ensure that the latest stylesheet is loaded properly and that your browser won’t display old cached styling or markup. When this doesn’t help, please ensure that you are using the original theme files without any customizations or check your other plugins as you might are using a plugin that has a conflict with the new version of MH Magazine.

In version 2.1.0 of MH Magazine we’ve implemented some major layout improvements, especially regarding the responsive layout and sidebars. Before the update all sidebars floated to the bottom by default on tablets in portrait mode which isn’t optimal. With the new update the default sidebar will stay in place on tablets that have a screen width of at least 768px. So when you suddenly see a sidebar on your iPad after updating, this is not a bug, it’s a feature! 😀

Please also keep in mind that the second sidebar and “Home 12” widget location (if enabled) will still float to the bottom on tablets in portrait mode and notebooks with small screen resolution as there simply is not enough space available to display two sidebars and a content area on tablets.

Missing Widgets on the Front Page after updating

Some users are experiencing issues where the widgets on the front page are suddenly missing after updating to version 2.1.0. This can happen because we’ve renamed some files of the theme (including the “Homepage” template) to reorganize and restructure the template files. You can fix this very easily by navigating to “Pages” in your WordPress dashboard and then simply edit your front page and reselect the “Homepage” template under “Page Attributes” in the sidebar on the edit page screen. When you have saved your page, the widgets will be displayed again.

How to solve issues with lost Settings

As mentioned before, we’ve restructured the options panel quite a lot, especially under the hood to improve the codebase and usability. It might happen that you loose some settings after updating to version 2.1.0 of MH Magazine which might lead to unexpected behavior on your site, for example missing featured images on posts or that some features are suddenly deactivated. You can solve this very easily by navigating to “Appearance => Customize” in your WordPress dashboard and then reset the settings under “Layout Options”, “Typography Options”, “Posts/Pages Options” and “Colors” as you like.

Issues with Child Themes

In case you are using a customized child theme or have implemented other customizations, it is very likely that your child theme or customization will not be compatible anymore as the codebase of the parent theme has changed quite a lot. It is highly recommended to test your customizations with the new version before you update your site to prevent issues. When your child theme isn’t compatible anymore, you’ll need to recode your customizations to restore compatibility or use the original uncustomized version of the MH Magazine WordPress Theme.

When you have issues related to the MH Magazine v2.1.0 update that are beyond this article, please open a support ticket at the helpdesk and we will be more than happy to assist you. Now have fun with the new improved version of MH Magazine WordPress Theme and we’re excited to see what amazing websites you will create with the theme.

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