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Solving issues with the copyright notice in the footer

Usually every website displays a copyright notice which usually can be found in the footer of the website to inform about the copyright of the site content. When using our WordPress themes, the copyright notice is automatically displayed in the footer of your website stating something like this:

Copyright © 2016 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes

Using our premium themes, you can easily change this copyright text with the included option to fit your own needs and requirements, display whichever other text you like and even remove it. In case you don’t know how to change the copyright text or have other issues with it, please keep reading:

If you have purchased premium WordPress themes by MH Themes, you can easily change the copyright text in the footer by using the option that usually can be found in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => General. Here you can put in any other text you like, preview your changes in the customizer and finally save the changes. Please also see: Can I remove the MH Themes copyright from the footer?

In general it’s not recommended to remove the copyright notice in your footer, because every website should have one to protect its content and inform visitors about the copyright on the website. Yet, in case you want to get rid of the copyright notice, please go to the Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => General in your WordPress dashboard and simply enter a blank space in the Copyright Text field or simply hide the copyright notice with some CSS.

In the majority of our WordPress themes, the copyright notice appears on the left side (or right – in case your website is using a RTL language) within the website footer. If you would like to center the copyright text in the footer, you could achieve this with some CSS. An example of how this can be done in our popular MH Magazine theme can be found here: Center copyright notice in footer.

You have not found a solution to your issue?

In case you have not found answers to your questions in this support article, please also take a look at our other support topics, as it is very likely that you will find your answer there. If you have purchased a WordPress theme by MH Themes and have a valid license to gain access to theme updates and support, then you may also send a support request for additional assistance.

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