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Solving issues with the related posts feature

For most our WordPress themes (e.g. MH Magazine) we have implemented a related articles section (also called related posts). As soon as you have tagged your articles properly, related articles will be displayed below your post content encouraging your website visitors to read further interesting articles on your site. In case you have any issues with the related articles feature, the following overview on common issues and their solutions with this feature might help you.

The related posts feature is based on tags. That means if you haven’t tagged your posts properly, related posts on your site will not be displayed. To make this feature work as expected, please ensure to tag your articles and if tagged articles match tags of other articles, the related articles will be displayed in the related posts section below your post content. Please also see: How do related posts work. If you have tagged your articles and related posts still are not showing up, please see the next section on how to enable the feature in the Layout Options.

To enable related articles on your website, please navigate to Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Layout in your WordPress dashboard and there you will find the option for the related articles. You can enable or disable the related articles feature as you prefer. In case you have enabled the option to display related articles, but the articles are not showing up, make sure you have tagged your articles properly – because only if tags match, the related posts will be displayed as expected.

For most our WordPress themes the number of related articles that are being shown below the post content is limited to 3 posts, because that usually is enough to display interesting and related content to your visitors. Increasing or decreasing the number of related articles is not possible out of the box and would require custom coding by creating a child theme and modifying the according function which usually is located within the file /includes/mh-custom-functions.php.

The built-in function for related articles within our themes is based on tags as we consider this makes more sense than just displaying articles from the same category – especially since categories often are not very accurate and usually contain multiple topics. In case you want to display related articles based on categories or else, you could use a suitable plugin, or, if you are familiar with coding, you could code a custom solution which meets your personal requirements.

How to tag your articles properly

The related articles feature can only work as good as you tag your articles. For example, if you have an article about vintage cars, you might want to tag this article with cars. If you have another article about a cute dog in a car, where the article is about the dog and not about the car, it would not be a good idea to tag this article with dogs and cars. Because then there is a pretty good chance that the article about the dog will also be shown as related article for articles which are also tagged with cars. In other words, the better you tag your articles, the better the related articles feature will work.

You have not found a solution to your issue?

In case you have not found answers to your questions in this support article, please also take a look at our other support topics, as it is very likely that you will find your answer there. If you have purchased a WordPress theme by MH Themes and have a valid license to gain access to theme updates and support, then you may also send a support request for additional assistance.

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