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Solving issues with Facebook

Facebook can be integrated on your site via many different ways – you can display your Facebook page using our MH Facebook Page widget, share articles via integrated social sharing buttons, link your Facebook page via social icons menus or else. It’s important to understand though, that Facebook itself handles these functionalities and not your theme. In case you encounter issues when sharing articles on Facebook, implementing Facebook comments on your site or when using Facebook in any other way, we have collected common issues and their solutions.

How to implement Facebook comments on your website

In general we do not really recommend to implement Facebook comments, because comments can be valuable content for your site and using Facebook comments means, that the content is processed and held by Facebook and not stored on your own server, which also can lead to privacy issues in some countries. However, if you opt for Facebook comments, you can implement this via various plugins. There are several plugins to implement Facebook comments, you could have a look at the WordPress Plugin Directoy and search for Facebook Comments.

Facebook sharing not working properly

If you are having problems while sharing images, articles or any other content via Facebook, please note that your WordPress theme doesn’t handle any of this. Your WordPress theme usually just links to Facebook and Facebook is handling the sharing process itself. In case you have sharing related issues, you usually need to do add Facebook Open Graph tags to your site so that Facebook can crawl your site better and handle this process more efficiently.

In general most popular SEO plugins provide Facebook Open Graph tags out of the box, which would make an additional plugin redundant. An example for a SEO plugin that provides Facebook Open Graph tags is: WordPress SEO by Yoast. But please note, even if you have installed plugins to provide Facebook Open Graph data, it’s not guaranteed that sharing on Facebook will always work as expected as this highly depends on Facebook itself.

Additionally, there is a more detailed article about sharing related issues with Facebook which might help you understand and solve your issues: How to solve sharing related issues.

Facebook like button not counting likes properly

As mentioned previously, your WordPress theme does not handle Facebook functionality, this all is processed by Facebook itself. In case the like count on your Facebook like buttons is not always counting correctly, this can have several reasons.

Wrong image is being displayed while sharing on Facebook

When you share posts or other content, Facebook will crawl your site and search for suitable images. The image which will be assigned to your shared post doesn’t necessarily need to be the featured image of your post, as this is up to Facebook and any other image that can be found under your shared URL might be used as well. However, you can improve your sharing experience by installing plugins which implement Facebook Open Graph tags. Please see the section Facebook sharing not working properly for more information about sharing related issues and the solutions.

How to configure the MH Facebook Page widget

Most of our WordPress themes include the MH Facebook Page widget to display content from your Facebook page and encourage website visitors to join your Facebook community. All you need to do is enter your Facebook page’s URL (this is not working with private Facebook profiles / accounts, you must use an official Facebook page – create Facebook page). The MH Facebook Page widget will then display exactly the content that Facebook offers for this page. Your WordPress theme doesn’t influence the content on your Facebook page, if you want to change content on your Facebook page, you need to do this when managing your page directly on Facebook.

MH Facebook Page widget is not working

If you have placed the MH Facebook Page widget in one of the available widget locations and in case the widget is not visible or does not show any content, please check the following: Ensure you have entered the correct Facebook page URL (no regular Facebook profile). Clear your browser cache and the cache of your caching plugins (if installed). Reload your site in your browser and see if your issue is solved. Besides, you should check if other plugins or scripts interfere with the MH Facebook Page widget. To do this, simply deactivate your plugins one by one and remove 3rd party scripts.

How to embed Facebook posts into WordPress posts

Facebook Embedded Posts usually are supported by WordPress themes but handled by Facebook itself – not the theme. You can embed Facebook posts into your WordPress posts by simply copy & paste the code from Facebook to your post or page. The Facebook post will then appear on your website as expected. In case you are having issues, please check plugins as well as 3rd party scripts and deactivate, remove or replace them eventually as they might interfere with your code.

How to disable built-in sharing buttons on posts

Premium WordPress themes by MH Themes usually have included social sharing buttons which will appear on posts by default. You can control the visibility of these social sharing buttons within the theme options panel in the Theme Customizer. If you for example want to enable / disable the social sharing buttons within the popular MH Magazine theme, please navigate to Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Layout – Posts/Pages in your WordPress dashboard.

You have not found a solution to your issue?

In case you have not found answers to your questions in this support article, please also take a look at our other support topics, as it is very likely that you will find your answer there. If you have purchased a WordPress theme by MH Themes and have a valid license to gain access to theme updates and support, then you may also send a support request for additional assistance.

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