Why do the widgets not appear on the front page?

Learn how to place widgets on the front page in MH Magazine

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MH Magazine – Modern News / Magazine WordPress Theme

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is when users have activated their WordPress theme, have placed some widgets on their site and then are wondering, why the widgets don’t appear on the front page. In case you are experiencing this issue, don’t worry, your theme is NOT broken. You’ll just need to configure your WordPress theme correctly.

How to make the widgets appear on the homepage

Most WordPress themes by MH Themes have included a fully widgetized Homepage template, but this template is not activated by default. In case you are using our popular MH Magazine WordPress theme for example, the default look of your website after theme activation is a classic blog view. That means the articles on your front page appear as a list in chronological order:

Default Blog Style
Default posts page after theme activation of MH Magazine WordPress theme

Even in case you may already have placed widgets within the particular widget areas in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance => Widgets, the widgets won’t appear on your front page, unless you instruct WordPress to display a static front page in combination with the widgetized Homepage page template, as instructed in the theme documentation of MH Magazine.

Create a magazine like front page in WordPress

If you want to use the widgetized Homepage template for your front page and place widgets in the several available widget locations, you’ll first need to create and set a static front page in WordPress and then assign the widgetized Homepage page template to your static front page.

Magazine Style
Widgetized static front page of MH Magazine built with custom widgets

As soon as you’ve configured your widgetized static front page correctly, the default blog view on the front page of your website will be replaced by your static front page and the widgets that you have placed in the specific widget areas of the Homepage template will appear on your front page as expected. After you’ve completed this essential step, you can proceed with the theme configuration as stated in the theme documentation of your particular WordPress theme.

Theme installation service for WordPress beginners

In case you’re new to WordPress and don’t want or can’t configure your WordPress theme by yourself, we also offer an installation service where our support staff will install and configure the WordPress theme for you to replicate the layout of the particular theme demo. Here you can find more information: Theme installation service.

Need more information?

You can find more information about creating a static front page in WordPress, using widgets in WordPress and about configuring your WordPress theme correctly in these articles and tutorials:

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  1. I tried to add the MH Spotlight widget into Home 2 but it is not appearing on our homepage. Also the same issue when using the widgets in other Home widget areas (Home 1, Home 2, Home 3, etc..). I already have the static front page and tried to set up the widgets there but it’s not working at all. Can you help please?

    • Hi Florian, while you already have created a static front page (which is good), you haven’t selected the widgetized Homepage template for your static front page as instructed in the theme documentation. It’s very important that you select this page template under Page Attributes, because that’s what will enable the widget areas for your front page.

      • Thanks for your answer. My problem is: The Page Attributes box is there, but there is only one option named “Order”. I cannot find the Homepage part at all. Would you please help?

        • Hi Mattino, it depends on your WordPress theme. What you can read in this article applies in first place to our own WordPress themes by MH Themes which you can find here. If you’re using a different WordPress theme which doesn’t offer various page templates, then you usually won’t be able to select a template under Page Attributes.

  2. I put the MH Slider widget into Home 1 and it’s not showing on my home page while using MH Magazine. I’ve deactivated all plugins, deleted cache, and have double checked the widget settings but it’s not displaying on my home page. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I place widgets in the Home areas on my front page, but none of them seem to work. The widgets work only on sidebars, headers and footers. Please tell me how I can solve this problem. Thank you very much, Margot

  4. Hi, I have set my default to be “Static page” and have the “Homepage” template selected for that page, but my homepage is completely blank. Even if I type text on the page editor, nothing shows up. What can I do to show the content on my front page?

    • Hi Nicole, after you’ve created and set the static front page correctly while using the “Homepage” template, you need to place the widgets as instructed in the theme documentation of your WordPress theme. The front page with the “Homepage” template is based on widgets, so you won’t see anything, unless you place the widgets accordingly.

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