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The MH Social Widget only offers me to add a title, how do I add my social links?

The widget itself simply displays a specific menu which you need to create and configure via the “Appearance => Menus” admin link.

You also need to assign this menu to the “MH Social Widget” location before saving the menu.

How do I change the icon size in the MH Social Widget?

Simply add this to your child theme style.css file and adjust accordingly:

.mh-social-widget li .fa-stack-1x { font-size: 32px; }

How can I additional services that aren’t included?

Using your child theme style.css file, you can add more social services like so:

.mh-social-icons li a[href*=””] .fa-mh-social:before { content: ‘\f09b’; }

The above line will add the social service “GitHub” to the list of available services you’re able to link to from within your social menu.

It uses “FontAwesome” icons, please use this page as a resource for finding the “content code” for your chosen social icons.

How do I centralize the icons on mobile devices?

Add this to your child theme style.css file:

@media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .mh-social-widget li { float: none; } }

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