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FAQs on Theme Options

Where are the options for this theme?

All options are contained within the customizer, which you can access via your WordPress administration panel, click the “Appearance => Customize” menu link.

Within are several sub-sections each containing further options which you can modify to suit your needs. There is also a live preview of your site to the right when you are changing any option via this customizer.

FAQs on Theme Options

Where are the options for this theme?

All of the theme options are contained within the Theme Customizer which you can access via the “Appearance => Customize => Theme Options” admin menu link.

The options are divided into sub-sections:

You can modify the amount of text within all text excerpts, along with modifying the “Read More” text. You can also customize the footers copyright text too.

Using the dropdown selectors, you can choose which theme feature you would like to display in all four corners of the theme header.

There are many layout options available to you, you can manage the theme’s overall width, how many sidebars you would like to make use of, the sidebars alignment, the design of various titles for widgets and archives, plus several options that allow you to turn on/off a variety of theme features such as Breadcrumbs, Featured Images, Social Buttons, Author Information plus much more.

You can change the fonts used and font sizes for titles and text via the dropdown lists, each font has been carefully hand-picked for use with the theme.

News Ticker:
You can manage the themes News Ticker and it’s contents by changing the options within, or you can choose to disable the ticker completely.

Easily add advertisements that will be globally displayed throughout all posts and archives, don’t forget you can override advertisements on a per-post basis too by editing the post and adding your ad code in the relevant field.

You can easily make minor style modifications to the theme by adding CSS code within the field provided, all custom CSS will override the default stylesheet and a child theme stylesheet.

Tracking Code:
If you’re using a tracking service to track your website analytics, such as Google Analytics, you can paste your tracking code in this field, be sure you are pasting your tracking code and not just your ID #.

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