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WordPress Theme Customizations

If you plan to purchase a WordPress theme, you usually check what features, options and design the theme provides and see if the theme meets the requirements for your website or next project. But sometimes there are situations where you think that you have found the perfect WordPress theme, but you are missing some minor features, an important option that you’ll need for your website or you simply want to tweak the design. In such cases theme customizations make sense.

Theme Customizations & Custom Development

If you are experienced in coding and have solid HTML, PHP and CSS skills, you’ll usually be able to do theme customizations by yourself. You can review the code of your WordPress theme, analyze what needs to be done and then modify the code of your WordPress theme as you like. But sometimes people don’t have experience in coding and need help from experts who can do the job.


In case you’re not familiar with coding and need theme customizations or custom development, there are several ways how you still can achieve what you have in mind. There are plenty of coding tutorials available online which might already cover the basics or the advanced knowledge you need for your job, or, in case you don’t want to invest time for learning, you could invest some money and hire someone who can do the job for you. We’ve partnered with reliable developers who can do theme customizations and custom development. You can request a free quote based on your requirements here: Get quote for customizations.

CSS Customizations

We quite often receive requests regarding custom CSS modifications, like hiding some elements, changing font sizes, modify colors, etc. Please note that these changes are theme customizations and answering these requests is very time consuming and ultimately blocks resources that are needed for regular theme maintenance and updates. Things like changing the font size within the content area or the color scheme of your theme can usually be achieved through the theme options panel. But please keep in mind that when it comes to minor design adjustments, it’s simply impossible to provide an option for every little element on your site.

In case you want to modify CSS code on your site, you could the browsers developer tools developer tools to inspect the elements on your site and check which elements you want to change to achieve what you want. Then you can use that information to change the CSS of your theme as you like. In case you are new to CSS and want to learn more, you can find some helpful resources here:

By the way, it might happen that you possibly assume you’ll need a customization and in the end it’s not necessary because your WordPress theme already provides an option for what you want to achieve. That means before considering customizations, you could always check the options panel of your WordPress theme and see if there is an option available. You can usually access the options panel in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance => Customize.

Why we can’t offer free customizations

When purchasing a premium WordPress theme, you get a complete, powerful and functional website at very low cost. Theme developers invest hundreds of hours to create flexible WordPress themes so that you can easily create and manage your own website with only a few clicks. Please notice that hiring a web designer to create a custom website can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. With a standardized WordPress theme you get your website for only a few bucks.

In case of hiring a web designer, you pay that person for the work based on your personal requirements. That’s why this usually is much more expensive and something completely different than purchasing a standardized WordPress theme. When it comes to theme customizations, it is the same as if you would hire a web designer. A developer will take the time to speak with you about your requirements and your WordPress theme will be modified to meet your personal needs. That’s why theme customizations can’t be done for free, it is custom work and the time that is needed to develop your personal solution needs to be adequately compensated.

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